Looking for a dessert to hit that spot between sugary sweet and just the right amount of spice? There’s a reason the Banana Runtz strain is flying off the shelves in California. Is it the saccharine taste? The fruity smell? Read on to find out why this strain is just the right hit in CA.

banana runtz with hints of ripe banana

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Background of the Banana Runtz Strain

Banana Runtz is the perfect mix of Indica and Sativa with a balance of 50-50. At times, you will find that either Indica-dominant hybrids or Sativa-dominant hybrids are available for you to try. You can ask your local dispensaries about their own available stocks for a better picture on this.

There are two combinations that make up the Banana Runtz strain, the popular Zkittlez and Gelato pairing, and the Solfire Gardens version which crosses Banana OG and Runtz. The one that will be talked about in the rest of this article will be the Zkittlez x Gelato variation.

With a wide range of 20-26% for THC, you just have to make sure the supply you pick is somewhere around your preferred percentage. 26% packs a strong punch and will have you couch-locked for a long time, one of the main reasons Californians have really taken a liking to this sweet strain.

The Runtz hype was built up after hip hop Rapper “Yunglb_litt” discovered the Runtz marijuana brand. The brand launched an array of flavors that trended after the rapper engaged in collaborations with other rappers like Playboi Carti, Young thugs YSL Gang, Nav, Moneybagg Yo, and more. Rappers and their own street cred really raise the popularity of the weed brands they support.

What Does it Look Like?

The bud itself is a festival of colors reminiscent of its name. Beyond the densely packed vibrant green nugs, amber hues dance with a creamy bright orange coating of crystal trichomes. Your eyes will glow with these light colors atop dark forest green and reddish-brown undertones.

What Does it Smell Like? 

Peel a ripe banana and you will already know what this strain smells like. The aroma of the fruit is always one that makes you feel nostalgic and giddy when it graces your nose. That sour candy aroma punctuated by fruity banana and spicy pepper is one that you will want to inhale again and again.

What Does it Taste Like?

Banana Runtz tastes like how you would think it does. It’s in the name already: a zany banana flavor with some hints of spiciness. Are you into candy? This saccharine treat is a dessert that keeps you coming back with just enough accents of chili so you won’t get tired of it.

What Does it Feel Like?

Because of its balanced nature, you will feel a euphoric high and relaxing, calm sleep. In your ups, you can feel very focused with tons of mental energy. Your motivation will increase and your joy will flow into a wonderfully lulled state.

Banana Runtz is also used by medical patients to relieve pain, aid when you have muscle spasms or cramps, and ease your chronic stress and depression.

weed strain giving a sense of mental energy

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How Can You Grow Your Own Banana Runtz Strain? 

Solfire Gardens’ Banana Runtz is not available as feminized seeds, so you will need a clipping in order to clone it and have your own supply.

The Zkittlez x Gelato version largely talked about in this article is easy to grow due to its hardy nature. These are available as seeds albeit very rare. The plant is easy to grow and many green thumbs and newbies alike should you find stock of its seeds will enjoy the mostly hands-off approach the marijuana plants require.

Green thumbs will find it an intriguing growth as the strain reacts well to high-stress training techniques. The Screen of Green growing technique scrupulously saves as much from the harvest as you can.

For indoor growing, you can expect to harvest 14-16 ounces per square meter while outdoors growing can get you 18 ounces per square foot.

Where Can You Get Banana Runtz Strain? 

Into some fruity and loops joys? The Banana Runtz strain might just take you on that glorious and then calming ride you want with all the sweet flavors uncommon in many strains. With its palatable and enjoyable taste, you will want this on your shelf all the time.

If you’re looking for your own stock check out the explore page on 420DC.com. Give us a shoutout upon placing your order and enjoy a discount. If you’re worried about the legality of weed in DC, you can review what the law says about cannabis.

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