Cannabis delivery services and storefronts are becoming rather plentiful here in DC, so these days, we’re focused on quality over quantity. This week, we’re covering one of the latest and greatest I71 compliant cannabis gifting services — High 5 DMV. High 5 DMV is newer to the scene, but their quality, customer service, and product variety speaks volumes about their service. Below, we’re covering everything you need to know about High 5 DMV, including their company, their products, their specials, and how you can place an order today.

About High5 DMV

High 5 DMV serves the city of Washington DC and has quickly become a household name when it comes to top shelf flower, speedy delivery, and private meetups. More importantly, the pinacle of their service includes some of the most competitive prices in the city with same-day delivery and connoisseur quality products. Most importantly, they offer a massive selection of cannabis gifts ranging from everything from flower to high quality concentrates and frequently offer a variety of deals and discounts, as well as free gifts with every order.

Try High5 DMV For Best Quality Bud In The DC 1 2023

The people running High 5 believe in unmatched customer service which is apparent when it comes to their exceptional delivery service speeds and customer satisfaction. They make a point to offer a variety of exciting deals to people through both their delivery service and their private meetup events. Right now, for example, if you mention High 5 DMV in your online order or while placing your order, they’ll send you home with a free edible just for checking them out. As a company founded on pillars of quality, unique products, and customer service, High 5 DMV belongs on the top of your list.

High5 DMV Products

High5dc Deal 4

High 5 DMV has a great list of products for people at every price point. Whether you prefer inhalable products like flower, concentrates, or vape cartridges, you can find some of the best quality products the city has to offer right here. However, they also have you covered if you’re partial to a huge selection of edibles.

High5 DMV Specials

There are a lot of excellent specials available at High 5 DMV today, including:

  • Buy 4 Baghead Gummies and get 1 free
  • Get a free 1/8th with every ounce
  • Get an ounce of top-shelf award-winning Gushers flower for $180
  • Get your choice of a free brownie or cereal bar with every order
  • Take $5 off your first order


If you’re not seeing something you like today, be sure to keep an eye on their 420DC profile, since they update their deals, specials, and menu frequently to ensure they’re always offering something special. You should also take care to check out their website, where they break down their sticker pricing (the exchange for free cannabis) and offer photos of their products.

Get In Touch With High5 DMV

High5 DMV is available for private meetups daily between the hours of 12 PM and 8 PM. Simply browse their menu and call or text them with your order details as well as a selfie of you with your 21+ photo ID to be served. From there, High 5 DMV will coordinate with you to figure out a delivery window or meet you in person.


Storefront: Yes

Delivery: Yes

Online ordering: Yes

Call or text: (202) 977-0409

Email: [email protected]



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    Thanks for the delivery! Loved how much I got, great deal! Nice Quality. Also loved the yummy gift for being a first time customer.