Green Point Wellness is a Maryland medical cannabis dispensary that opened its doors on February of 2008. Since then, the company has managed to open a second location (also in Maryland) to better serve its customers.

There are several ways customers can order from the dispensary. The option to shop for medical cannabis in-store is one of the most popular options, but patients can also order online. Online orders can be picked up curbside or in-store.

Whether you’re a new medical cannabis customer or looking for a new dispensary, you likely have questions. Continue reading to learn what you should expect from your visit to Green Point Wellness Dispensary.

Green Point Wellness

Location and Hours

Green Point Wellness is located in Linthicum Heights, Maryland. The dispensary serves the greater Baltimore Metropolitan area. They have a second location that operates out of Laurel, Maryland.

The dispensary is open most days from 10 am until 8 pm. On Sundays, the store closes two hours earlier, at 6 pm. These later hours make them a convenient choice for people who work full-time jobs.

A Large, Diverse Menu

Green Point Wellness Dispensary features an extensive menu of diverse cannabis products. There are dozens of weed flower strains that include hybrids, sativa dominant, and indica dominant options. Vaping pens, alongside cartridges and pods featuring various strains, are also available.

These are far from the only options Green Point Wellness offers. Tinctures for topical use can be purchased here, as can edibles. Edibles range from cookies to chews and feature everything between.

Among their menu options is sure to be something for everyone. The variety also makes them the perfect dispensary for people who enjoy sampling the different options available for consuming medicinal cannabis.

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A Bit Pricey, but Offers Discounts

The one major downside to this dispensary is that they’re a bit pricey. Numerous reviews online state they charge more than nearby dispensaries.

To offset this, however, Green Point Wellness does offer numerous discounts. This could make them a more affordable option for select groups of people.

First-time patients can receive 20 percent off their first order. Veterans and industry members receive 20 percent off every order. Seniors over the age of 65 can receive ten percent off every order. Verification (such as a photo ID) is necessary to receive discounts.

Payment Options

Currently, Green Point Wellness only accepts cash. They have an ATM located inside the dispensary to help facilitate those who don’t usually keep cash. They don’t currently accept medical insurance, checks, or any cards.

High-Quality Medicinal Cannabis

All of the cannabis available at Green Point Wellness is of the highest quality. It undergoes independent lab testing, according to Maryland’s dispensary laws. All cannabis is also brand verified for additional safety and efficiency.

Best of Weedmaps Award Recipient

Weedmaps is an online listing of marijuana dispensaries. Green Point Wellness uses the platform to allow patients to choose their weed selections from the comfort of their own homes.

The dispensary was given the “Best of Weedmaps” award. This award is noted as a small trophy icon in the dispensary’s description on the website.

The award is given to cannabis retailers who go the extra mile in providing high-quality listing pages on Weedmaps. It also celebrates companies that have proven to offer only the best in customer service. This award demonstrates that Green Point Wellness cares about their clients.

The Location Itself

The dispensary goes the extra mile to serve their patients by ensuring the entire location is wheelchair accessible. Patients enter into the lobby. The lobby contains the dispensary’s menu, so it’s easy for customers to decide what they’d like to order.

Any customers who are unsure of their wants or needs can speak with a staff member. All staff members can help clients choose the best medical cannabis options based on their needs and preferences.

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What Previous Customers Are Saying

A fantastic way to understand what you should expect is to hear what previous customers are saying. The majority of reviews for Green Point Wellness Dispensary are positive. A handful of reviews are negative.

Positive Reviews

One customer raved about Green Point’s customer service. They said, “the girls behind the counter are always so friendly. The gentleman greeting people is…polite and sends off good vibes.” The same customer mentioned the staff works to get your order taken care of quickly and efficiently.

Another customer raved that Green Point Wellness was the “top-notch undisputed champion of dispensaries.” The customer went on to say he considers the staff like family.

Negative Reviews

Several customers left negative reviews about the dispensary’s pricing, saying they felt it was price gouging or that other dispensaries were more affordable.

One customer left a negative review that stated the “menu is always outdated,” and they received “very poor service.” This review was an exception, not the rule, with most people stating they had positive experiences.

Do You Have More Questions About Green Point Wellness Dispensary?

Most previous clients agree you should expect only the highest quality of cannabis and excellent customer service from Green Point Wellness Dispensary. Currently, the dispensary only accepts cash for payment and doesn’t accept any medical insurance. Although the prices are a little high, you end up paying for quality.

Do you have more questions about Green Point Wellness Dispensary? Or would you like to see what other cannabis dispensaries are located near you?

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