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“Get motivated. It’s as easy as calling an Uber.”

For years my friends have been talking about Dreamy – an on-demand motivational speech company that provides customers with optional free gifts (of weed). My friends like it because of the fast service and great quality. After trying it myself, I’ve decided this is the only service I’m using. Not only is it the best product I’ve had, It’s also the easiest to use since they come right to your door. Another reason I love it?  It’s an eco-friendly way of obtaining cannabis since I don’t have to buy a physical product.

I’ll walk you through my first time using it –

The company is called Dreamy, and their website is Their landing page is very simple – a place to type in your phone number.


What is Dreamy DC? 1 2023

Seems simple enough to use


After signing up with my phone number and verifying my email, I immediately got a text with a 4-digit code to access the site. I typed in my address on the map, chose a speech type, and clicked “Get it now” to confirm my order.

The speech types were Zen, Excite, Inspire, Power, and Care. For regular smokers, you’ll probably be able to figure out what all that means based on the prices. Since this was my first time, I selected the cheapest option – the Zen speech.


What is Dreamy DC? 2 2023

Speech types are respectively, an eighth, quarter, half, ounce, or full gram cartridge


What is Dreamy DC? 3 2023


Step by step updates to getting my ‘speech’


What is Dreamy DC? 4 2023

I get to see who I am going to meet


A minute later my order was confirmed, and I received a text message from the speaker who said that he was on his way and would be here in 20 minutes. I like that you can communicate with the speaker and receive updates directly from him.



Dreamy DC


I instantly was able to text my delivery person


The platform is intuitive- it really is as easy as calling an Uber.

My speaker came within 20 minutes and read a quote from his phone.  When it was over he pulled out a Square card reader and asked if I wanted to pay using cash or card.

Then he told me, that completely unrelated to Dreamy, I could have a free gift from him as a civilian. I chucked thinking about the loophole in DC. I picked between a sativa strain or an indica strain – ultimately choosing sativa. Opening it up, the weed was sticky and dense. I was very pleased.



What is Dreamy DC? 5 2023


Use my invite code MJANE186 to get 10% off your first Dreamy purchase


When the speaker left, I received a receipt with the speech he performed and an invite code to give friends a 10% discount by inviting people to use their site.


This couldn’t have been easier!


What is Dreamy DC? 6 2023

To try this super easy process yourself visit

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