With the rise of cannabis legalization throughout the country, the stigma surrounding the medicinal plant has died down in recent years. Common misconceptions surrounding cannabis use have been overshadowed by its exposure and prominence on social media. Now, the weed leaf, an uneven heptagon shape with its 7 lobes, represents all of the newfound freedom marijuana enthusiasts can relish and express in their clothing and even their ink. 

In particular, contemporary weed tattoos and their inherent permanence have gained traction for the spontaneous, thrill-seeking act of etching a marijuana leaf on the skin. This article explores the weed leaf tattoo trend to help you decide if a weed leaf tattoo is right for you.  

Are Weed Tattoos A Thing?

Tattoos are images or words that remain on the skin forever, needled in through ink pierced on the body. Originally associated with social outcasts such as sailors, women with bad reputations, criminals, and biker gangs, the phenomenon of getting tattoos alone has only recently become a more socially acceptable practice.

Rees mentioned the growing number of people getting tattoos as a way of showing their identity to others. Its presence in pop culture has contributed to the rescinding of tattoo’s taboo nature. As such, wearing a tattoo of a person, food, or your favorite cannabis strain might be your most authentic way of expressing who you are. 

Public opinion on tattoos as well as marijuana has become more positive because of its proliferation in the media. Instagram is one of the frontrunners in showcasing beautiful pictures of tattoos in the direct sights of a wide range of consumers. With posts reaching numbers of 32 thousand and more, the #weedtattoo trend is just as fresh as a new batch of goodies and just as tasteful as anything on your top shelf. 

The Meaning Behind Marijuana Leaf Ink

weed leaf tattoos

Marijuana use has only been legalized in some states within the last 10 years, although many use it for medicinal reasons such as for pain relief and relaxation. To lessen the stigma behind the plant, cannabis connoisseurs and medical patients alike wear the leaves as a way of protesting against the stigma while promoting the truth behind the staggeringly misunderstood herb. Others still might like the marijuana imagery as a way of paying homage to good memories and experiences.

Conversely, and probably unknown to the average weed toker, there is a whole culture surrounding the marijuana leaf. The frond is an important element of Rastafarian culture and tattoos. This tradition is interested in the rejection of conventions from outsiders, who often wear hemp leaf tattoos to distinguish themselves from the masses. 

Another group of people getting weed tattoos desire to express their individuality, freedom, and rebellion against conformity. Maybe they want the more traditional weed leaf or a nice thick inscription of the numbers “420” on their arms, this group of upcoming weed users wants an imprint of their favorite pastime or symbol on their bodies to make a statement regarding non-conformity. 

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Weed Leaf Tattoo Design Trends

There are a variety of ways you can imprint the fresh but classic leaf on your skin. Here are some ideas from the top posts about weed tatts: 

  • Hand-poked – These kinds of tattoos are made in the same fashion as they were long ago. Handpoked creations are done with single needles and without the use of a machine. This makes for beautiful, clean, and minimalist designs that are all the more meaningful because of the personalized way they are made and the amount of time and energy used to create them.
  • Realistic – Honest and true-to-life visions of the marijuana leaf are a classic way to protest against the stigma with a tasteful and clear design. 
  • Mandala – Mandala-style weed tattoos reveal the Buddhist influence on the cannabis community. The meditative associations of the geometric figure go hand in hand with the tranquil effects of marijuana. 
  • Cartoon-like – Reflecting the euphoric high or the zany creative-linked buzz of using the medicinal plant, cartoon-like designs have resurfaced to show the more fun side of the weed tattoo trend. 

Getting High While Getting Tattooed: Yay or Nay? 

weed leaf tattoo

So you have finally decided to get that tattoo. Or, you are on a spontaneous night out and just want to get inked as soon as possible? Is it a good idea to get a tattoo while you’re high, even if it’s a weed-inspired design? 

Smoking weed has two major effects on the tattoo process: your pain level and your blood. First off, different strains can have different effects on your body, which can, in turn, affect the sensation of pain, i.e. the feeling of the needle piercing your skin. Some will relieve your pain while others could make you more sensitive to it. 

The studies come in with mixed reviews when it comes to getting high while being tattooed. Some users have felt painful shocks, warmth, and various other negative reactions. Secondly, cannabis can mildly or moderately increase your blood pressure and heart rate. Blood flow, which can be affected by the ink in the tattoo needle, could be unpredictable and create some room for risk. This could end with increased bleeding especially for those who need more time for their blood to clot. 

While it might not be the best idea to get high while getting inked, it can be done and it can be done safely. Some recommend taking in a pure indica strain to help induce a calm and relaxing state of mind, but it all depends on you, what your doctor says, and, most importantly, what your tattoo artist is comfortable with. 

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Overall, now is the best time to get your very own weed tattoo. It’s trendy and can be very classic, zany, tasteful, or meaningful— or all of the above. Got eyes for the sickest new piece of art you saw on a tattooist’s page? No need to hesitate. Weed leaf tattoos are becoming a trendy new classic design for tattoos. 

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