Because of the newfound wide acceptance of medical marijuana, new dispensaries are popping up everywhere in the Washington, DC area. Knowing how to find a dispensary can feel like a daunting task when there are so many to choose from. You may not know what you’re looking for exactly.

Look no further: Capital City Care is the best dispensary to try. Their service and quality products make them a great place to visit. Their reviews from past and current customers also help

So, what are you waiting for? Or are you not feeling too sure yet? Keep reading below to learn why Capital City Care is a great dispensary to try today!

Charm City

Choose Between a Variety of Marijuana Forms

Are you someone who likes to smoke bud? Do you prefer edibles instead? Either way, Capital City Care has you covered—you can choose between a variety of marijuana forms and strains.

Choose from flowers, edibles, wax, pre-rolls, and more when you visit Capital City Care today. They won’t disappoint you because they have so many different products to choose from. Take a closer look below!


Find a variety of marijuana flower strains at Capital City Care!

Whether you’re looking for Sativa, Indica, or a hybrid, you’ll find what you need. They will treat you as a valued customer, always, in your purchasing journey.


Capital City doesn’t have the greatest variety in edible selection. However, the edibles they do sell are delicious and effective. Check out marshmallow crisps, gummies, and cookies in a jar, to share a few!

If you’re feeling particularly fancy, you can buy some chocolate edibles to satisfy your sweet tooth and give yourself the care you need.

If you’re not into the sweet THC-infused snacks, you can always opt for THC-filled capsules too.


Capital City Care’s concentrates include kief, hash, and dry sift. Prices vary depending on what you’re looking for, such as:

  • $20 for half a gram of kief (different strains)
  • $25 for half a gram of hash
  • $30 for half a gram of dry sift

Ask your budtender to help you decide between strains!


Pre-rolls start at $10 per joint. Depending on which one you pick, the price can vary. Look out for good deals for bundled packs of pre-rolls.

As with most of Capital City Care’s other products, the variety in strains for the marijuana used in the pre-rolls will amaze you. Pick and choose your favorites, whether it’s a Sativa, Indica, or hybrid strain!


Get your lavender bath salts and massage oil at Capital City Care! For all of your topical needs, you will find a large selection to choose from.

Try their salve! Better yet, if you’re feeling sexy, try their personal lubricant as well.


If you’re someone who likes to vape, you’ll enjoy their flavored cartridges for your use! Try the hybrid cherry pie, a Sativa grapefruit cartridge, or even a cartridge of CBD.

There are plenty more flavors and also brands to choose from when it comes to cartridges for your vape pen.

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Staff Want to Help You

Staff at Capital City Care are genuinely there to help you, not force you to buy anything. They will take into account your needs and interests in medical marijuana and offer their thoughts to help guide you.

You can always count on Capital City Care staff for their friendliness and detailed service. Count on them! They will try to remember your name for future visits too.

Charm City

Staff Is Knowledgable

Budtenders at Capital City Care don’t just sell you medical marijuana: they are well-versed in how different products operate. When you ask a question, they can give you an answer.

Past and current customers frequently rave about how knowledgeable staff is. They are there to give you the product you need.

You Won’t Be Rushed to Buy

As said before, Capital City Care staff is there to help you. Because of this, you won’t be rushed to buy anything you’re not sure about.

If you happen to walk in close to closing, you will still receive the same quality of customer service that you would if you walked in during mid-day. The staff wants to give you a good experience in the dispensary.

Calm Dispensary Atmosphere

You’ll never have to worry about feeling overwhelmed at Capital City Care. Customers often note the calm and relaxed atmosphere in the store, while at the same time feeling attended to.

It is also a sterile environment, following all proper COVID-19 protocols and keeping the store clean and tidy.

From Out of State? Don’t Worry

You don’t need to worry if you have a medical marijuana card from out of state. Thanks to Capital City Care’s easy process, outlined on their website, you can get the medical marijuana products you need despite being from out of state.

Even when you’re only in DC for a short while, you don’t have to stop your medical marijuana care. Capital City Care makes sure you will be taken care of.

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Try Capital City Care Today

Capital City Care is a great dispensary to try. If you’re wondering how to find a dispensary, look no further than this one. You won’t be disappointed.

From their large variety of quality products to their excellent customer service, your experience at this weed dispensary won’t disappoint you.

Do you want to learn more about Capital City Care or medical marijuana? Contact us for more questions, deals, and recommendations for Capital City Care and more!

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    The staff at Capital City Care truly wants to assist you; they won’t pressurise you to make a purchase. They will take into account your requirements and motivations with regard to medical marijuana and provide their opinions in order to assist you. Here you can try Brazilian escorts for more information, The personnel at Capital City Care are known for their kindness and attentiveness to detail. Rely on them! They’ll make an effort to keep your name in mind for return visits. If you hold a medical marijuana card from another state, you shouldn’t be concerned. You can obtain the medical marijuana items you require even if you are from another state thanks to Capital City Care’s simple procedure, which is described on their website.