Cannabis and other cannabis-related products have soared into popularity in recent years with more and more people coming to appreciate and understand cannabis for what it truly is. As more people show interest, the greater the opportunity to innovate and find new ways to enjoy cannabis safely or cater to specific demographics of people. There are many ways to enjoy cannabis with the most popular choices either being to smoke it or ingest it as an edible.

But, those are not the only ways to be able to enjoy the benefits of cannabis. For individuals who are interested in enjoying the range of benefits that cannabis presents without the harsh smoke or the potency of edibles, THC pills might be the perfect option. THC pills are metabolized in the liver and can cause a variety of different experiences in different people. The effects can range anywhere from pain relief to intense euphoria, it just depends on the capsule’s ingredients and the individual’s tolerance.

For people who are looking to try THC pills or at least learn more about them, stay tuned. This article explores everything there is to know about THC pills including how they work, the different types, and even the best ways and times to take THC pills. As the cannabis industry continues to grow and evolve greater forms of technology and more accessible forms of cannabis there is no limit to the capabilities of the wonderful plant and the range of help it can provide to others.

How Do THC Pills Work?

thc pills

There are two major types of THC pills, immediate release, and time-released capsules. Similar to how edibles work, immediate-release THC pills work very similarly. As the cannabinoids enter your system via your mouth they then get absorbed by the liver and metabolized into a compound known as 11-hydroxy-THC which lasts longer and has a more sedating effect than THC.

There are also time-released capsules that follow the same route of digestions and metabolization as the other type of THC pills; however, time-released capsules can have the effects delayed or drawn out. Using liposomes and dry-polymer conjugates, the THC pills can be set to a specific time of release. These ingredients help to neutralize the stomach acid to ensure a slower release of the effects.

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What Are The Different Types of THC Pills?

There is a wide selection of options available to those who are thinking about using THC pills which allows for a greater diversity of people to obtain and use this type of medication that is best suited to their needs. All of the following forms of THC pills provide slightly different experiences and fit different niches depending on what someone is looking for.


Crystalline is a powered form of THC or CBD that takes on a similar appearance to that of table salt. The crystalline version of THCA or CBDA is placed in the capsules and allows the patients to ingest the weed without the intoxicating effects associated with THC. In order to obtain the crystalline form, all of the cannabis terpenes, cannabinoids, plant matter, and more have been stripped leaving behind only the desired molecule.


The distillate is another form of THC that can be incorporated into a capsule. Instead of the crystalline form, this process distills the substance until it is a liquid that typically contains either an isolated CBD or THC and some of the plant’s original terpenes. This process retains some of the plant’s initial intoxicating effects, so users can enjoy a similar experience to that of smoking flower or consuming an edible.


This form of the capsule contains ratios of either THC or CBD to enhance the overall medicinal effects while moderating the level of psychoactive effects. This balance of THC and CBD provides for an experience where CBD can provide the pain relief needed while mitigating the intoxicating effects of THC. This route is beneficial to patients who have little experience with THC, a lower tolerance, or some sensitivities.

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How To Use THC Pills

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THC pills provide users with a similar experience to that of eating edibles. After ingesting the pill, the liver eventually metabolizes the compounds differently which is why most people experience something different when taking THC pills or edibles as compared to smoking flower. It is highly recommended to start at a lower dose and work up from there until the desired effect is achieved. Since the body needs time to process and break down the compound, it may seem like nothing is happening at first but it is vital to wait until the effects kick in before altering the dose.

The entire experience can last anywhere from around an hour to several hours depending on the potency of the THC pills. Finding the right dose is like trial and error which is why it is recommended to start slow and to work your way up.

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