With so many different seed banks and digital merchants out there it can be a bit of a headache to find a reputable place to order cannabis seeds from. Luckily, there is one major merchant out there who embodies everything good about seed banks. From their dedication to protecting genetics to their customer service, quick delivery times, and massive selection of cannabis seeds, Seedsman has earned the reputation of the best seed bank in Europe. Here’s everything you need to know. 

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What is Seedsman Seeds?

Seedsman has been Europe’s largest wholesale provider of feminized, auto-flowering, and best-selling cannabis seeds since 2003. They offer a diverse selection of seeds in hundreds of different strains thanks to their core mission, which is to help preserve cannabis genetics for future generations. Seedsman has earned the reputation of being of the highest quality, earning the title of one of the best in Europe taking excellent care of their customers and making sure that their practices are sustainable. 

Seedsman’s central mission is to preserve cannabis genetics so that there can always be diversity in the industry. A larger pool of strains to choose from makes cannabis less susceptible to overbreeding and watered down genetics that reduce the effectiveness of cannabis as medicine while also making plants hardier against diseases and pests. 

Through their practices, they preserve genetics and medical effectiveness, allow more people to grow healthy plants, and minimize potential harm to individuals through regulation and quality control. 


Seedsman Genetics 

Seedsman has a vast selection of indica, sativa, hybrid, and award-winning cannabis strains. On their website, you can browse through a ton of different categories and find seeds based on your preferences. They have a whole section dedicated to strains that grow best outdoors or indoors, or strains that contain more CBD or more THC than average strains. You can also browse through award-winning strains, uber-popular strains, and strains based on other classifications, like flavors or lineage. 

Most importantly though is that Seedsman works with some of the finest cannabis breeders in the world, including sensi seeds, royal queen seeds, and bodhi seeds. This ensures that you get the tried and true seeds direct from the breeders, ensuring the most accurate and pure genetics and a true reflection of the way the strain should be. The website contains a ton of photos of each strain too, for added trustworthiness and an accurate depiction of what the strain should look like. 

Their dedication to pure genetics and healthy plants from respectable breeders makes Seedsman one of the best seedbanks in Europe. 

Loyalty and Rewards 

If the quality of the genetics alone didn’t speak enough for Seedsman, their dedication to customer care really seals their position as one of the best seedbanks in Europe. They make sure to treat their customers with free stuff and discounts for shopping with them and for referring their friends to the site. You’ll get 1 point per euro spent, making it easy to rack up points and save money on future purchases. They also encourage you to use social media and tell your friends, offering bonus points for sign ups and when your friend makes a purchase. They’ll even throw you a few extra points on your birthday, when you register, on the anniversary of your sign-up,  and on your 5th and 10th orders. 

Seedsman Customer Service, Discretion, and Shipping 

While there have been a few negative reviews in the past as the company first started gaining its foothold in the industry, most of the reviews of the company have been overwhelmingly positive. They get lots of great reviews for the seeds, but they also get a ton of love for their excellent customer service. They are available to solve any issues you may have with your order before or after you receive it by simply calling them or sending them an email. They promise to get back within 48 hours, though historically it’s been much less time than that. 

They also take customer service to the next level by offering a lot of discreet shipping options. Since they ship worldwide, their expert packagers go the extra mile to make sure that the seeds are concealed from detection. In places where seeds are legal, they ship in their traditional packaging in a small, discreet container that prevents any unwanted attention. They can also remove the seeds from the original packaging to conceal them even further, depending on your preferences. 

If you live in Europe, Seedsman will delight you with some of the quickest shipping times we’ve ever seen from any seedbank. Locals can have their orders in as little as 1-3 business days. Outside of Europe, the shipping becomes a little inconsistent. While they always get their orders into the mail quickly, the added step of the package going through customs tends to slow down the process a lot. It’s well worth the wait in the sense that the seeds are of the highest quality money can buy, but it can still be a little long for some. Outside of Europe, you can expect to have your package between 5 and 30 business days. Overall though, the customer service and the discreet packaging still makes Seedsman reputable and exciting to work with.

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Is Seedsman Worth It? Seedsman Review 

Seedsman Seeds scores pretty high in all categories, as we’ve outlined below. Between their huge selection of the best genetics and highest quality seeds you can find in Europe, they have a lot to offer. When you factor in their easy website, loyalty program, and discreet shipping, it’s easy to see why people are starting to notice that Seedsman has the best seeds in europe. The only place they lose a few points is with their ship times, though those can’t deter you from a worthy pack of seeds. All in all, we recognize Seedsman as one of the best in the business and would love to hear your thoughts. 


Product Selection – 10/10 

Genetics – 10/10

Company History and Reviews – 8/10

Customer Service – 10/10

Ship Times – 7/10 

Website- 10/10, similar to any online purchasing experience 

Payment Accepted – All major payments accepted, including bitcoin 

Discreet? – Yes, discreet packaging and shipping available 

Ship Worldwide? – Yes

Special Offers? – Yes, customer loyalty program, refer a friend program, rewards 

Overall: 9.2/10

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