Hookahs look very similar to your weed pipes but are instead designed with a hose attached to them. Can you use these instruments for your marijuana routine? Below is a guide on hookahs and what these bong-like devices can add to your stoner lifestyle.

What is a Weed Hookah?

Hookahs are water pipes traditionally used to puff tobacco or shisha, a mixture of flavored tobacco. There are an array of designs on the market which also visually resemble that of marijuana pipes you might use. However, if you are a purely weed-centered stoner then this device is not something you see every day.

Believed by experts to have originated from India in the 1500s, these pipes used to be created from a coconut shell and tube. They were once status symbols, used to purify smoke with water in the glass base. The term “hookah” is traced back to Hindustani origins. Some also believe it was created by a Persian physician. Versions from Egypt, Iran, or Turkey also show the use of hookahs over the centuries. In the western world, these grew out of style when cigarettes rose in popularity in America.

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How Do You Use a Hookah Pipe?

Shisha users need burning coal, wood, or charcoal to heat the tobacco or shisha. When this is done, flavorful smoke starts bubbling up through the water and up the pipe from which the user can inhale. This kind of smoke is beloved for its smooth quality and ease of enjoyment.

To give you a better picture of how hookahs are used, here are the main parts of a standard hookah:

  • Bowl. Much like a bowl head you might see in a bong, this kind of container is usually bigger and this is where you place the shisha or herbs you plan to use.
  • Windscreen. Hookah enthusiasts of today often use perforated tin foil for this while some hookahs already have windscreens in their designs. This allows coals to be heated above the shisha, suspending the herbs so they will not be burned in the process.
  • Plate. This part usually stays beneath the bowl and windscreen to catch ash that falls from the coals.
  • Water base. This is a vase-like structure that is filled with water. The water cools the smoke and filters out grime for that fluid smoke.
  • Hose. The lengthy tube joins the stem of the hookah to the mouthpiece.
  • Purge valve. This is the opening that lets you puff smoke out of the water chamber

How Do You Use a Hookah?

Smoking shisha out of a hookah pipe involves burning coal, charcoal, or wood to heat the herb of choice. As the shisha is heated, it begins to produce flavorful smoke. Smoke bubbles through the water and makes its way to the pipe, where the user can inhale. Typically, the smoke is very smooth. All of this is not exclusive to shisha; some cannabis lovers use hookahs too.

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How to Smoke Weed Using a Hookah

Shisha & Weed

There are several ways to go about smoking your marijuana using hookah. The first is to combine shisha and weed. Shisha has a lot more moisture to it because of its high levels of glycerin and molasses. If you are planning to add marijuana to your bowl, then that means you would have to place it underneath the shisha because it is wet, so that can help the weed gain that added moisture as well. You can follow the method mentioned above but with the extra element of cannabis added to the mix. Place the parts of the hookah together, add the marijuana and shisha, burn the coals or heat source, and puff away.

Certain circles call this act of mixing both shisha and weed “dirty hookah”. Those who attempt to smoke marijuana on their own using hookah might be greeted by a less seamless experience. Since hookahs were made for the consistency of shisha, the combination just works better in the device of choice.


If you do not want to smoke tobacco, you can also try this second method: using hash. Hash is a kind of cannabis that is concentrated, made from the plant’s resinous trichomes. You can buy hash from a dispensary or use your kief to make this.

What you need to do, in this case, is to gather the kief from your grinder, lay it on a piece of parchment paper, fold it around the kief, and tape it closed. Next, fill up a mason jar with hot water and close it with a lid. Roll this over the pile of kief until it is squashed properly and thoroughly. Stick it in the refrigerator until it is cool enough for you to hold. Once this is all done, you can properly use this in your hookah.

What is a Hookah Pen?

If you are into the cigarette lifestyle you might also want to dabble in the e-cigarette kind of hookah experience. It has the same idea as the regular hookah but is usually used by only one person at a time.


Using tobacco with marijuana is not for everyone; it can be detrimental to lung health and presents other risks to the body. Additionally, hookah is not the usual device used to smoke cannabis so you will need to try out different methods so you can find out which works best for you.

Final Thoughts

Hookahs are more conventionally used for shisha but can be used for puffing some cannabis or a mix of both too. Learn more about using these two together and their effects before trying this instrument out. If you are looking for your next weed puff check out our wide selection of flowers at 420DC here. Get a discount upon ordering if you give us a shoutout.

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