In the cannabis industry, asking, ‘What is Tegridy,’ is the duty of every stoner. It’s true whether you use recreationally or medicinally, because it has to do with authenticity.

So, what is Tegridy and why is this especially important in the cannabis world? This article will guide you through it.

This guides discusses Before Tegridy, Origins of Tegridy, Who Needs Tegridy, Who Has No Tegridy, Who Has Tegridy, Where to Find Tegridy and What is Tegridy Today. These are all questions weed lovers should wonder.

What is Tegridy |

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Before Tegridy

The world of cannabis has changed drastically in the last 10 years alone. For one thing, now being available recreationally to more than half the nation’s population, cannabis is mainstream. And with mainstream comes notoriety.

But cannabis use in America dates back decades, coming from times where simple possession could land serious prison time. Weed was used  as a tool by the cops to bust anyone who had it, even though everyone had it. So, they can pick and choose who they bust.

And who do cops bust most? It’s no mystery that black people and people of color have way higher numbers of incarcerations than whites. It’s easy to back supporting communities most affected by drug war policies instead of corporations.

Origins of Tegridy

Comedy Central’s iconic South Park took aim at the cannabis industry in 2018. In the fourth episode of season 22, Stan’s Dad, Randy Marsh, buys a pot farm to get away from city life. He names his fields of weed Tegridy Farms.

The plot of the show riffs on in Tegridy in the cannabis world. Big Vape Colorado, a huge corporation character in this episode, wants to buy Randy’s weed, but being against vaping, the farmer refuses. It’s a simplistic story line for comedic value, but on target.

The world of weed is generating billions of dollars, so there are lots of key players. As fewer and fewer companies jockey for the top tiers, there are all kinds of questions when it comes to what is Tegridy. Educated consumers can help the industry stay balanced.

Who Needs Tegridy

The South Park episode became a weed-friendly fan favorite. Since its airing, the show is sought constantly online, gaining in its cult status and representing a need for authenticity in the world of weed. Tegridy, man.

Tegridy Farms has a new life now too. South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone took things to a new level in 2019, creating a fictitious Tegridy Farms brand of weed, spoofing a video produced by the huge cannabis concern, MedMen, a giant in the industry.

The slick ad that South Park spoofed was a short film MedMen released in partnership with director Spike Jonze. It’s a sweeping, feel-good, cinematic look at the history of weed and the growing normalization of the industry.

Who Has No Tegridy

Both the South Park and MedMen clips start with the cultivation of hemp by George Washington. Then each quickly segue ways to the harm of the drug war, promoted by profiteers with no Tegridy, especially impacting people of color.

But after the opening scenes, the South Park video diverges from Jonze’s. Instead of showing feel-good imagery, the Tegridy Farms ad shifts to jubilant marijuana bosses, celebrating their greed and growing profits as they dominate the world of weed.

“And then a bunch of young corporate banker types come along telling us we’re all in the ‘new normal’ as they try to turn god’s green miracle into an easy buck for themselves,” the Tegridy Farms narrator says.

“They even hire fancy Hollywood directors to make them look all hip and cool. But you know what? Fuck those guys. They ain’t got no inTegridy.”

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Who Has Tegridy

The Tegridy Farms spoof hits on multiple levels. It riffs on big-money business dominating weed and keeping those who suffered the most from prohibition (Med Men has had it’s share of Tegridy issues), but the fictitious brand of weed has a life beyond its YouTube page.

There’s a Tegridy Farms website with the video. There’s little other info except a teasing “Learn More” option to fill in your name and email, although no one’s received an update about the post in over two years (several email addresses have been entered with no answer).

At the bottom of the home page, it says “Tegridy Farms, LLC,” with a Privacy Policy link with several inactive but registered websites with “Tegridy” in the URL including ”Catatonic Tegridy Bud,” introduced in the South Park episode that first featured Tegridy Farms.

Where to Find Tegridy

When answering What is Tegridy, there are several places to find more information. Tegridy Farms Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages have existed since 2018. But even today, there are Facebook posts as recent as Christmas 2020 and Tweets as recently as January 19, 2021.

There’s an entire Tegridy Farms industry online too. There are sites for T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, hoodies, face masks, coffee mugs, stash jars, ashtrays and other paraphernalia. There’s even Tegridy Farms CBD, hemp and weed but none are truly associated with South Park.

It appears that the Tegridy Farms site is really just a tease with no authentic weed hitting the market. But you can still find products made with Tegrity which is what that South Park episode was originally all about- authentic cannabis businesses with fair agendas.

What is Tegridy Today

South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are both from Colorado. And, while South Park moved them away from that scene long before legalization in 2012, it’s still where they started and in their hearts obviously.

Cannabis culture thrives in authenticity. But when big money marijuana makes a move to eliminate competition, that’s certainly a lack of Tegridy. So, to support a growing industry and assure that it remains inclusive, do your research.

What is Tegridy? It’s standing up for what’s right with bravery the same as all the pot smokers did for decades of prohibition. Now that the industry is growing out of its infancy and beginning to mature, consumers need to make a choice.

If you want cannabis culture to thrive for its sense of community and not its commercialization. Staying true to those whose weed is a way of life and not a way to dominate an industry with deep tye dye and hippie roots, then look for Tegridy.

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