In this digital age, social media has become one of the most popular and powerful platforms not only as a personal networking site but also as a business one. Millions of people have multiple accounts across various services, from Facebook and its related company Instagram to microblogging site Twitter and video app TikTok.

For the cannabis industry and its consumers, these services have paved the way toward educating the public about the plant and marketing cannabis products. In fact, it has become a valuable tool for the industry and its advocates. Here’s what you need to know about social networking for cannabis enthusiasts.

 Social Media for Cannabis Enthusiasts

The Role of Mainstream Social Network Sites

  • Awareness

Social media may be more associated with personal updates and selfies of users, but in the past years, it has become a powerful tool for spreading awareness about the plant. It can be used to share informative materials that can help audiences understand the potentials of marijuana and its cannabinoids, especially to people who have negative perceptions about these. It also highlights the industrial prospects offered by the plant itself, especially as there are varieties that are more fibrous than others.

  • Advocacy

Another important role of mainstream social networking sites is that it is being used as a tool for advocating legalization. Over the past years, the hashtag #LegalizeIt was trending near or on April 20 as a way for people to encourage legislators to make cannabis legal in their states and even on the federal level.

Some even use these platforms to show support to eligible candidates who advocate for the plant. There are many ways to use mainstream social media for advocacy not only for cannabis but also for other endeavors.

  • Business and Connection

For cannabis businesses, having a website combined with the right marketing strategy is one of the most important things. Another is maintaining a social network account. This makes their presence known to potential customers and business partners alike. It lets them post about their products, educate their audience, and make sales.

Moreover, it offers a way for customers to get in touch with them. After all, the comments section is a great place to reach out to your existing and prospective clients. These platforms also have instant messaging features, which enables faster communication. Companies can even use chatbots to assist customers even after business hours.

Social Networks Purely for Cannabis Enthusiasts

It is important to note, however, that despite the advantages offered by mainstream social media sites, there are restrictions that limit the type of content you can post. Celebrities and influencers are advised not to make claims about CBD being able to treat, mitigate, cure, and prevent diseases.

Moreover, individual users who share their love for marijuana may encounter feedback from individuals who do not share the same mindset. This can make your experience with social networking experience fairly negative, especially if you actively share marijuana posts and informative materials to your feed.

As an enthusiast, you want to connect with individuals who share your love for marijuana. This is definitely possible with mainstream social media sites. However, it is important to keep in mind that because it is a mainstream service, you are bound to encounter people who have negative perceptions about the plant

Given the limitations on mainstream social networks, you may be looking for alternatives that allow you to share posts with minimal issues. Those who are looking for a platform that solely caters to individuals who consume marijuana can go to cannabis social networks. As the name implies, these social media websites are focused on cannabis alone. This means that you can connect with other people who consume the plant, whether they are recreational or medical users.

What You Can Expect from Cannabis Social Networks

  • Connect with Like-Minded Individuals

If one of the reasons for finding cannabis-focused social networks is the fact that people who do not appreciate the plant dominate your feed, then joining cannabis social networking sites is your best bet. This lets you find people to follow who consume, grow, and simply love marijuana.

By getting in touch with like-minded people, you can freely publish your own content, share informative materials, and simply find the people who will appreciate your posts. These people can even become your real-life friends if you share other interests or you generally vibe with each other.

  • Positive Posts

As mentioned, joining these platforms can give you the freedom to post any cannabis-related content you want to share. The thing is, your friends and pages you follow also enjoy the same liberty, which means that they are also likely to actively make relevant posts.

You can definitely look forward to coming across posts that can enhance your knowledge about the plant, as well as its cannabinoids and infused products. Casual posts are also definitely welcome on these platforms.

  • Get Tips from Experienced Consumers

Any responsible consumer does their researcher before purchasing. With products such as cannabis, you need to step up your research game, especially as it is always possible to find bootleg or illegitimate products. These networking sites can help you get in touch with people who can share tips and tricks to make your experience a breezier one.

Moreover, you are bound to find reviews for particular products and dispensaries, giving you are an idea of what to expect should you choose to do business with them. Other useful info you can find includes promos and discounts.

  • Know More About the Plant and Infused Products

As you make connections with other like-minded individuals, you can expect to learn more about marijuana and infused items from the people you meet. You can learn about niche activities such as growing, processing, and other similar areas. In fact, there are platforms dedicated to such topics.

The best thing about these platforms is that some experts participate in such services. By getting in touch with them, you can exchange insights and knowledge about the plant, which can definitely expand your understanding of its effects and contents.

