The cannabis industry has become more mainstream in many parts of the United States. Among the states where cannabis is accepted in Virginia. This 2022, more businesses are looking forward to reaching new heights in the state.

One of their ways to reach more people is by conducting cannabis events and conferences. In this article, we’ll talk about the upcoming cannabis events in Virginia this 2022. Read on for more details.

Cannabis Events in Virginia in 2022

1. Virginia NORML’s Virginia Cannabis Conference & Lobby Day

On January 22-23, the Delta Hotels Richmond Downtown will host Virginia NORML’s 2022 Virginia Cannabis Conference & Lobby Day, the state’s top cannabis business and policy gathering.

Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from national and state politicians, as well as local business leaders, during the day. Attend after-hours gatherings where you may socialize with other participants.

Become acquainted with lecturers, business executives, and advocates from all around the country. As a result of their attendance, participants will be required to develop a credible and strategic plan for fair, just, and evidence-based cannabis regulation in Virginia.

In order to become a better advocate or to continue your battle against prohibition that began with Nixon’s War on Drugs, or if you are just inquisitive about medicinal cannabis, then this conference is for you. To participate in the cannabis debate in the Commonwealth, it’s convenient, informal, and essential.

2. CannaFest 2022

The first cannabis-themed trade expo in the Commonwealth is anticipated to be held during CannaFest 2022. A custom automobile and bike exhibition featuring a $500 “best in show” award was held despite the little notice given by the event’s organizers, Virginia Cannabis Connections of Portsmouth.

No one under the age of eighteen was allowed to enter or participate in the festival’s giveaways of cannabis products. Blackstreet, a famed R&B group from Virginia Beach, headlined the show as part of their 25th-anniversary tour in support of their album Another Level.

Organizing support from the city of Virginia Beach showed just how much social acceptance cannabis is now receiving in Virginia with CannaFest VA, which took place at the Virginia Beach Convention Center.

CannaFest 2022 details have yet to be finalized, but we may expect them in the near future. If you were unable to attend CannaFest I in Virginia or would like to relive the excitement, be sure to check back often for updates.

CannaFest II is sure to be an entertaining and educational experience for everyone interested in learning more about medical marijuana’s many advantages, no matter where it takes place or what the specifics of the event are.

Law Legalizing Cannabis Use

3. CannaCon

CannaCon will bring together like-minded people to debate the latest advancements in the cannabis sector, bringing together industry pioneers and entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts.

Attendees may visit the new cannabis technology and consumer goods section on CannaCon’s website to see what came out in the 2019 event and what’s coming next. CannaCon’s mission is to build and deepen long-term relationships in the cannabis industry’s burgeoning underground market.

Cannabis firms, entrepreneurs, investors, and community partners from across the world will be able to display their goods and ideas at the International Cannabis Business Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada.


In Virginia, there’s a law legalizing cannabis use for adults ages 21 years or older. This cannabis law has been a great step forward for the cannabis industry. This 2022, more and more companies are bound to attend different events and conferences.

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