Introducing: STIIIZY

Interested in checking out some of the latest and greatest brands to hit DC? This week, we’d like to introduce you to STIIIZY, a Cali-based cannabis lifestyle brand offering flower, vape pods, and edibles. We’ll cover everything you need to know about the brand as well as a few local smoke shops and delivery services you can check out if you’re looking to try STIIIZY for yourself.


What is STIIIZY?

STIIIZY is a California-based cannabis and lifestyle brand. It was first founded in 2017 when their very first line of proprietary vape pods hit the scene out in CA, though these days their influence has far surpassed their humble California roots. These days, STIIIZY products can be found all over the west coast, as well as in places like Las Vegas, Michigan, Florida, and of course, right here in Washington DC.

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In recent months, STIIIZY has evolved into much more than a vape company, though. Today, the brand graces dispensary shelves all over the country and has even opened a handful of their own retail stores to bring a larger product variety to the scene. Their expanded product line now includes their lines of innovative, award-winning house flower, edibles, concentrates, and of course their classic vape pods.

What kind of products does STIIIZY make?

STIIIZY offers an amazing variety of products in an even larger variety of flavors. STIIIZY makes all of your favorites, including super-potent indoor flower, a line of delectable THC-infused edible mints, hand-crafted concentrates, and of course their classic STIIIZY pods and batteries.


Premium THC Pods: STIIIZY pods come in indica, sativa, and hybrid varieties in many of your favorite strains. They plug into STIIIZY batteries and come in both .5 and full gram sizes so you can enjoy the perfect amount for all of your antics and activities. Best of all, you can enjoy STIIIZY pods in flavors like Strawberry Cough, Pineapple Express, and Skywalker.

LIIIT Flowers: STIIIZY’s line of indoor-grown and lab-tested flowers are sold by the 1/8th or 1/4 ounce, though in some areas, you can get ounces at a time. They come in a ton of indica, sativa, and hybrid strains and are sold in pre-weighed and pre-packaged jars to help seal in freshness so you can experience high-quality bud anywhere. LIIIT flowers come in strains like Pink Acai, Gushers, and Orange Cream.

BIIIT Gummies: STIIIZY recently launched their BIIIT product line, which includes uber-potent and ultra-clean THC-infused gummies. Each package contains 100mg of highly-refined THC, allowing you to get a huge bang for your buck and the opportunity to enjoy the whole package at once. STIIIZY offers both sour straws and sour cubes in a ton of different flavors, including Strawberry, Orange, Black Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, and Green Apple.

STIIIZY Extracts: STIIIZY specializes in an above-average top of the line cannabis experience, and so their extract line only contains two of the most cream de la cream varieties: Live diamonds, and live rosin. Their rosin is made totally solventless using flash frozen cannabis flowers in strains like Orange Crush, Stiiizy Rosay, and Slurricane. The live diamonds are also made from flash frozen cannabis flowers and comes in strains like Lava Cake, Animal Mints, and Orange Bang.

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Where to find STIIIZY carts in DC

Lots of STIIIZY products have made their way into DC lately. If you’re interested in trying some for yourself, be sure to check out the extensive selection of STIIIZY products at our favorite local DC smoke shops and delivery services, including Purple Penthouse, District Connect, Caviar DC, Exotic Blooms, and Hall of Fame Exotics. You can also browse all of the listings that offer STIIIZY products by running a search in our explore section.

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