Trying to Quit Smoking? Try Hemp Cigarettes.

Now that we’ve made it to January, many of us are taking the necessary steps to really take hold of our new years resolutions. For many, one resolution that always makes its rounds is the need to wean themselves off of tobacco. Luckily, as cannabis and hemp legalization makes its rounds all over the country, we’ve discovered a safer alternative to smoking that may help you quit altogether. Here’s everything you need to know about hemp or CBD cigarettes.

Trying to Quit Smoking_ Try Hemp Cigarettes.

What are Hemp Cigarettes

Hemp Cigarettes, also known as CBD cigarettes, are traditional cigarette alternatives frequently used to help people quit smoking. They are rolled using pure hemp papers and contain no tobacco, nicotine, or addictive additives. They do, however, contain CBD, which has been shown in many studies to help break the cycle of addiction in addition to many other physically and mentally therapeutic benefits. Best of all, they are non-intoxicating and contain less than 0.3% THC for a good sense of chill without the high.

Are Hemp Cigarettes Safe?

In short, yes! Extensive research and study have shown that smoking CBD or hemp cigarettes poses little to no significant health risks, and are deemed safe to consume. They are non-addictive and won’t cause you to feel high or intoxicated, though it’s still important to know where your CBD comes from. While hemp is federally legal, it is still an unregulated substance. That said, many hemp and CBD products that are sold in gas stations or online often contain little to no CBD at all.

You don’t want to put anything in your body that isn’t of the highest quality, either. So be sure to do your research, check for verified reviews, and never smoke hemp cigarettes made with synthetic additives. Only buy from companies that display their Certificates of Analysis both online and on their packaging materials so you know what you’re putting into your body.

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Hemp Cigarettes Vs. Tobacco Cigarettes

Traditional tobacco cigarettes contain nicotine, which is a highly addictive chemical compound that causes several nasty side effects. Normal cigarettes usually also contain harmful additives to preserve freshness and chemical sprays that contain carcinogens that can devastate your health and lead to things like heart disease and lung cancer.

On the other hand, hemp cigarettes are rolled with natural hemp flower. They aren’t sprayed with chemicals and aren’t full of carcinogens or nicotine like the stuff found in tobacco products. Hemp flower doesn’t contain THC, but instead contains CBD which has been shown to not be addictive or harmful to your health.

In fact, the opposite is true! CBD hemp cigarettes look and feel like tobacco cigarettes, though they aren’t addictive or as dangerous to your health. Many studies even suggest that CBD provides a ton of benefits, including reducing anxiety, regulating blood pressure, and even killing certain cancer cells – unlike traditional cigarettes, which may cause it.

Will Hemp Cigarettes Get Me High?

Nope! Hemp cigarettes must contain less than 1% THC to be legally sold in the US. Anything under 1% won’t get you high in the slightest. However, you will feel some physical relief and with regular use, some notable benefits of taking CBD as a daily supplement will spring up.

How will Hemp Cigarettes Make Me Feel?

Hemp CBD Cigarettes are best described as calming and relaxing. Many hemp cigarette aficionados report that smoking CBD provides a pleasant body high without the intoxication or foggy high caused by THC. However, many users also state that CBD cigarettes may relieve pain, stress, inflammation, and anxiety.

For this reason, many users use hemp cigarettes to avoid prescription pain medications or to combat anxiety or exhaustion at the end of a trying day. They will make you feel a lot like a traditional cigarette might, minus the raciness, the urge to spit, the paranoia, or the appetite-curbing effects.

Trying to Quit Smoking_ Try Hemp Cigarettes.

The effects of smoking CBD cigarettes usually last for 2-3 hours, depending on your tolerance level and body weight. The effects of smoking CBD are felt immediately or within a few minutes. They have also been reported to be more potent and longer-lasting than ingesting CBD orally.

Can Hemp Cigarettes Help Me Quit Smoking?

There are lots and lots and LOTS of articles out there covering the way CBD affects our brains, helping us to ease off of the chemical frustration associated with addiction. If you’re looking for an all-natural substitute for tobacco while easing off of nicotine, try combining CBD hemp cigarettes with other healthy choices to help you kick the habit.

Hemp cigarettes may help reduce nicotine cravings and neutralize smoking cues as well as provide an all-natural alternative for tobacco. Best of all, they can help you relax since they look and feel just like ordinary cigarettes except they’re non-addictive.

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Due to CBD’s broad effects, neuroscientists have stated:

“CBD has therapeutic potential relevant for multiple conditions that underlie relapse risk, including craving induced by drug-related environmental contexts, susceptibility to stress, heightened anxiety and, possibly, impaired impulse control.”

Where to Find Hemp Cigarettes in DC

Hemp cigarettes can be found all over the country and even online since they are a federally legal substance. That said, be sure to do your research before making a purchase since hemp products are still largely unregulated.

You must be 18 years or older to purchase hemp cigarettes, though in some cities and states the age is 21 or older, so be sure to check your local laws. In most areas, you will need to be 21+, especially if you’re shopping for hemp cigarettes online.

It’s becoming increasingly common to find hemp cigarettes for sale in local smoke shops, corner stores, and even fine grocers, be sure to do your research first to make sure the company you’re buying from is safe and reputable. Research and read reviews before making your final decision, and feel free to check out 420DC. Searching our site for keywords like hemp cigarettes can connect you with local, reputable DC smoke shops and delivery services who may have exactly what you’re looking for.

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