The streaming wars have begun. Now you have multiple streaming services to choose from when settling down with cannabis to smoke or an edible to enjoy. With all these streaming options it could be argued that you even have too much to choose from. Already you had a massive possible library of content with just Netflix and Hulu. But with services like HBOMax, Amazon PRIME, Disney Plus, Paramount Plus and more specialized networks like Shudder you might literally be spoiled for choice.


Let’s narrow things down to shows that are both bingable and could go well with your high. From this list you can hopefully find the viewing experience you are looking to accompany the cannabis-product of choice.


 Movies to Enjoy with Cannabis


Adventure Time (2010-2018)

We will start things off with a show that looks like it was made high on something. Adventure Time follows Finn the Human and Jake the Dog as they have adventures across the wild and wondrous Land of Ooo. Whether its saving princesses from the loony Ice King or having strange encounters with the fantastically distinct residents of Ooo Adventure Time balances wacky humor and fun with sincere emotions and poignant writing. As well as the occasional musical number.


Adventure Time ran for 8 years with the content to go with it. This includes episodes, specials, and even movies. It was created by Pendleton Ward who also provided voicework alongside Jeremy Shada (Finn the Human), Hynden Walch (Princess Bubblegum), Cloris Leachman (Marceline the Vampire Queen), and voice-acting veteran John DiMaggio (Jake the Dog).

Planet Earth Series: I (2006) and II (2016)

Fiction and animation do not have propriety on stunning visuals. All the more stunning when the visuals are real and could be happening right now somewhere on the planet. The Planet Earth Franchise, which includes the 2006 eleven-part series, a 2016 six-part sequel series, and a third series set to be released in 2022, focuses on using groundbreaking technology to bring rarely if never-recorded natural sights to the screen.


Produced via a collaborative effort between the BBC and other large networks (like the Discovery Channel and Japan’s NHK for the 2006 series) Planet Earth pieces together painstakingly gathered footage of natural wonders from around the world. All narrated by the comforting and instructive voice of Sir David Attenborough. From the most remote mountaintops where the snow leopards roam to the deepest depths that have never known sunlight for eons, you will see things that could change your perspective with or without cannabis.


Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations (2005-2012)

An emmy-award winning show by the late but forever acclaimed chef Anthony Bourdain. This series accompanies Anthony Bourdain around the world. On his travels Bourdain samples food and engages with the people who make them. With a passion for cooking as the bridge Bourdain connects with peoples and cultures that may not have enjoyed the global spotlight without him. No Reservations is a strikingly human experience that leaves viewers- even without cannabis- with a deep sense of connection and empathy to the cultures Bourdain explores.


With 9 seasons worth of episodes and culinary journeys you will not be short of contemplative material to binge.


Key & Peele (2012-2015)

For something more light-hearted we recommend Key & Peele. This is a sketch comedy series that features the comedic geniuses Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele who are both veterans of another sketch comedy series Mad TV. Together, with the occasional guest stars, Key and Peele deliver cleverly written sketches that focus on American pop culture, ethnic stereotypes, social awkwardness, and race relations. Of particular note is the recurring sketch of ‘Obama’s Anger Translator’ wherein Key plays Luther then President Obama’s (played by Peele) ‘anger translator.’ This particular sketch even became real after-a-fashion with Key playing his Luther character beside the real Obama at the 2015 White House Correspondents Dinner.


The show has won a Peabody Award and two Primetime Emmy Awards while being nominated for over a dozen more (it was nominated 16 times for a Primetime Emmy).



Bob’s Burgers (2011- present)

Going strong for eleven seasons, an upcoming movie, and at least two more promised additional seasons, Bob’s Burgers focuses on the lives and tribulations of the Belcher family who run a burger shop. The titular Bob (voiced H. Jon Benjamin) is an everyman struggling to keep his burger business afloat amidst the eccentricities of his family- including his wife Linda (John Roberts) and their children Tina (Dan Mintz), Gene (Eugene Mirman), and the cynically cunning Louise (Kristen Schaal). In addition there are the eccentricities of the seaside city where they live and fellow residents.


The series is the creation of Loren Bouchard and out of 63 nominations for various awards it has won 16 of them.



Black Mirror (2011-2019)

Regarded as a futuristic, sci-fi spiritual successor to The Twilight Zone (prior to the recent remake with Jordan Peele), Black Mirror is sure to scratch that sci-fi itch for when you’re binging while high. Instead of a single story that follows a set cast of characters Black Mirror is an anthology series. This means each season is made up of standalone episodes as well as movies and specials. The brainchild of Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones this series takes a dystopian look at how technological advancements may affect society in ways we have not anticipated nor may we be comfortable with.


It is probably best-advised to not watch this show if you are having a paranoiac response to cannabis or you may never look at your smartphone the same way again. Or most forms of technology more advanced than a microwave.


Black Mirror has won eight Emmy Awards including three consecutive awards for Outstanding Television Movie.


Gravity Falls (2013-2016)

While possibly the shortest bingeable series on this list at only two seasons Gravity Falls is nonetheless worth watching. Gravity Falls is an animated mystery comedy created by Alex Hirsch for the Disney Channel. The show has been described as Twin Peaks plus The X-Files for kids but don’t let that ‘for kids’ label detract from the absolutely brilliant writing and animation that make up the show.


The series focuses on twins Dipper (voiced by Jason Ritter) and Mabel (voiced by Kristen Schaal) as they spend a summer with Grunkle (short for Great-Uncle) Stan (voiced by Hirsch himself) in sleepy Gravity Falls, Oregon. Soon after their arrival the twins realize that things are far stranger in the town than they could have ever realized. Things that would make Bigfoot look downright normal and mundane.


With writing and voice-work that is both witty and heartfelt it is no wonder Gravity Falls has won multiple awards with dozens more nominations. Nor can it be understated how the show kick started a new age in animation that has cross-generational and critical appeal.


 Binge While High


What shows have you binged while high? What were your experiences watching them?

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