There are a lot of factors to balance when it comes to growing cannabis whether it’s regulating the lighting or moderating the temperatures. There are multiple stages that a cannabis plant goes through during the growing process where different types of stimulation or nutrients are needed to achieve specific results. But, what does it mean when your cannabis hasn’t flowered and you thought you had followed all the steps, up until that point, perfectly? First, there is no need for panic as there could be a few different things causing the plants, not to flower which can be addressed with relative ease.

In this video, The Cannabis Experts explore helpful tips and various insights that can help beginner growers, and even experienced ones, achieve a successful harvest every time. If for some reason, you find that your plants are not flowering when you think they should, there might just be one or two slight adjustments that need to be made in order to initiate the flowering stage. Check out this video to learn more and get the most out of your harvest.

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