We’ve all experienced being anxious or uneasy in a social setting. Some people encounter social phobia as they socialize, while others find themselves with sweaty hands by standing in the classroom.


Indeed, social phobia does prohibit you from enjoying your life. You tend to avoid circumstances that are “natural” for the majority of people. You may even find it difficult to grasp how someone would deal with it so effortlessly. Many people depend on cannabis to calm themselves in social settings, which makes it a good idea to do more with such types of pot.

 Cannabis Strains for Social Anxiety

If you wish to be more energized or to calm your mind, then there’s a plethora of Sativa and Indica strains in the market today that can help you. In this article, you’ll learn the top 8 best cannabis strains to overcome your social anxiety.

  • Critical Cure
  • White Fire OG
  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • Pound Cake
  • Gelato
  • Jack Herer
  • Hawaiian Haze
  • ACDC


Critical Cure

Critical Cure is a perfect strain, to begin with, if you have anxiety and are worried about cannabis’ influence. It contains up to around 8% CBD and about 12% THC, depending on the strain. Moreover, the THC content of this strain is typically between 6 and 9 percent. It’s an Indica-dominant variant thought to have been produced by crossing Critical Kush with a Ruderalis mutation.


Critical Cure provides a smooth, mild high that aids in relaxation—a tremendously worthwhile experience. After around 25-30 minutes, users will see the initial impact. After about 2 hours, the elevated feelings will reach the body and calm the muscles and relieve pain.


It has a heavy, earthy scent that looks a bit better than it is. It even has a fresh berry fragrance to it. Its flavor is a lovely mix of berries and moist soil, with a good pine mouthfeel. Due to the low THC content, side effects are typically restricted to minor dry eyes and mouth cases.


White Fire OG

White Fire OG, also known as Wifi OG, is a strain that would make you worry-free. It leaves you in a calming, pain-free physical state.  White Fire OG is a Sativa-dominant combination produced by crossing Fire OG and The White.


Wifi OG provides heavy euphoric effects, and people experience feelings of happiness and being unable to stop laughing. It has the potential to alleviate anxiety and provide an endorphin rush to its users. It’s ideal for artistic people who want to complete mental activities quickly. The White Fire OG is also great for people who suffer from social anxiety. You’ll consider conversing simple and enjoyable, and you won’t feel nervous or uncomfortable about others.


The fragrance of this strain is peppery and diesel-like, with a hint of oak. It has a similar flavor to how it looks, but it can be difficult for newcomers to handle. The fresh pine can kick in and make it an even more pleasant feeling to smoke.


Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies is a top-of-the-line Indica-dominant type that is excellent for reducing fear and depression. Its high THC concentrations can lead to 28%, allowing it to be one of the most active strains present to medical users.


GCS causes strong bursts of excitement and profound calmness, effectively halting tension and anxiety. Many people recognize that taking GSC in a group environment easily makes them laugh hysterically their problems away.


Pound Cake

Pound Cake, also identified as London Pound Cake, gets its name from the deeply warm, kooky, and fruity taste. It is a 70/30 Indica-dominant strain that has soothing, soothing, and self-centering influence.


This strain is perfect for a fast cure for extreme stress and anxiety or sadness related to its extremely high THC content, which can go up to 29 percent. Pound cake will help you come down a bit if you feel yourself slipping into fear or pessimistic thoughts and emotions.



Gelato is an Indica-dominant strain with a delectably sweet flavor. It has positive, euphoric, and uplifting results that will help you forget about your worries. Despite its mildly Indica-dominant origins, this strain may not make you feel drowsy or unable to communicate.


Gelato’s well-balanced high gradually develops, helping you experience the cognitive and bodily results as they emerge. The uplifting benefits of Gelato can improve their sense of pleasure and imagination in a relaxed and soothing manner. Gelato could be able to assist you in coping with fear, depression, or stress.


Jack Herer

Jack Herer is a Sativa-dominant hybrid of Northern Lights #5, Shiva Skunk, Northern, and a Haze hybrid. With 17.5-24 percent THC and very little CBD, this strain is considered extremely potent. Users will feel energized after using this strain. Jack Herer will give users a boost of energy, and the gentle bodily high will never make you feel like you’re going to pass out.


The woody, spicy aroma is enticing, and the flavor is very similar to how it smells. Since pepper and earth are the main flavors, users can discern a faint tropical fruit flavor. Keep a bottle of water nearby, as this strain can cause dehydration. Jack Herer is the strain of option for many people suffering from depression and can benefit those suffering from chronic exhaustion.


Hawaiian Haze

Since Botany Farms produced Hawaiian Haze, many customers felt it was a great bet. One of the key reasons for this is that the business provides THC-free weeds. This strain ensures a dose-full of energy, ingenuity, and concentration by supplying extremely pure Sativa cannabis flower buds filled with nearly 20% CBD.


CBD keeps the body calm while avoiding the adverse effects of THC, which can impair focus and concentration. Despite its lack of THC, this strain retains the qualities that make it a top option for social anxiety.



One of the popular cannabinoid strains for anxiety is ACDC. It’s a 50/50 hybrid mixture of Ruderalis and Cannatonic phenotypes. Resin Seeds sought to find a high-CBD, low-THC strain and use it as a drug, so they developed it. This variant has THC concentrations ranged from 2% to 6%, but it isn’t totally THC-free.


Instead of a powerful cortical spike, this strain provides total body relief. On the other hand, it may not trigger couch lock and can also assist its users in becoming more active. ACDC has a sweet lemon fragrance with a moderately woody, sweet, peppery flavor. The most common side effect of ACDC is dry mouth.

Cannabis Strains for Social Anxiety


It’s important not to underestimate social phobia, considering that it can be a truly crippling illness that has a devastating effect on the lives of those who suffer from it. There are several cannabis strains available today that can be used to treat social anxiety. The majority of these strains will help you improve your mood and eliminate depressive feelings.


Now that you have an idea of the best strains to control social anxiety, which one do you think you should try?

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