The largest smoke shop in New Jersey is Wonderland Smoke Shop. Recently, this shop and countless others received fantastic news that might prompt a spike in business.

This year, New Jersey becomes the twelfth state to legalize marijuana for both recreational and medicinal purposes. This legalization is thought to provide a gateway for the legalization of recreational marijuana on the rest of the east coast, especially in nearby states like Pennsylvania and New York.

New Jersey is also estimated to eventually become the largest cannabis market in the states within only a few years. This will help an economy that has been crushed by the COVID-19 pandemic and provide countless new jobs.

Traditionally, many places have served the medicinal and recreational marijuana market by posing as simple smoke shops. These shops are said to be for tobacco products only, despite all signs pointing towards them being headshops. These places can now openly sell their wares for tobacco and cannabis smokers alike, which may prompt a rise in business.

Wonderland Smoke Shop isn’t the only option available to New Jersey residents, however. So the question becomes whether the shop is worth the money. Continue reading to find out.

Wonderland Smoke Shop

Largest Smoke Shop in New Jersey With 9 Convenient Locations

Wonderland is New Jersey’s largest smoke shop. Not only is each location of considerable size and full of countless inventory, but there are also nine convenient locations in total. Among their locations within New Jersey are areas close to Eastern Pennsylvania and New York.

Shops are currently located in the following New Jersey cities:

  • Freehold
  • Lawrenceville
  • Green Brook
  • Hasbrouck Heights
  • East Brunswick
  • Oakhurst
  • East Hanover
  • Brick
  • Hazlet

No matter where you are in New Jersey, a Wonderland Smoke Shop is within a reasonable driving distance. Convenient locations are one of the most significant benefits of this smoke shop. Even if you’re traveling around the tri-state area, you can find one of these shops nearby.

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What You’ll Find Inside Each Store

All nine locations are stocked full of inventory that meets the needs of smokers everywhere. Inside, you’ll find a large assortment of rolling papers, glass pipes, and custom heady pipes. There are also vapes and accompanying accessories, as well as juices.

Besides the obvious smoke shop paraphernalia, the store stocks smoker culture products. Clothing, body jewelry, and accessories can be found at all nine NJ locations.

What Wonderland Smoke Shop Is Best Known for

No Wonderland Smoke Shop review should be complete without mentioning their extensive collection of custom and premade glass smoking products. This is what the shop is best known for, and is responsible for attracting customers near or far.

Each location has more than 1,500 glass pipes on display that customers can purchase. You can also have custom heady glass created to suit your unique preferences or buy one of the custom pieces already on display.

The glass products range in color, design, and size. From the fantastical to the mundane, the colorful to the dark, there’s a glass piece to fit your personality. Previous customers have stated purchasing the glass pieces as gifts for smokers in their lives.

BBB Rating

The Better Business Bureau has given the Wonderland Smoke Shop a rating of A+. This high rating was given based on customer complaints, the information found around the web, and other data the BBB found.

Wonderland Smoke Shop

What Previous Customers Have to Say Around the Web

A search around the web shows both positive and negative reviews for Wonderland Smoke Shop.

Positive Reviews

One previous customer states enjoying the new e-liquids the store carries and says they “love the variety of glass pieces and the organized displays.”

Another satisfied customer says the shop has “cool smoking gear” featured at affordable prices. They also had positive things to say about the staff, saying they were both knowledgeable and friendly.

Negative Reviews

A previous customer claimed to be upset she continued receiving “poor quality” vape pens after visiting the store for replacements on three different occasions. They claim they will not be returning, despite the store being one of the closest smoke shops to them.

Another dissatisfied customer says the place is pricey compared to other smoke shops in the area. They also had negative remarks to say about a specific staff member they encountered on multiple occasions.

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Is It Worth Your Money?

The answer to this question depends on what you’re looking for. Wonderland Smoke Shop is well worth the money for people looking for high-quality glass products. Although a little pricey, their glass pipes and heady glass are each unique, top-of-the-line products. Wonderland Smoke Shop is also worth the money if you’re looking for rolling papers or smoking culture products.

This smoke shop might not be the best choice if you’re looking for vaping or e-juice products. There are better options for vape users around New Jersey that offer higher-quality options at better prices.

If you have a low budget for your next paraphernalia, Wonderland Smoke Shop likely isn’t your best choice. While it’s true you’re paying for quality, the shop is pricier than alternatives.

Do You Have More Questions About the Wonderland Smoke Shop?

The Wonderland Smoke Shop is New Jersey’s largest smoke shop with nine convenient locations throughout the state. These locations include those within a reasonable drive of Eastern Pennsylvania and New York. While the shop may not be worth the money for all smoke needs, their glass products are well worth the money.

Do you have more questions about the Wonderland Smoke Shop? Or would you like to learn more about other smoke shops in the area?

Check out our reviews of local dispensaries. You can also find more general information about cannabis and smoking in our blogs.

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