Cannabis affiliate networks are one of the finest methods to generate money in the cannabis market. Trustworthy affiliate programs will help you transform your dream project into a full-time profession and earn money if you have a cannabis-related site or social networking site followers.


Furthermore, if you run a weed site or have a large social networking presence in the sector, it’s imperative to consider affiliate programs to increase traffic. You’ll discover what a cannabis affiliate program is, what the different programs are, and more in this post. Continue reading for more information.

  • What Is an Affiliate Program?
  • How to Grow Weed 420
  • Cannastick
  • HoneyStick
  • Seedsman
  • DaVinci Vaporizer
  • Quebec Cannabis Seed Bank Affiliate Program
  • True North Seed Bank
  • Green Goddess Supply

Cannabis Affiliate Programs in 2021

What Is an Affiliate Program?

Affiliated programs allow businesses to sell their services and goods to others. They enlist the help of partners to advertise the firm on their behalf. In exchange, the affiliate gets compensated, usually in the form of a percentage incentive on any purchases generated by their marketing. As a consequence, these products might help you achieve success.


If you’re eager to know if you can make a profit with marijuana affiliate programs, then the answer is yes. Online advertising is a real and simple method to generate income, but it needs you to understand the procedures and provide a motive for others to believe your suggestions.


Finding decent weed to advertise is the key to generating money in pot affiliate links. The high-quality items are keener to grab more customers, allowing you to earn a profit.


How to Grow Weed 420

Growing Elite Marijuana is the title of a book published by “How To Grow Weed 420.” It’s immediately distinguishable from other weed partner networks. You’re simply marketing this book rather than attempting to promote numerous things. It is, moreover, geared at a fast-growing industry: those who want to start cultivating their own marijuana.


Growing Elite Marijuana is jam-packed with high-quality photographs, step-by-step instructions, and responses to the many queries that every farmer undoubtedly has, and it offers guidance, suggestions, realistic tutorials, and technical information that will enable any farmer to grow pounds of marijuana.


The book gives guidance and process instructions on how to cultivate marijuana. There are suggestions and advice across the book, and customers get a ton of stuff as well. A DVD version of a brief tutorial, a pot care handbook, and a marijuana recipe are all included. So, this product offers excellent value for money, and it should be reasonably simple to market.


The affiliate network, on the other hand, is unquestionably one of the most lucrative. The disadvantage is that you may not generate as many sales as other programs, but this is compensated for by a large fee.



With its lightweight vaping devices, Cannastick allows you to vape everywhere. It’s the most popular oil, dry flower, and wax vape device on the market. Their low-cost starting kits make switching to a healthy smoking cessation tool simple. Forbes, High Times, and BuzzFeed have all covered them.


They utilize iDevAffiliate to administer their affiliate marketing and deliver optimal creatives and robust tracking tools to their partners. Cannastick gives you a $25 incentive simply for registering. During the 1-year cookie life, affiliates receive recurring rewards for every purchase their referrals do.



HoneyStick is a vaping accessories company that has won several awards. The company was the first to produce a sub-ohm converter and keep producing high-tech, high-performance vaping products. Vapes for weed dry herb, extracts, essential oil, and CBD oil are all available in their collection.


Customers can obtain whatever they need in one spot because HoneyStick sells supplies and vape pens. Their inventory is extensive, and they have received several honors in recent years.


Promoting an award-winning brand is a dream come true for an affiliate. You’ve got an eye-catching tag to affix to them, which will pique the interest of potential customers. This creates a great deal of trust, which may help you complete a lot of transactions.


HoneyStick also hires a third-party organization to manage its affiliate marketing. As a result, you’ll have specialized support whenever you need it, as well as a wealth of information and tools to getting started.



With characteristics from over 80 producers, Seedsman is a truly worldwide seed source. They are today among the most well-known seed companies in the business, and they export worldwide. They receive my suggestion as the finest pot affiliate network to join since they are among the best performing by industry professionals.


