The Cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing markets in the entire world. It is estimated that the Cannabis market will be worth $34 billion by 2024 in the United States alone.

It’s not surprising there’s so much interest for the Cannabis industry. We’ve been waiting and actively campaigning for it to become decriminalized for almost 100 years. Now that things are starting to shift, it’s no surprise that the floodgates are opening.

The sea change comes with its own complications, of course. Every state has its own rules and laws surrounding Cannabis, for instance. There are tons of dispensaries, as well, which can make it tough to know which ones are best. There are over 70 dispensaries in Maryland alone, for instance.

Today, we’re going to review Waave, one of the excellent new dispensaries opening up in Maryland.

waave dispensary maryland

Waave Dispensary Review

Let’s start our Waave review with an obvious point. Cannabis is not yet legal for recreational sale in Maryland. That means that Waave is focused on delivering high quality medical marijuana and needs to be assessed as such.

That doesn’t mean that it’s entirely different than what you’d find at a recreational dispensary. Cannabis aficionados are still Cannabis afficionados, after all. There are just some things that are particular when dealing with a medical client base.

Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff

Knowing your stuff is the first and usually most important aspect of a dispensary. It doesn’t matter how hip a storefront looks if it doesn’t have what you need. And there’s no telling what you need unless there’s someone there to help you navigate.

Cannabis isn’t as simple or as straightforward as some might think. There’s a world of difference between Indica and Sativa alone, for instance. Each strain has its own properties, as well, as a combination of the unique properties of its parents.

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A dispensary relies on great customer service much more so than a regular store or even a restaurant. Budtenders need to be knowledgeable in their inventory to help customers find the right strain or product for their needs. A good budtender is like having a knowledgeable friend and a sympathetic therapist all rolled into one.

This is the first area where Waave excel. They go out of their way to help customers to feel seen, heard, and appreciated. They’ll work with you to find out what you’re looking for in a Cannabis product in a mellow, friendly way.

Waave Dispensary

Full Menu

Just because a dispensary focuses on medical patients doesn’t mean they don’t have to be a fully functional dispensary. They need to have a full range of flower, edibles, and concentrates to meet all of their customer’s different therapeutic needs, after all.

Waave don’t disappoint in this regard, either. They carry an impressive selection of Cannabis products from popular strains to CBD topicals. Much of Waave’s inventory is unbelievably potent, coming from some of the biggest names in the Cannabis sector. You’ll find something new to heal your aches and pains and calm your mind every time you set foot in Waave.

With Waave having such an extensive selection, there is something for every Cannabis aficionado. With their focus on medical marijuana, a lot of what they have are top shelf tiers and can run a little on the pricier side. There are deals to be had as well, however, so you’ll be able to find something regardless of your budget.

Waave Dispensary


You don’t want to be spend all day looking for a dispensary. You also don’t want to get lost when you’re on your way to pick up your supplies. That’s another good thing about Waave – it’s easily accessible to all of Greenbelt’s main throughways.

Waave is just a few minutes from Greenbelt, Maryland’s main throughways. You can access them via I-495 or 193. This means it’s quite easy to get there for people coming from out of town, as well. They’re right off of the Baltimore – Washington Parkway. It’s only a 25-minute drive from Washington D.C., as well, making them worthy of a look if you’re looking for a D.C. dispensary, as well.

waave dispensary

Good Vibes

Waave obviously pay attention to every single aspect of their business. They know their customers as well as their product and work tirelessly to bring you a positive experience, from start to finish. The lobby and foyer is clean and well-kept, creating a peaceful mood that maintains throughout your visit.

All of these little details help you to focus on what’s important, finding the right herbal medicine. You’ll be given the staff’s full and undivided attention when you’re there, who will share their extensive knowledge and passion of both their inventory and holistic medicine in general. You’ll find something to elevate your mind, relax your body, and soothe your spirit when you visit Waave.

All of these details, together, make Waave one of the friendliest and most helpful dispensaries on the East Coast. It’s easy to see why they’re so well-loved among their loyal customers. They’re clearly passionate about helping people and about Cannabis as a whole. You will be, too, after spending some time with them.

With dispensaries like Waave, it’s easy to see why people are so excited about Cannabis.

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