Weed Clothing and Streetwear Brands for Stoners With Style

Every stoner should familiarize themselves with the art of fashion and properly accessorizing. Wearing weed clothing is a great way to strike up a conversation with other smokers around you in public and is one of the top channels for self-expression. If you’re looking for some hip and trendy clothes adorned with weed, look no further than these categories and brands.

Shopping for 420 Apparel: Tips and Tricks

When you’re on the hunt for weed clothing, you typically want to start online. While you can find weed clothing at Spencers, Hot Topic, Zumiez, and other brands, nobody wants to go to the mall anymore; especially since you’ll pay significant markups when you shop in-store. The best place to find any type of 420 apparel is online. You can find unique, handmade styles online from small designers and retailers and save money, or you can get your hands on limited edition weed clothes from the big brands like Cookies and West Coast Cure.

Before buying anything online, you should take your measurements. Since sizes are all different on a store-to-store basis, you’ll want to know how you’ll fit in whatever you buy. While you might be a medium in one store, you could be a small or a large in another. You should also take a look at where you’re buying from. Some online stores ship from China or other countries, and, with the current shipping delays, you may not see your fit out for delivery in time for your next outing. If you have plenty of time, these articles are often cheaper and worth the wait. However, ordering within the US usually comes with free shipping and arrives much faster.

Last, but not least, read the reviews. You don’t want to fall victim to cheap 420 apparel that will only last you one outing. You should make sure the reviews are happy with the quality of the product, and look into the materials. You’ll want to be comfy and avoid having a public wardrobe malfunction, so make sure whatever you buy is well-made. Other than that, just go for styles and brands that you like!

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Women’s Weed Clothing

Weed clothing for women covers a lot of ground. You can find everything from dresses to tank tops to rave apparel and bathing suits to sweatshirts, hoodies, jackets, and pants. You can find a lot of cute weed clothes in all these categories from online retailers like iHeartRaves if you’re looking for stylish streetwear and outerwear. However, the best place to find cute and comfy weed clothes for women is Etsy. You can find all sorts of cute sweaters with sayings and even funny weed t-shirts there.

Men’s Weed Clothing
Weed clothing for men is all over the place, extending to tracksuits, swimming trunks, tank tops, and funny weed t-shirts. There is a wide variety of designs for men, just like women’s weed clothing— allowing you to express yourself any way you’d like. Menswear can also be found online through all the major retailers like Vans, Zumiez, PacSun, and Spencers. However, there are a lot of great weed t-shirts for men on Amazon, $6 Shirts, and Fashion Nova. It’s an unspoken law that men who smoke weed should own at least one funny weed t-shirt.

Plus-Size Weed Clothing

Plus-size weed clothing isn’t too hard to find online. Most of the online retailers we’ve already mentioned make plus sizes for most of their styles. Our favorite place for weed apparel in plus sizes for both men and women is iHeartRaves, however, there are many different options to choose from. You can also find them on Etsy, Amazon, and through a Google search in practically every style, you can imagine.

Weed Clothing and Accessories

Maybe you don’t need a full outfit decorated with pot leaves to let people know you smoke weed. If that’s the case, subtle clothing and accessories are for you. This is where jewelry, patsies, socks, hats, sandals, sunglasses, and shoes come in. Some of the best weed accessories are sold online from places like Etsy. However, you can also find some pretty cool ones on iHeartRaves, Yandy, and Wish.

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Best 420 Clothing Brands

If you’re looking for more 420 styles and brands, there are a lot of different options to choose from. Weed clothing doesn’t have to be completely covered in pot leaves to showcase your style, so there are a few options in here that still appeal to stoners but don’t scream marijuana. You can find all sorts of hip, trendy styles to choose from in all different sizes for both men and women. Whether you want to showcase the culture or just get decked out for the evening, here are the top 20 weed clothing brands to check out.

  1. Cure by West Coast Cure 
  2. Cookies SF
  3. Grassroots 
  4. Stoned Age 
  5. Wildflower Dyes
  6. Seven Leaf
  7. Stoner Days 
  8. Rasta Empire 
  9. Captain Chronica 
  10. Into the AM
  11. Stoner Chicks 
  12. Letter Shoppe 
  13. Stigma Activewear 
  14. Private Stash
  15. Mowgli Surf 
  16. Free & Easy 
  17. Bored Teenager 
  18. HUF 420 Collection 
  19. Bob Marley Shop 
  20. Zumiez

All-in-all, shopping for weed apparel can be a bit tricky since you don’t want to look tacky or wear the same weed clothes that everyone else is wearing. All of the options on this list are great places to shop for weed apparel. Each brand uses high-quality materials to make its products and offers a comfy look and stylish feel. If you don’t like these brands, you can always find something unique and one of a kind on Etsy or stick to the affordable clubwear from iHeartRaves, DollsKill, or Yandy.

Regardless of what you choose, get out there and express yourself with weed clothing! It’ll help you meet people and share your love of the plant with everyone around you.

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