Like the energetic, west-coast head-full-of-sunshine it sounds like, Tropicana Cookies Strain is a delicious burst of citrus that sharpens your day. This prize strain is a heady favorite for newcomers and the tolerant alike for its unique high and beautiful buds.

This sativa-dominant high hitter has made a name for itself because of its impressive lineage, but even more so it’s look, feel and flavor.

The Best Tropicana Cookies Strain of 2021

Taste of Tropicana Cookies Strain

With parents like GSC and the far-out phenotype Tangie, the taste of Tropicana Cookies strain makes sense. The sweet and earthy aroma of their love child comes from the Cookies side and the citrus from the momma, Tangie.

This baby’s buds smell like ripe clementines and hit the palette with a tangy and sour orange candy high note. There’s an earthy hint of diesel in there too, but it’s overwhelmed by the zesty orange, but you still taste the sour when exhaling smoke.

The flavor of Tropicana Cookies is as noticeably citrusy as its smell. The strain’s complex sativa terpene profile and an impressively high 20%-25% THC level, leave smokers riding a creamy tangerine-flavored dream for hours.

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Tropicana Cookies Appearance

They say that you eat first with your eyes, and the same is true about the Tropicana Cookies strain, which is beautiful to behold. The dense buds are heart-shaped and shiny with purple and orange and glistening with citrusy limonene terpenes.

Growers like the plant’s adaptable, vigorous and easy-to-train nature. The Tropicana Cookies strain grows well indoors and out as long as you prepare for a big plant.

This award-winning strain was created by the iconic Oni Seed Company and Oni Noodles founder, Harry Palms. They focus on insanely-flavored strains, producing seeds of elite phenotypes for sale to the emerging market of legal growers.

Tropicana Cookies Strain Effects

The effects of Tropicana Cookies are completely heady and energetic. It’s a creative and thoughtful high, well suited for projects requiring concentration. It’s one of the most upbeat strains ever polled, similar to its momma, Tangie.

The creamy orange ride of Tropicana Cookies is great for a fun day out exploring. It has a very energetic start with feelings of happiness and sharpened focus.

Eventually the high THC levels taper off and the warm body buzz terpenes begin to take effect. This culminates in the end of a long, fun ride, usually filled with smiles and good stories.

Tropicana Cookies Strain Terpenes

Tropicana Cookies has a scent and taste that justify its name. It has a terpene profile that gives it a remarkably citrusy smell resembling oranges and a taste that’s both sweet and slightly floral while having those citrusy undertones as well.

Caryophyllene is one terpene present in the Tropicana Cookies strain. It contributes to the spiciness of black pepper and can be found in high amounts in cloves, hops, and rosemary. But it’s secondary next to the prime terpene in this strain.

The earthy, peppery, diesel smell that twinges Tropicana Cookies strain is humulene. Its benefits include anti-inflammatory and antinociceptive and analgesic (painkilling) properties, antibacterial effects and potential cancer-fighting properties.

The overwhelming citrus hit from Tropicana Cookies comes from the predominance of limonene. This zesty compound is associated with the energy that comes with this strains’ high. Limonene has therapeutic properties too including chemo preventive, anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) and anti-depressant effects.

Tropicana Cookies Uses

The Tropicana Cookies strain, being incredibly energetic, is loved for active recreational users. It gets you up with a boost of creative energy and the high THC means the buzz lasts a long time. It’s perfect for being out at festivals or in doing housework, whatever your agenda.

The strain’s high THC content and bright terpene high is also loved by medicinal users. Tropicana Cookies has been reportedly used for conditions like appetite loss, depression, nausea, chronic stress, mood swings, ADHD and anxiety.

As a hybrid, the Tropicana Cookies strain owes her energetic qualities to a pair of other heavy hitting award winning strains.

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Growing Tropicana Cookies

Growers appreciate Tropicana Cookies plants for their consistent yields, ease of training and consistent popularity. This hybrid can be grown inside or out, although plants do tend to be tall with a single stalk and many branches.

High-stress training in the hands of an expert can yield amazing results without many cuts. The stalk produces one main cola, and the side branches turn into amazing colas with a single topping or two.

A single plant grown in good conditions outdoors can produce more than 18 ounces of good quality buds, when in good conditions.

Making Tropicana Cookies

There’s an incredible number of cannabis strains on the market descended from Girl Scout Cookies. You can’t really blame breeders for that, the market knows GSC a great strain. So, tweaking it slightly with another strain is a reliable way to produce something great.

Tropicana Cookies is no exception, offering a powerful euphoric bliss. And, at 18-23% THC, it offers enough potency for chronic users.

Tropicana Cookies parent- GSC

GSC, formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies, is an OG Kush and Durban Poison hybrid cross that gives Tropicana Cookies it’s sweet and earthy notes. GSC, like its offspring, also has consistently high THC levels for long-lasting effects.

GSC shares other traits with Tropicana Cookies like strong euphoric effects for a sense of bliss, happiness and peace. However, it diverges from its progeny with its full-body relaxation instead of an energetic high.

GSC is also sought more for chronic pain and mental conditions than is Tropicana Cookies.  This award-winning strain is a perfect balance to the other parent of Tropicana Cookies, Tangie.

Tropicana Cookies parent – Tangie

The high sativa influence of Tropicana Cookies comes directly from the mother of the hybrid, Tangie. Tangie is a straight sativa strain made by crossing California Orange and Skunk-1.

Both Tropicana Cookies and its mother exhibit high levels of citrusy limonene for an extreme head high. Both mother and child feature dense, dark purple buds, streaked with fiery hues and glistening with rich terpene profiles.

Tangie is reminiscent of Tangerine Dream, a much sought-after strain from the 1990s. The citrus heritage of Tangie and Tropicana Cookies shine in their orange aromas.

Tropicana Cookies Strain Love

This happy strain from Oni Seed Company was created for its intense flavors and energetic terpene profile. The buzz is known to create feelings of euphoric happiness, uplifting energy and creative focus for a tangerine-flavored dream that lasts a few hours.

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