Just like its namesake, the Banjo strain is the perfect cannabis strain to kick-start or close the curtain on an invigorating and exciting day. This stimulating hybrid provides the perfect outlook to get your day started on the right foot while simultaneously inviting the right amount of calm, tranquility throughout the mind and body as the high wanes. Cultivated with top-level genetics, the Banjo strain, along with its wondrous effects, has skyrocketed into popularity among a variety of cannabis connoisseurs in the industry. 

Stick around if you want to learn more! This article explores everything there is to know about the Banjo strain, providing some background information, insight into the aromatic and flavor profile, as well as some tips on how to grow this strain. 

Banjo Strain Background

The Banjo strain is a balanced hybrid cannabis strain that was cultivated by crossing Boost with Colorado Seeds’ Tangelo. Boost is an award-winning hybrid strain that invokes a highly stimulating head-high coupled with a potent, full-body stone. Tangelo, on the other hand, is known for its alluring and delectable tropical fruit and orange juice blended aroma, and bright flavors. Although this strain inherited more traits from the Boost strain, traces of Tangelo can be found in the appearance and in the subtle notes of flavor revealed by the Banjo strain. 

To top things off, the Banjo strain boasts an impressive THC concentration that falls roughly between 18-28%, on average. Effective for both medicinal and recreational use, the Banjo strain clearly cements itself as a noteworthy staple in the industry and one that true cannabis connoisseurs flock to. 

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Banjo Strain Appearance and Aroma

banjo strain

The plants produced by the Banjo strain are marked by unmistakably large buds that are conical in shape and densely packed together, reminiscent of traditional indica varieties. With vibrant, bright green buds accented by fiery orange pistils, the flower structure of the Banjo strain is a sight to behold. Like the icing on top of a cake, the buds are dusted with frosty white trichomes, enhancing the bag appeal and potency at a glance. 

With dominant notes of gasoline and, as some users note, stinky cheese, the Banjo strain reveals a notably sharp aroma which is especially marked when breaking apart the buds. The bold and sour smoke, when combusted, can be tough on the sinuses and results in red and watery eyes. Upon exhaling, users are left with lingering hints of a sour yet subtly fruity taste. 

How To Grow the Banjo Strain

Based on what little information there is, the Banjo strain takes roughly around 63 days to grow to full maturity in an indoor setting. This strain can be grown indoors and outdoors, however, outdoor settings tend to be optimal for this strain. Like many sativa varieties, the plants double in size during the growing process, so the proper amount of space must be set aside to accommodate the plants throughout the entire process. 

Regular trimmings and routine maintenance will be required while cultivating this strain to ensure it achieves its optimal potential and yields the highest-quality bud.  

How Does The Banjo Strain Make You Feel?

The Banjo strain gets things going right off the bat with a focused, cerebral high that can take some users off guard by how forceful and immediate the hit truly is. Pulsing of the temples and increased salivation are all key signs that the strain is working. Cerebral stimulation is marked with increased talkativeness, especially in social situations, while also functioning as an acute mental focuser to help accomplish daily tasks. 

As the high continues, it transitions to a more body-centered high as a deep-rooted calmness starts to take hold. Freed from aches and nagging pains, users can unwind and allow themselves to breathe deeply and easily. Although this strain is a hybrid with uplifting and invigorating effects, due to the transition into a peaceful body high, this strain is best enjoyed during the afternoon or nighttime for novice smokers. Veterans will find that the dual nature of this strain is perfect for getting their day started right. 

Medicinal Effects

Just like its versatility on the recreational side, the Banjo strain is a widely-used cannabis strain for medicinal purposes. Known to invoke an increased level of focus with those who suffer from attention deficit disorders, the Banjo strain is truly a multifaceted strain as its true value doesn’t stop there. The elevated mood reported from this strain is known to be effective in curbing symptoms of depression and stress while, on the other hand, this strain is also great for nulling aches and pains due to its anti-inflammatory properties. However, it should be noted that individuals suffering from high anxiety, panic disorders, or low THC tolerance should be wary around this strain as it is known to induce a sense of mind race that can be off-putting and chaotic from some users. 

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Where Can You Get Your Hands On the Banjo Strain?

banjo strain

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