Through the innovation within the cannabis industry, new things are being created or found all the time. Brand new strains are born through the cross-breeding of two powerful cannabis strains and brand new growing methods are explored to advance the cannabis industry to new heights.

The cannabis plant is magical and there is no telling what we will learn or find as the year’s progress. Of the many explorations and experiments with the cannabis plant, one cultivator set his eyes on obtaining the terpenes that were lost during the drying and harvesting process. After this cannabis cultivator achieved their goal, a new substance was brought to the cannabis scene, live resin. But, what is live resin, and what distinguishes it from other forms of concentrates? Stay tuned to learn all there is to know about the properties of live resin.

What Is Live Resin?

what is live resin

Live resin is a cannabis concentrate that is derived by extracting it from the live plant materials before drying and curing marijuana. This is unlike most cannabis concentrates that are extracted after the harvesting and curing process. This method allows cultivators to obtain the terpenes that are lost while you are harvesting and curing your cannabis.

To gather the live resin, you need the fresh flower buds and sugar leaves; however, you will leave out the stems and large, fan-like leaves. The next stage utilizes the flash-freezing process to preserve the necessary plant material to maintain the original flavor from the cannabis plant. Live resin is known to be flavorful and aromatic, providing individuals with a high-quality dabbing experience.

The overall goal of extracting live resin is to obtain a substance that can produce high-quality flavors and effects. If you bypass the traditional curing process, you can obtain larger quantities of cannabis essential oils, or terpenes, which can be used for several things.

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What Does Live Resin Look And Feel Like?

The unique property of live resin produces numerous different colors and forms that it can take on. There are a lot of factors that weigh in on the appearance of the live resin. The type of cultivator or strain being used for the concentrate can alter the chemical and physical aspects associated with the concentrate.

Live resin is saturated with terpenes and can appear in many forms, as noted above; however, live resin is stocked with more terpenes than other forms of concentrates. The increased amount of cannabis essential oils will cause the live resin to appear in a more fluid or malleable form. The most common forms of live resin are sauce, sugar, and badder.

What Is The Difference Between Live Resin And Sauce?

what is live resin

The plant material you start with is the determining factor distinguishing live resin from sauce. As mentioned earlier, live resin is created through the process of obtaining the fresh flower buds and sugar leaves then flash-freezing the material to maintain the aroma of the cannabis plant. Now, sauce can be created using fresh plant material, but it is not a requirement. Cultivators or extractors traditionally use cured bud to create sauce. In comparison, the live resin method produces the largest quantities of terpenes since you don’t lose any during the harvesting and curing process.

How To Store Live Resin

Part of the allure of live resin is the wonderful aroma and flavor it produces, so you want to make sure that you preserve that for as long as you can. To maintain the quality of your live resin, you want to store it safely away from light, moisture, open-air, and heat. You should also have an airtight and lightproof container to help preserve the consistency and quality of your live resin. This ensures the cannabinoids are safe from degrading over time and the terpenes present within the live resin do not evaporate.

If you want to maintain the highest quality and lifespan for your live resin, store it in a cool environment like a fridge or cold room.

Ways To Consume Live Resin

what is live resin

For those of you who delve within the world of concentrates, you know that live resin is consumed by dabbing. Dabbing is a process of smoking that uses a dab rig or water pipe with a nail as compared to traditional methods of smoking like rolling a joint or blunt. The idea is to heat the nail to the proper temperature, causing the nail to glow red, and to quickly add in the concentrate or live resin, inhaling the smoke produced through the rig. Don’t worry, the materials that are used to create the nail are derived from materials that can withstand high temperatures.

When heating the nail, a good rule of thumb is to heat your nail, erring on the side of caution, to preserve the full flavor of the live resin. But, if you do not heat it enough, you will not be able to activate the terpenes or cannabinoids properly. The optimal temperature range to heat your nail for the live resin is 315 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

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How Much Does Live Resin Cost?

Live resin is more expensive than other forms of concentrates found on the market. The price of live resin can also fluctuate depending on where you live and the market; however, the typical range for the live resin is anywhere between $10 and $50 more per gram than other concentrates. The reason live resin costs significantly more than other forms of concentrates is due to the extraction process for this concentrate. Live resin is not stronger than other concentrates, it is more flavorful, so when you are purchasing live resin that is what you are paying for.

How Is Live Resin Made?

For the health and safety of all those involved, the extraction of live resin is best left to professionals since this process requires skill in precision and accuracy.

Live resin uses butane or propane as a solvent. Ethanol or carbon dioxide are also used; however, in small quantities. The cannabis plant material is collected and frozen immediately to preserve the flavor of the cannabis. The plant material is flash-frozen by either dipping it into a cylinder filled with liquid nitrogen or placed in a cooler with dry ice. The process for extracting live resin is extremely similar to the process for other concentrates with the only difference residing with the flash freezing stage. There is one other difference; however, and that comes about to preserve as much of the cannabis essential oils as possible. That difference resides in the temperature used during the process of the vacuum purge.

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