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  1. johnsonsweed

    Top shelf marijuana strains available. We currently have in stock: White widow, Sour diesel, Purple kush, Amnesia haze, Northern lights, GDP, Gelato, Pineapple express, Wedding cake, Durban poison, Green crack, Skywalker OG, Trainwreck and many more. Vape pens, cartridges, thc oil, edibles, molly, different tinctures, ketamine, xanax also in stock. Seeds (ferminized and autoflowering) available too. We are located in New York but can deliver to all other states ( discreetly without any hassle) and even to Canada and worldwide. NO MEDICAL CARD REQUIRED. Your satisfaction and security is our priority. for more information, visite the website ”info@weeddispensary123.com” or email adress “peterscottherbs@gmail.com” whatsapp +14077065561 or or on instagram .. michealbrown2017 or weedman2130 or gamesclode

  2. GreenSundayes

    Official Jokes Up strain WZRDZ exclusively available at greensundayes.com along with Official Backpack Boyz and numerous other Official Jokes Up strains