Mastering the art of joint rolling is something every marijuana aficionado appreciates. It’s a well-known secret that the key to a dank joint lies in the rolling process.

Knowing whether a weed roller will get the job done beforehand is key if you’re to purchase one. Additionally, you’d want to weigh if it’s best to ditch the traditional hand-rolling method.

What Is A Joint Roller?

weed roller

A joint roller is a device that does the rolling for you. There are two options; a manual or automatic type joint roller.

How To Use A Joint Roller?

It all depends on the type of roller. Besides the roller, you’ll need a weed grinder, rolling papers, and your desired weed strain. Here’s how to use a joint rolling machine:

  1. Grind the weed
  2. Pull the rolling machine apart
  3. Insert a filter into the groove, then push it to the end of the roller
  4. Slide in the ground-up bud, seal the machine and begin rolling in your direction
  5. Add a rolling paper between the rollers with the sticky side in the direction facing you
  6. Continue rolling until there’s a little of the rolling paper sticking out for sealing the joint
  7. Lick to seal the paper
  8. Roll the joint some
  9. Take out your joint and enjoy your “sesh.”

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Are Joint Rollers Worth It?

Not everyone can roll a joint. If you are one such person, then a joint roller is certainly for you. Other pros for using a joint roller include:

  • Time-saving. Hand-rolling is quite time-consuming. A joint roller can help you roll the perfect joint in less than a minute.
  • Joint rolling machines are straightforward, meaning even novice weed smokers can operate them.
  • Efficient. With joint-rolling, you can expect uniformity in your rolled joints.
  • Inconspicuous. There’s some level of stigma around weed. A joint roller could help make your joint unnoticeable, creating a cigarette-like size for outdoor settings.

What Is the Best Joint Rolling Machine?

Most rolling machines get the work done. So, any will do unless you want to purchase a joint roller for commercial use. The best part, they often go for $5-$20. You’ll often see these three brands, namely:

  • RAW 79mm roller. The joint size in this tool makes it an ideal choice for beginners.
  • Zig-Zag 70mm, 78mm and 100mm rollers. This brand produces quality rollers and rolling papers in multiple sizes, catering to beginners and experienced smokers.
  • Cone Artist joint roller. This unique roller lets you roll a nice conical-shaped joint in under a minute.

Hand Rolling Weed: How To Do It

weed roller

If you don’t have a weed roller, you may need to roll the joint yourself. Here are some tips to help you get it right.

First, you’ll need to have the components, i.e., rolling papers, bud, a crutch, and the grinder. It would help to have a rolling tray to avoid spills.

Here’s how to roll that perfect joint:

  • Grind your weed.
  • Take the crutch and place it inside the rolling paper to create a cylinder shape.
  • Spread the ground-up bud evenly on the rolling paper. The final shape will differ depending on whether you plan to roll a pinner or cone joint.
  • Gently roll the paper while compressing it to create uniformity
  • Leave out some of the rolling paper, then lick it to begin sealing the joint
  • Tuck the joint starting from the crutch all the way to the tip.
  • You can choose to muzzle load the weed joint to get in some extra bud, if needed.
  • Finally, twist your joint and seal it.

What Happens When You Are Out Of Rolling Papers?

Here are some alternatives for when you run out of rolling paper:

  • Cigarette papers. Cigarette paper has the right paper size for rolling a joint. Simply empty the contents, replace the filter with a weed crutch then place your bud.
  • Rose petals. You are missing out if you haven’t tried rose blunt! Take about four rose petals and dry them using an oven. Once cool, lick the corners before rolling your joint.
  • Use cigar paper to roll your blunt. Again, empty the contents then use the cigar wrappers as rolling paper.

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Which Is Better?

A joint roller has its pros as highlighted. But for some weed smokers, it’s extremely satisfying to roll a neat joint by hand. This means hand-rolling is an essential skill, especially if you don’t plan on walking around with a joint roller.

It would seem, the choice between the two boils down to preference.

Here’s the one thing everyone can agree on—whether you use a joint roller or not, getting the perfect blunt or joint requires some top-shelf weed. 420DC promotes the best cannabis dispensaries and delivery services offering the best quality edibles, buds, and concentrates. Visit our site for more information. Don’t forget to sign up so you never miss out on any great deals!

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