With cannabis growing more popular across the US, it’s no wonder that weed enthusiasts are also looking for each other online. Though cannabis businessmen all have a representation on well-known social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, too many companies in the weed sector have had their accounts taken down abruptly over the years.


A few in the pot industry who wish to communicate with consumers and other experts on their smart phones have also faced opposition from various application stores, which frequently refuse to sell cannabis-related programs.


Perhaps, a slew of cannabis-specific social networks have sprung up to assist people in the pot industry and others in connecting both professionally and personally. Weedlife Network is one of these social networking services. This article will teach you more about this network and how it operates.

Weedlife Network


About Weedlife Network

WeedLife Network has only been operational since 2013, but it’s a site worth paying attention to because it’s part of the WeedLife Network, which includes more than 40 domains. You can browse the newest from weed-related companies, watch other users’ videos and photographs, and interact with others in discussion forums through the social networks news stream.


With a global reach of 120 countries, fan sites, social media marketing options, and groups allow like-minded marijuana lovers to interact over common interests. WeedLife is primarily a social media networking site for consumers, but companies are increasingly turning there because that’s where the customers are.


In fact, before you begin, you’ll have to select between a personal and a corporate profile. Users with a business account can advertise their goods and add their dispensary in the WeedLife directory. You may also highlight your most recent promotions.


The website and smartphone app are both user-friendly, allowing cannabis consumers to connect with locals and discover nearby dispensaries while on the go.


Is Weedlife a Good Option for Cannabis Networking Site?

Cannabis platforms, like other social media sites, are beneficial in a variety of ways. Selling cannabis-related items or services, for example, may be a lot easier in the B2B market when done through a weed portal like Weedlife Network.


When it comes to the question, “Is it truly worth trying?” I’ll be honest. Unless you’re desperate to network with other cannabis industry professionals or have a strong desire to publish images of cannabis items that might get you banned from conventional social networking platforms.


You are free to create a profile for yourself and your company on any cannabis business social network that exists, but keep in mind that most social networks are only useful if you use them on a regular basis and interact with other people, so they require at least some time investment to deliver results.


LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter should suffice if you want to network with other cannabis companies. Sites like Weedlife are a better choice for marketing directly to consumers, and you can try to get away with promoting on Instagram and Facebook.

Weedlife Network

Weedlife App That You Can Try

Weedlife Network released a mobile app in 2020, which is available on the App Store and Google Play Store. WeedLife’s smartphone app is available in 39 countries, marking it as the world’s most widely used cannabis social network. “With WeedLife.com, our objective has always been to connect the worldwide cannabis community,” stated Ken Tapp, Chairman and CEO of MjLink.com, Inc.


“For the last seven years, we’ve taken great satisfaction in connecting cannabis fans and industry experts, collaborating, and campaigning for legalization in nations all over the world.”


Consumers, associations, producers, and caretakers may now stay in touch with their friends and followers while on the move thanks to the WeedLife mobile app. In addition to vlogging and sharing news or images, the WeedLife app supports 1-on-1 and group text messaging, allowing pals to keep in touch through a single, simple social medium.

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