Now that magic mushrooms aka shrooms are decriminalized in DC under initiative 81, it’s a lot easier to get your hands on these amazing plants. Mushrooms have grown in popularity across the country so much so that many states are following suit and loosening the laws around psychedelics. Whether you are into micro dosing or want to do a full blown trip there are many businesses that help you find the type of mushrooms for you.

We’ve highlighted our favorite 3 companies that carry shrooms as well as exotic flowers and edibles. Give them a call or text and be sure to let them know 420DC sent you to get an amazing deal.

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Purple Penthouse (Order Now)

shrooms in dc

Purple penthouse not only has a great selection of flower but they also carry some of the best shrooms on the market. If you want something that tastes delicious and gives you an incredible trip you need to try their Polka Dot Belgian Chocolate Bar . It has 7g of psilocybin and psilocin so you don’t need to eat the whole thing in 1 trip. The bar is broken down in different squares so just 1-3 squares are a micro dose.  Give them a call or text at (202) 923-5766 to place your order and tell them 420DC sent you for a free edible brownie.

Pot United (Order Now)

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If you are looking for actual mushrooms and not just chocolate bars then Pot United is your best friend. They have great deals on a large variety of shrooms so you can find the right ones for you. They can also provide spores if you are looking to grow them at home. If you want to stock up on high quality flower or edibles for the perfect trip they everything you need. Make sure you let them know 420DC sent you to get deals for bulk buyers.


Supreme Terpene (Order Now)

supreme terpene

Supreme terpene has great deals on shrooms and chocolate bars so you find the perfect trip for you. Not only do they carry great shrooms but also DMT.  If you want to place your order give them a call or text at (202) 704-0702 and tell them 420DC sent you for a free preroll.


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These are the best places to get shrooms in DC. If you want to learn more about mushrooms and their healing benefits you can read more about them here.  Let us know who you like the best.

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  1. hambone

    At least one of these deals, Supreme Terpene, is no longer valid. It would be helpful if you removed old info.

  2. Garl Carl

    Pot United sold me 7g of shrooms for 120, and let’s just say the experience was terrible, didn’t get high, they gave me a headache and felt like a trip you could buy from the dollar store in value. They do not have a website nor can you find them on BBB, the delivery driver met me in a suspicious place and had no mask on. I should’ve known they were a scam when he asked for the donation first, instead of exchanging product for money. Do not buy shrooms from them. Idk about their weed though.

  3. m.j2029

    this place is a scam they have a drug dealer deliver your mushroom meet you at gestation and it was nothing but grass. They are scams or someone did it on purpose. but I got nothing but dry grass stay away from these scammers