Steam rollers are a long-standing stoner gadget that makes for massive hits and an instantly potent high. If you’re unfamiliar with steam roller weed pipes, here’s everything you need to know about them along with a few pros and cons. 

What Is A Steam Roller Weed Pipe?

steam roller weed

Steam roller weed pipes are unique pipes that look a lot like chillums but with a large carb. They’re well-known for being one of the harshest pipes to use, but they’re also well-known for the massive hits they produce and nearly instantaneous high. 

Steam rollers are identified by the position of the carb. Carbs are air holes that allow smokers to clear the bowl. While most pipes have a small carb on the side of the bowl, steam rollers have a much larger carb positioned at the end of the pipe. This puts the bowl itself closer to the mouthpiece. With that said, steamrollers look quite unique, offering an unconventional design and much larger rips. 

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How Do Steam Roller Pipes Work? 

Steam rollers are very simple to use and don’t require anything fancy like water, wicks, electricity, or timers. All you have to do is light the bowl and inhale. 

Since the carb is placed at the end of the pipe and is much larger than standard carbs, it can make for some seriously massive hits. The larger cap makes for a resistance-free inhale that can penetrate deep into your lungs, which is why steamrollers aren’t recommended for newbie smokers. 

With normal weed pipes, you can clear desired-sized hits with the small carb cap. This is nearly impossible with a steamroller, as opening the carb even a little bit releases the full hit into your lungs. Tread lightly but enjoy the ride!

Why Do They Call It A Steam Roller Weed Pipe? 

Steam rollers get their name from their unique shape. Chillums don’t have a carb and standard pipes have a small carb on the side of the bowl. Steam rollers, on the other hand, have a very large carb opposite the mouthpiece, allowing for bigger hits and a faster high. To smoke it, you inhale the smoke slowly until the pipe is full and then suck it all in in one massive hit. The steam roller gets its name from the way the smoke rolls through the pipe before it is inhaled. With their massive power and large hits, they’ve been known to plow through the unsuspecting stoner.

Are Steam Rollers Good To Smoke? 

Just like all pipes and smoking apparatuses, there are pros and cons to steam roller pipes. They’re good for some people and not enjoyable for others, so it all comes down to your personal preferences when you’re smoking weed. 

Starting with the pros, steam roller pipes are easy to use and simple in design. All you need to use is a lighter and some weed. Their simplistic design makes them pretty easy to clean since you don’t have various small nooks and crannies to clean. Furthermore, you get bigger hits from a steam roller. You’ll lose less weed, but you’ll also get every bit of smoke in your lungs. If you’re looking for a fast, powerful high, think of using a steam roller weed pipe like necking a shot when you’re drinking.

Like all things though, there are a few drawbacks. Since steam rollers cause massive hits all at once, they’re known for their harsh hits and are guaranteed to make newbie smokers cough violently. Steam rollers are beautiful but they’re easy to break depending on the type of glass used to make them, so handle them with care. 

What’s The Difference Between A Steam Roller And A Pipe? 

Steam rollers and pipes aren’t all that different. A steam roller is a type of pipe. The key difference between normal pipes and steam roller weed pipes is the size and positioning of the carb. The large carb on a steam roller allows for huge hits after the smoke gathers in the chamber while regular pipes have small carbs and are intended to be hit gradually.

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How To Use A Steam Roller Weed Pipe 

steam roller weed

Steam rollers are great because they’re so easy to use and conceal. Here’s how: 

  1. Pack the bowl 
  2. Cover the carb with your hand 
  3. Light the bowl and inhale 
  4. Drag the smoke until it fills up the pipe to the desired level
  5. Unblock the carb hole and inhale deeply 

How To Clean A Steam Roller Weed Pipe

You’ll clean a steam roller pipe the same way you’d clean any other piece of glass. You can use different cleaners like Formula 420, but you can also use the standard salt and isopropyl alcohol method. Just add your steam roller pipe to a ziplock bag and add your salt and rubbing alcohol. You can let it soak or shake it up for tough resin buildup. From there, just rinse it with hot water and take a cotton swab to any hard-to-reach areas. 

All in all, steam roller weed pipes are some of the easiest pipes to use and clean, offering massive hits and an instantaneous high. If you’re ready to get started, look for a glass steamroller made from borosilicate glass to help avoid accidental breakage and start with little hits first. Steam rollers absolutely pack a punch and are not designed for the faint-hearted!  

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