Picture yourself digging into one of the most delectable, cooling, goofy, and fruity desserts you can think of. Perhaps one of the delectable desserts you imagined shoveling down was a banana split? One thing’s for sure: the cannabis strain that takes after the popular dessert, the banana split, has all the zaniness and enthusiasm of its deliciously quirky namesake. 

The Banana Split strain is one-of-a-kind for the unique combination of its look, fragrance, and distinct high. All of this splashed in together is what makes for a fun night with friends or a lively buzz. Grab a spoon and dig into this article for more on the Banana Split strain. 

How Was the Banana Split Strain Made?

Banana Split is a concoction from Skord Marijuana and Crockett Family Genetics. Skord Marijuana and its masterful work combined with the Crocket Family’s equally illustrious and wide collection of developed strains makes for a truly rare novel experience in Banana Split. 

The strain is said to be born from the Tangie strain and the Banana Sherbet strain. The former has a citrusy smell and taste while the banana-flavored Banana Sherbet strain results in an exquisite sensation party that culminates into the tasty and enjoyable Banana Split strain that has infatuated the cannabis industry.

This strain has a genetic makeup of roughly 60% sativa and 40% indica. The sativa-leaning properties highlight how indulging and prominent the cerebral high is for users in comparison to the physical effects. A bigger sativa percentage also translates to higher THC levels. The Banana Split strain’s THC concentration usually hovers around 22% – 25%. 

What Does the Banana Split Strain Look Like? 

banana split strain

Banana Split has all the glitz and glam of a beautiful cannabis plant and can easily be picked out of a crowd of cannabis strains. Huge snowy flowering tops with large deep green buds boast vibrant yellow-orange hairs alongside honeycomb-colored trichomes. The vibrant colors are reminiscent of the fruit in its label.

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What Does the Banana Split Strain Smell Like?

Banana split is just the sort of dessert strain that will evoke the kind of tantalizing smell you can’t get enough of. This attributes to why this strain is such a unique find. The mellow yellow, earthy, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream smell will get you going and leave you desiring more. Additionally, the citrusy influences and sweet hints are inherited from its parent strains. 

Taking it in might just pluck you straight out of your couch and onto a lazy tropical beach with the prominent notes of grape and fruit juice. This strain is ideal for an enthusiastic afternoon or kooky evening before bed. 

How Does the Banana Split Strain Make You Feel? 

Starting with a tingling sensation, Banana Split explodes into just the kind of brain-focused frenzy that excites and subsequently relaxes. The period of time where you are completely energized is a great opportunity to whip out something creative to do or to complete some daily tasks or cleaning. It uplifts its soul and invigorates you with a pulse of energy.

This strain can also bring a sense of humor and fun in casual hangouts with friends. The infectious giggling, joyful high extends throughout the entire body. Be aware that smoking this strain commonly ends with a sleepy night on the couch. Some other common side effects include dry eyes and increased thirst. 

Newbies might find this strain too powerful as it can be a silent creeper for those unaware of its high THC levels. On the other hand, steady users can look to treat themselves with some joyful smiles or much-needed pain relief. 

What Are the Banana Split Strain’s Medical Effects?

Banana Split is the perfect strain to take for enjoyment and fun, however, this energy-boosting strain can account for more cerebral focus and action which often helps with dispersing stress and chronic pain. It can be taken by those who are struggling with depression, anxiety, fatigue, migraines, or inflammation. 

How Can You Grow The Banana Split Strain? 

banana split strain

Unlike many strains that are only made for green thumbs, Banana Split is also unique because of the ease it takes to grow it. You can choose to grow it indoors and outdoors, usually developing into a medium-sized plant at full maturity. If you want to grow this indoors, you would need to space out the plants to accommodate their growth size and patterns. 

Banana Split is resistant to bugs making it a breeze to protect and an undeniable benefit for first-time growers. This makes it a tad bit easier to look after for the 8-9 weeks before it’s ready for harvest. You can expect a yield of around ½ ounce to 1 full ounce per square foot, an average yielding rate among most cannabis strains. 

Low-Stress Training (LST) techniques are recommended to be used to keep the plants healthy and growing efficiently. Two weeks before harvesting, it would be good to take out any extra chemicals that you might use on your plants to keep Banana Split’s already delightful true taste and aroma intact. 

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Final Thoughts

Banana Split is truly in a game all on its own. With unusual flavors and smells as well as uplifting and fun effects, this strain can bring life to any party— even those held in the comfort of home. Commonly taken during the day, Banana Split is a treat that energizes and delights. If you need an enthusiastic experience that slowly transitions into a relaxing pain reliever, this strain should be your go-to. 

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