Seedsman strives hard to create a protected and totally transparent inventory for anyone to enjoy, including THC, high CBD strains, flower to modified seeds, tools, CBD oil, and more.


Their objective is to protect and conserve genes while also supporting safe and lawful practices. Seedsman promotes corporate advocacy groups, attends conferences and trade exhibitions, and advocates for cannabis legalization throughout the world, in addition to being a significant competitor in the pot seed industry today.


DaVinci Vaporizer

DaVinci Vaporizers were designed with one goal in mind: to warm soft herbs so you can absorb their therapeutic benefits. You can’t utilize CBD oil or concentrates in them, so they’re hardly e-cigs posing as pot vapes. The 2017 Spannabis Award for “Best Product” was given to one of these devices.


Another well-known brand in the marijuana and vaporizers sectors is DaVinci Vaporizer. Because of the originality in their goods, they stand out from a number of other businesses. They strive to provide unique vape goods that provide consumers with a better vaping experience.


The biggest advantage of DaVinci, though, is their cost assurance. Consumers will match a cheaper price if they can find it somewhere else. Consumers adore this since it ensures that they are always getting the greatest bargain. In terms of the affiliate program, you will have access to special coupon codes as well as extra support in order to boost the firm.


Furthermore, the selling prices are frequently among the greatest in the industry. This is mostly due to the brand’s strong reputation, as well as the free delivery and product guarantee.


Quebec Cannabis Seed Bank Affiliate Program

It is completely free to join the Quebec Cannabis Seed Bank Affiliate Program. Every prospect you refer their way guarantees you compensation. Because they have a high response rate, the individuals you refer to their site are more likely to buy anything.


Their cache lasts a staggering 180 days and isn’t erased once the deal is completed. You will still receive any compensation if your recommendations buy a product within six months. You may earn up to a 25% fee for each customer who arrives through your website.


In fact, you will get a 5% fee on inbound marketing that you promote to the program. If you join this campaign, you’ll be advertising a wide range of pot products from some of the market’s most well-known growers.


True North Seed Bank

True North Seed Bank is a seed company that is headquartered in Canada. The firm prides itself on its reliable and robust seeds, which may be acquired on a reliable and comfortable site.


True North Seed Bank also sells a number of items, including humidity-controlled containers, apparel, processors, and vapes. This firm sells high-quality cannabis in a number of different strains. The seedlings are said to be among the most powerful on the market, and they provide purchasers with peace of mind by providing a safe shopping environment.


True North Seed Bank also offers a variety of additional items. Devices for seed growing may be purchased, but there are also vape pens, processors, and other items to enjoy. Obviously, an organization’s ears perk up when a firm provides a diverse range of items. You have more items to market, which means you have the ability to create and acquire more people.


Their affiliate marketing is now one of the highest lucrative. You not only receive a general profit, but you also receive a sub-commission from any associates you recruit to the scheme.


Green Goddess Supply

Green Goddess Supply has a quarter-century of experience in the legal cannabis industry. They were among the first to enter the industry, and they remain to provide high-quality items to a variety of target clients. They mostly sell smoking cannabis equipment. To fit your lifestyle, the company offers trendy, superior smoking, CBD, and cannabis products.


They are dedicated to creating and obtaining the highest quality smoke paraphernalia. Their beginning kits and packages range in price from $70-$100, with free delivery in the United States on purchases over $50.


They conduct their affiliate marketing using ShareASale. Green Goddess Supply delivers tailored visuals, media advertising, and cutting-edge tracking solutions to its affiliates. Marketers may also utilize their simple custom link tools to construct their own connections.


The Bottom Line

Though there are promising affiliate programs, keep in mind that cannabis is still illegal in many states in the US. As you see, most of the cannabis affiliate programs featured here are for seeds, accessories, and more. Before you decide what’s best for you, it’s advisable to understand each program and how you can make profits from it.



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