You can make a lot of money selling weed, though it isn’t always easy or a quick ride from rags to riches. Selling weed isn’t a hobby, it’s a full-fledged business and it should be treated as such. Here’s a quick rundown on all the things you need to know if you’re ready to learn how to sell weed.

How to Sell Weed in Illegal vs Legal Markets

If you’re looking to start your own weed business, you should first evaluate your market. Medical and recreational marijuana is legal in the majority of states these days, making it difficult for up-and-comers to earn a black market clientele. Home growers can’t compete with licensed dispensaries in legal states, so weed dealers typically operate in states where weed is illegal. This comes with its own set of dangers too, and full disclosure, we don’t recommend breaking the law. Always follow the local and state regulations when you’re exploring selling weed illegally.

Luckily, in places like Washington DC, there’s a legal gray area where cannabis is simultaneously legal and illegal. In DC, weed can’t be sold legally through retailers or dispensaries since there are no licenses. It must be gifted from person to person, but that’s easy to get around by selling overpriced stickers or jars for holding weed at any price you’d like. No legal dispensaries are operating in DC, so it’s a good place to start fresh, earn a following, and sell weed legally without all the big company competition.

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How to Sell Weed: Pro Tips

When you first get started, there are a few things that every aspiring weed dealer should have sorted out before they start selling, and then how to keep the business afloat and out of danger post-launch. Here’s a quick rundown of the basics.

Save money to get started

It takes money to make money. You’ll need enough money to turn a profit in times when you’ll have to hold on to your product when customers aren’t buying or when you need front money to re-up. You’ll also need to keep in mind that you need to buy your weed at a wholesale discount since you won’t make money paying close-to-retail prices on the weed you intend to resell. You will need a few thousand dollars to get started.

Know your market

Everyone has different needs for weed. Some people are looking to only smoke an eighth or two of high-quality bud while others will need consistent ounces of cheaper weed for rolling or making edibles. Maybe you want to skip the nickeling and diming and work only at a wholesale level, selling pounds at a time to established drug dealers.

Have the right equipment

There are two main things you need for selling weed: an accurate, digital scale that measures to tenths of grams, and a burner phone. The scale helps you get the most money out of your sales by ensuring you’re only selling exact amounts. The burner phone also keeps you from doing business on your personal phone. Your burner phone helps keep your personal life and business life separate but also keeps the feds off your back.

Lawyer up

Selling weed is a dangerous business. The best thing you can do to protect yourself is to find a solid weed lawyer and keep them on retainer in case push comes to shove. You should also keep their card and some extra money in your wallet, so you can get in touch and pay their fee if you ever need them.

Source top-shelf products

You can either grow marijuana on your own or source it from other growers or legally through your medical marijuana card. You’ll save the most money by growing your own, though this is usually illegal and not recommended. You’ll need to make sure you have a consistent supply on hand either way when you have buyers to keep happy.

Treat your customers well

Like all businesses, customer service is key. If you’re not available 24/7, let your customers know when you will be available. You want to be reliable and accessible when you say you’re going to be. Make sure you’re also offering accurate weights. Negative word of mouth is way more powerful than positive word of mouth, and you could lose multiple customers if they find out you shorted someone.

You can occasionally be generous to people who have good connections, too. It helps you earn more customers and keep your current customers satisfied. Just don’t sell like that too often and cut into your profits. Be fair with your prices and let people know why they went up if you had to increase them. Lastly, keep the customer satisfied by rectifying mistakes and by being an honest seller. Don’t talk up weed that isn’t that good or services that aren’t reliable.

Develop reliable customers

You can start by selling to friends, but that doesn’t always work in the long term since we tend to be more lenient with friends, and generosity cuts into your profits. However, if you’re good to your friends, they’ll vet people they trust and refer them to you and you’ll make more money. You can also build a customer base at school, work, and parties. Once you become trusted by treating your customers well your business will grow through word of mouth quickly. Just make sure you screen everyone close to your business to make sure they’re not informants or snitches.

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How to Sell Weed in DC

A lot of people in DC are looking for high-quality weed in a unique market. Luckily, DC is a pretty good place for weed dealers to thrive. You can follow the steps above and apply them here where DC’s market is thriving on small weed dealers. Instead of selling your weed directly, you’ll accept donations or sell things like t-shirts, stickers, bags, or jars for the price you’d sell your weed for.

Since weed is legal, you can utilize tools like 420DC to help you get the word out about your business, organize meetups and deliveries, and showcase your products, deals, and services legally. The only place you may run into trouble is where you source your weed from, so be sure to keep that lawyer on retainer, avoid getting high on your supply, and stay safe out there.

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