Every true cannabis connoisseur has come to that point during their smoking session when the blunt or joint is shrinking to a size that is no longer feasible to smoke. Experienced smokers understand that it is not ideal to let any excess cannabis go to waste, so some cannabis lovers will push through and continue smoking the roach until it almost burns their fingers. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. The creative and innovative individuals within the cannabis industry designed a solution that allows cannabis lovers to get the most out of their blunts or joints while smoking in style. The roach clip is designed to allow cannabis lovers to experience the most out of their cannabis without the threat of burning fingers or wasting tree.

Roach clips are all the craze nowadays and come in various designs and styles to fit all types of cannabis lovers. For individuals interested in learning more about roach clips, stay tuned. This article covers everything there is to know about roach clips including some general information, how to use them, and some great recommendations for roach clips to get cannabis lovers started.

What Is A Roach Clip? 

roach clip
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In simple terms, a roach clip is some kind of device or tool that allows for an easier smoke once the joint or blunt becomes too small to hold. Roach clips are designed with a clip on one end to hold the joint or blunt firmly in place, and another end that allows for the roach clip to be easily handled by an individual. A roach clip helps cut down on the possibility of burning oneself while also enjoying the most out of the cannabis since the roach clip extends the longevity of the joint or blunt.

 Roach clips can take on various forms and designs, but they all work similarly. Roach clips are a stylish and practical way for cannabis lovers to get the most out of their smoking sessions without wasting tree or hurting themselves.

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How To Use A Roach Clip

Roach clips are very simple to use and can be used for either fashion, practicality, or both. The idea is that once the blunt or joint has burned down to a certain point when it becomes hard to handle or it starts burning fingers, it’s time to pull out the roach clip. All that is needed is to attach the joint or blunt to the roach clip on the “clip” end of the tool while there will be some kind of handle for the individual to hold onto. This makes it easy to continue smoking without burning fingers. The roach clip also makes passing the joint or blunt around in groups of people much easier.

There are tons of different types of roach clips out there designed to suit the various needs and stylistic tendencies of all walks of life. There are roach clip necklaces, key chains, rings, bracelets, and the traditional version with a clip and stick or wand to hold.

Why Would You Need A Roach Clip? 

Roach clips are a necessity for experienced cannabis lovers who enjoy smoking their blunt or joint down to the very end to not waste any of their precious cannabis. Roach clips also help cut down on the potential of burning one’s fingers, or even lips. Great for group smoking sessions because roach clips make passing around the joint or blunt more sanitary and effortless.

Even for beginners, roach clips might be a useful tool in getting novice smokers accustomed to the process and handling joints or blunts. It can also help to teach them from the get-go how to get the most out of their tree while saving their fingers in the process. Veteran smokers typically become accustomed to the harshness of a roach, but roach clips eliminate the possibility from the equation entirely.

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3 Types Of Roach Clips You Can Purchase Online

One of the best places online to purchase roach clips is Amazon. There are hundreds of unique styles and designs out there to choose from, all with their unique personality. Roach clips are also becoming a popular tool for up-in-coming entrepreneurs, so keep a lookout for tons of small businesses that might be selling and promoting them in the years to come. Below are three popular and highly recommended roach clips, each with a unique design to suit different types of cannabis smokers.

Lady Smoker Holder Ring

roach clip
Credit: https://www.amazon.com/Pieces-Holder-Elegant-Men%EF%BC%88Gold-Silver%EF%BC%89/

The Lady Smoker Holder Ring design is catered to female cannabis smokers looking for an easier smoking session while in style. It features a ring that slides gently on the fingers with ease and an adjustable holder for accessibility. The ring comes in two different colors, gold, and silver, with a sleek design that protects the eyes and fingers from smoke and getting burned.

Bracelet Helper & Buddy

roach clip
Credit: https://www.amazon.com/Hrome-Bracelet-Connecting-Necklaces-Bracelets/

Although the Bracelet Helper & Buddy design is not marketed as a roach clip, it works perfectly as a functional roach clip. Sold in a couple of different colors including colorful iridescent, gold, and silver, this design incorporates a straightforward approach with a clip at one end and a holder designed to make the grip seamless and efficient.

Cigarette Holder Extendable Clip

roach clip
Credit: https://www.amazon.com/Cigarette-Extendable-Functional-Stainless-Personal/

The Cigarette Holder Extendable Clip is almost a hybrid of the two previous designs with an adjustable holder that allows it to suit a wide range of users. Great for joints and blunts, this design features a thin, sleek extendable holder with a clip at the end that fits joints or blunts securely in place. Offered in either gold, rainbow, or silver this roach clip is great for group smoking sessions or to enjoy in private to savor every last hit of that blunt or joint.

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