Although a hemp wick may not appear to be a versatile and useful tool when it comes to smoking cannabis, hemp wicks pose a healthier alternative to sparking up versus using lighters or even matches. Crafted using natural materials, hemp wicks are weaving their way back into modern society as a staple for cannabis smokers looking for an alternative method for lighting up. Cost-effective and clean, using a hemp wick to spark up joints, bongs, or pipes is a great way to having a long-lasting fuel source without any harsh chemicals or substances.

For individuals interested in learning more about hemp wicks, stay tuned. This article explores everything there is to know about what a hemp wick is including some brief background information, tips on how to use a hemp wick, and even some additional applications for a hemp wick.

Why Would You Use A Hemp Wick?

hemp wick

To start, hemp wicks have been around for thousands of years, spanning back to the first recorded cannabis use roughly 10,000 years ago. Hemp wicks are created by weaving together hemp’s long, durable fibers and coating them in beeswax.

Using a hemp wick is a great way for cannabis connoisseurs to remain health-conscious and environmentally-friendly, since using a hemp wick cuts down on excess harsh chemicals being released into the atmosphere. Now, while lighters or matches will still need to be used to light the hemp wick, there is no interaction between the lighter, and harsh chemicals produced from it, and the cannabis.

Aside from that, when sparking up using a lighter, the smoke that is inhaled is much hotter and harsher on the lungs due to the butane causing the flame to burn at a very high temperature. In some cases, this can nullify some of the tantalizing terpenes produced from the cannabis strain. This can be a downer when smoking as the aroma or flavor of the strain is almost as important as the cerebral or physical effects produced.

Another great perk that comes along with using hemp wicks is that they usually produce a pleasant aroma and flavorful hit which, in some cases, can enhance the overall potency and flavor of the cannabis flower. Lastly, by implementing a hemp wick into a daily smoking routine, individuals can save time and money since hemp wicks are long-lasting and allow users to cut down on how often they have to purchase matches or lighters.

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How Do You Use A Hemp Wick?

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Hemp wicks are sold in a variety of different sizes and lengths, but the first step to using a hemp wick involves unraveling a portion of it. It should be noted that hemp wicks are sticky due to being coated in beeswax, so it is important to store it somewhere safe and clean where debris and contaminants cannot get stuck on the hemp wick.

In most cases, regular cannabis smokers get into the habit of wrapping part of their hemp wick around their lighter or even their bowl for easy access. It’s all up to personal preference, but the most important thing is keeping it clean and free of contamination.

To use the hemp wick, in whatever fashion someone decides, light the tip of the freed strand using either a lighter or a match. After it’s lit, allow the hemp wick to burn off the tip where it came in contact with the butane lighter or match to ensure one is enjoying a chemical-free smoking experience. Once the flame is even and gentle, it can be used to light up a joint, blunt, bong, or pipe. Use the hemp wick in the same manner that a lighter or match would be used, either by holding the flame up to a joint or guiding it into a bowl of a bong or pipe.

With a few extra steps, cannabis lovers can enjoy a chemical-free and tastier smoke.

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Additional Uses For Hemp Wicks

Hemp wicks are a popular, alternative method for smoking cannabis, but there are many different ways it can be used. Hemp wicks are commonly used in candle making and can be adopted as an alternative way to light campfires.

On top of that, due to their rustic appearance and environmentally friendly design, hemp wicks are a popular choice in the arts and crafts world. It’s praised for its organic, natural look as well as its long-lasting durability. Hemp wicks can be used in making scrapbooks, packaging, or gift wrapping.

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