Smoking is all about personal preferences. It takes experimenting with different methods to find what you really like. Chances are that you have been buying Raw brand products for a while, now. Have you tried their Raw Cones, though? Let’s talk about why you should use Raw Cones instead of those other brands.

We love Raw because their products are high quality, and smoke nicely. Cones are the ultimate (and quick) way to perfect joints, every time.

Why You Should Use Raw Cones 1 2023

Joint Cones

Not that there is anything wrong with hand-rolling your joints. Because there’s not. However, there is an easier (and dare we say better?) way of getting from point A, to point B.

Cones are basically a shortcut to rolling joints and have been described as the best invention of the decade. The paper has already been formed to the perfect shape and ready to be filled with ground-up goodness.

Another reason that joint cones have become so popular is that people who find rolling a challenge are now saved by the grace of the cone, and those without the strength or fine motor skills in their hands can now roll their own without assistance.

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Anyone that has ever smoked a regular joint knows all about eating just as much as you’re smoking. Frankly, we are sick of getting a mouthful of Mary Jane.

A filter, otherwise known as a crutch, is basically just a genius way to use a rolled-up piece of cardboard that prevents any particles from flying from the tip of your joint into your mouth.

Filters also give the joint stability on the smoking end and prevent the joint from getting soggy. Yes, it is gross. But, spit happens.

Joint filters/crutches are not like filters for a cigarette. It is not filtering out anything besides particles. That’s what we want, isn’t it?

You can choose between rolling your own tips or buying prerolled tips. We would go with the second.

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The Whole Kit

You do not necessarily need the whole kit and caboodle to make great joints, but it does help.

A Raw Cone kit includes prerolled cones equipped with filter tips, a funnel called a loader, and a poker (a small stick for tamping down the bud in your cone.) The poker ensures that you get a smooth smoking joint.

When using the loader and poker you can fill a king-sized cone in 7.2 seconds. Pay attention when buying a loader as they do come in two different sizes.

Go big, go Raw. With the sick Six Shooter, you can pack up to 6 Raw cones at a time! Then there’s the Raw Cone Filler.

Raw Glass Tips & Other Accessories

Raw has been our leading brand of rolling papers and paraphernalia for a quarter of a century. Since 1995 they have been more than just a company that makes products for profit. They are smokers who making products that they themselves want to use.

If you have tried using the Raw cones, and just can’t get into it, there is always the Raw rolling machines that make traditional joint-rolling much easier.

Buying in Bulk

One thing is for sure, Raw does not mess around. They are serious about their business and cater to everyone from the casual smoker, to the serious chiefer.

If you consume an insane amount of cannabis, or you’re just a fan of buying in bulk to save money, you may want to look into the bulk buys that Raw offers. This is a no-judgment zone, do whatever you want with them.

Cones are available in a variety of amounts from singles to the ultimate purchase which is a 1400 count of king-sized cones. Yes, we said 1400 Raw joint cones.

raw cone joint

Raw Sizes

Does size matter to you? Well, did you know that Raw has 8 different sized cones available?

In addition to the choice of how many cones you want to buy, you can also choose how big you want your cone to be. The larger the cone, the more you can put into it.

The first size cone on the list is the average size that you would expect, and it goes up from there. Sound good?

Sizes are:

  • 1 1/4 (84mm)
  • 98 Special (98mm)
  • Lean (109mm)
  • Kingsize (109mm)
  • Peacemaker (140mm)
  • Emperador (180mm)
  • Supernatural (280mm)
  • Challenge Cone (600mm)

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Classic Challenge Cone

Are you ready for the 2-foot long Challenge Cone? Prepare your lungs for this joint cone that is almost as long as your arm, and can hold up to 70 grams of ground buds. That’s right, over 2 ounces!

Perfect for celebrating a special occasion, or just celebrating life itself.


You know when you’ve got yourself a Raw brand paper because Raw is always unbleached and natural. So, it won’t be that classic white paper. It will be a light brown like it has been laying in the sun getting a tan.

Did you realize that the white papers are actually bleached? This whole time we have been smoking bleached paper. The only purpose of bleaching paper is so that it is bright white in color.

This really blows our minds. Chlorine and cannabis do not mix. Chalk and dyes are also often used in rolling papers.

Why You Should Use Raw Cones

  • Easy to fill
  • Unbleached-raw paper
  • Natural
  • Built-in filter
  • Sold in 8 different sizes
  • Raw has been a reliable brand for papers etc for 25 years.
  • Support Raw because they are a respectable company

Raw Hemp Cone

Raw is the pioneer for joint cones. They are the masterminds behind the scenes. Providing us with the tools we need to have successful smoke sessions.

If you thought it couldn’t get better than Raw Cones, you have to check out their Hemp Cones. Made from 100% organic hemp.

Looking for something to put in your cones? There are plenty of local dispensaries in DC to visit.

Capital Cannabis

Hopefully, this article has helped you learn why you should use raw cones. They are revolutionizing the way we roll and smoke joints. Other brands just can’t take the heat.

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