Dabbing has become one of the most popular methods for smoking cannabis since the gradual rise of cannabis’s mainstream acceptance as well as the creative innovation that exists within the cannabis space. Now more than ever before, there are numerous ways to enjoy cannabis, due to technological advances, even within the space of dabbing, for example, users can choose to use either a dab rig or a dab pen. Dab pens offer a wide variety of benefits including accessibility and simplicity. Dab pens allow for concentrates to be enjoyed in a much easier and more discreet fashion.

For individuals interested in learning more about dab pens, stick around. This article dives in and explores all the important factors associated with dab pens including what separates them from vape pens, how the high from a dab pen differs from other methods and some tips on how to use and maintain a dab pen. On top of being discreet and easier to manage, the dab pen also allows for easy maintenance and more freedom to enjoy concentrates without having to worry about lugging around a dab rig.

What Is The Difference Between A Vape Pen and A Dab Pen?

what is a dab pen
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First and foremost, the main difference between vape pens and dab pens is the type of material that is used. Vape pens are designed to be compatible with vape cartridges which come in the form of cannabis oil or distillate whereas dab pens have a much wider variety and are designed for cannabis users to smoke dabs or any other type of concentrate (wax, shatter, badder). However, functionally speaking, both types of pens typically operate using a standard battery and some form of a heating element. 

Now, there is more variety when it comes to dab pens as compared to vape pens since the vape pen is limited to oil only and is not suited for other types of concentrates. On the other hand, dab pens can come in a variety of forms, colors, heating technologies, sizes, and more which allows for a broader selection of options when it comes to choosing a favorite cannabis concentrate.

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What Is A Dab Pen’s High Like Compared To Other Forms Of Smoking Weed?

what is a dab pen

Most forms of smoking cannabis have their pros and cons as well as certain aesthetics and unique experiences that allow cannabis to be enjoyed in a multitude of ways, highlighting the true versatility cannabis has to offer. Dab pens allow for a more accessible and simpler way to enjoy cannabis concentrates without having to worry about carrying a torch for dab rig around or every smoking session. Instead, smokers can take out their dab pen, pack in the concentrates, set the dab pen to the correct temperature settings, and enjoy. However, the type of high is not quite the same as it would be in the dab rig, and there is a simple reason for this. 

A dab rig allows for individuals to take in larger hits of the concentrate at a time as compared to the dab pen which is designed for a more prolonged smoking experience with multiple repetitions of hitting the dab pen before needing to repack more concentrate. What this means is that it will require more hits on the dab pen as compared to a rig to get to the same level. 

Smoking a dab pen can be more potent and hard-hitting compared to smoking a joint or a pipe, for example. Concentrates tend to be more potent, on average than cannabis flower since the wax or shatter is a densely concentrated form of THC crystals. It might only take a few hits of the dab pen to get too high too quickly as compared to smoking a joint or blunt where individuals can gauge their tolerance as they go up. 

How Do You Use and Maintain A Dab Pen?

Overall, dab pens are quite simple to use. Although there are a variety of different types out there, they all fundamentally operate under the same logic. All dab pens have some type of heating technology, a battery, and some type of mouthpiece that allows for a smooth hit. Concentrate lovers just need to place the concentrate in the designed location (heating coil, etc) and make sure the battery is fully charged with the heat turned to the proper settings, and give the pen time to heat up. This roughly takes a few seconds and then the dab pen is ready for use. Simply start hitting the pen or hold a button and take a hit! Read here to learn more about how to dab

Unlike dab rigs, the dab pen is relatively easy to maintain and more often than not will require very little cleaning. But, it is important to err on the side of caution because it’s easier to put out small fires rather than a major house fire. Dab pens tend to go by many names, but that is usually about the type of concentrate the pen is suited for (wax, shatter, budder, etc). They all fall under the same category as a dan pen and are all talking about the same thing. 

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What Are The Differences In Dab Pens?

As mentioned previously, dab pens come in a variety of options, each one best suited to a particular type of concentrate or with the latest type of forward-thinking technology. They all operate under a similar, fundamental logic that makes transitioning from one to another a universally simple process. There may be some dab pens with more fancy components than others, but the most crucial difference between dab pens is how the atomizer conveys heat. This is where the greatest gap in variety comes from and can make a major difference in the long run. 

The type of coils that are implemented in the dab pen is extremely important and it’s vital to know what type of material they are made of and how many there are. This varies depending on the type of dab pen, but it’s important to read up and ensure all the proper factors are accounted for to have the best possible outcome. The type of heating chamber and the type of material used to make it plays an important factor as well, with ceramic chambers taking longer to heat up but offering more reliable temperature control. 

It’s important to weigh out all the factors as well as the pros and cons before deciding on a dab pen. What is most important is that the dab pen is best suited to personal needs, functionality, and preference on top of maintaining it properly and utilizing the proper replacement parts and equipment.

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