5 Cannabis Social Networks to Check Out

If you are interested in checking out some of the best cannabis social networks, you want to make sure that you visit the best ones to guarantee your experience. Not sure where to begin? Here are some of the best places you can start your cannabis social network journey.

  • Cannabis-Focused Subreddits

Reddit is known as the front page of the internet, especially as it carries countless communities encompassing all kinds of topics. Love gardening? There’s surely a subreddit for that. You can also find those dedicated to gaming, political ideologies, music genres, countries, and many others.

So, you can bet that there are several subreddits committed to cannabis and many other aspects surrounding this plant. You can start by visiting the obvious ones such as r/Marijuana, r/Cannabis, and r/Weed. These forums offer valuable information and discussions about the plant, from policy-related matters to advocacies and opinions. Then, you can visit the most popular subreddit r/Trees, which is a more casual forum for the plant.

You are also bound to find more niche forums such as r/cannabis extracts for techniques and processes of obtaining many kinds of extracts, r/MicroGrowery for small-scale cultivation of the plant, and r/ArtofRolling for tips and tricks for rolling joints.

The main attraction about Reddit, in general, is that it allows you to maintain your anonymity, giving you more freedom to socialize and talk about your enthusiasm for cannabis. Moreover, it is pretty easy to use because its merit system is based only on upvotes and downvotes. Plus, having a Reddit account gives you access to more subreddits, even non-cannabis-focused ones.

  • Duby

Reddit may not be solely focused on cannabis but Duby is. This platform is more similar to mainstream social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, only dedicated to marijuana. You do not even have to worry about the number of people using this service as it is known for having the largest community of cannabis consumers.

The best thing about this platform is that it combines several features of well-known social networking sites, particularly Instagram, Twitter, and Tinder. It lets you post texts just like Instagram and Twitter. It also gives Instagram’s Stories feature a new spin. If you like the content you are seeing, you can “Pass” it on, but if you think it is not worth sharing, then you can choose “Put Out,” just like Tinder.

Just like your favorite social media platform, you can download a mobile application so that you can use this service on your smart devices such as your phone or tablet. It is available on Android and iOS.

  • 420 Singles

If you are expecting Duby to connect you with singles near you because of its Tinder-like features, then you will have more chances with 420 Singles. This dating app is designed to get in touch with cannabis enthusiasts around your area with mechanics you are familiar with. You just need to swipe and match with people you find interesting and the app will give you the chance to connect.

This free service is available on different platforms such as Android and iOS. You can also enjoy unlimited swipes, chats and matches. However, you can also register as a Premium user. This lets you send messages even without matching with the other person. If you are worried about them not being able to reply, you will be glad to know that they can reply for free.

This apps also lets you look for people within a 1,000-mile radius, so you will be able to find people just within DC. As an alternative, you can also try High There, a dating application for like-minded individuals. You can also find experts and potential friends.

  • Grow Diaries

This one is for individuals who like growing their own plants and harvesting their own buds. Grow Diaries is a networking site that lets you share your Diary with other growers. This lets you document your practices and techniques when it comes to cultivating and taking care of your plants, as well as harvesting your buds.

When you publish a diary, you can update your progress to show your friends how your plants are doing. The main thing about this service is that you can show your improvement as a grower, so you can definitely bring your diary up-to-date with regards to your techniques, tools, and other aspects that can affect your plants’ growth. Aside from sharing your own progress, you can also see how your friends are doing with their plants.

This platform also gives you a chance to win awards such as Diary of the Month or Diary of the Year. Active users can also win rewards such as grow gears and other tools related to marijuana growing.

If you like keeping your activities private, you can rest assured that it will remain so as this platform offers 100% anonymity.

  • CannaSOS

Those who want to know more about the plant can turn to CannaSOS. This social network platform offers numerous opportunities to learn. This is perfect for growers, consumers, and enthusiasts alike, especially as it offers information about strains and products. In fact, it has a well-stocked strain database, which can educate you about the properties of the strain, its effects, cannabinoid content, and more.

This service boasts of more than 400,00 total visitors per month, which makes this network pretty active. Because of this, you can get in touch with individuals who share your enthusiasm for the plant and infused products. You can also get products straight from the CannaSOS website as it has a store built-into the platform.

Social Media for Cannabis


Social networking sites definitely play an important role in the marijuana industry and individual consumers. If you want to get out of mainstream social media to find a more cannabis-centric venue, you should consider these options. This way, you can find a safe space for your marijuana-related content while also finding people who share the same mindset.

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