Top 10 Things to Do While Stoned in D.C. 1 2023

So what should you do while you’re in the Nation’s Capital… and high? Besides reading the entire Declaration of Independence at the National Archives (a close number 11), here are the top 10 things to do while stoned in D.C.

1. Planetarium at National Air and Space Museum

Who doesn’t love being stoned and spaced out while staring… into space? If this sounds like you, then you must visit the Einstein Planetarium located inside the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum. The Planetarium is an additional charge to the main entrance fee. However, it is well worth the added price. In the Planetarium, you can opt to see an IMAX presentation of either Journey to the Stars (narrated by Whoopi Goldberg) or Dark Universe (narrated by Neil Degrasse Tyson). Let’s be real though, as epic as stargazing with Whoopi may be, who doesn’t love them some Neil? While the visuals in the movie will have your senses in overload, the dome-shaped theater also gives you an added ambiance. It’s structure makes you feel like you are actually in space… or maybe you’re just really high…

2. Nighttime Stroll to the Monuments

While all of Washington D.C.’s monuments are must-see (stoned or not), you really have to check them out at night. It’s absolutely breathtaking… and even better when you’re high! There are many monuments that are artistically and thoughtfully lit up all throughout the Nation’s Capital. You can spend hours walking to each one. So even if you did this sober, you might end up wishing you were high just to tolerate all the walking! With that being said, you must go to the Washington Monument. Being there, you will kill multiple birds with one stone because you will see the majestic beauty that is the Monument, reflecting pool, and the Lincoln Memorial all in one shot. If you are looking for a thought-provoking experience, do check out the Korean Veterans Memorial at night. Lit up soldiers look over their shoulders in the dead of night, giving a unique, yet eerie touch, to one of the most intricate monuments in Washington. Lastly, you have to visit the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial at night and high. The spotlights placed on some of the activist’s most inspirational quotes (with a gigantic MLK looming over you) makes for an awe-inspiring experience. If you still have time, here’s some other monuments that are lit up for your stoned viewing pleasure:

  • Tidal Basin
  • White House
  • Vietnam Veterans Memorial
  • Jefferson Memorial

Just remember that these are Federal buildings. Marijuana is illegal on a federal level, so do not bring (or get caught bringing) cannabis on these premises.

3. Rent a Bike or Scooter with No Destination

Like we said, there is so much to see and do in D.C. Your feet can take a real beating walking around the District and it can end up being quite the expensive trip if you were to Uber everywhere you want to go. Therefore, the best way to take in all the sights while you’re stoned is to rent a bike or a scooter. These days you can practically find them on any street corner. One of the greatest joys of being high is letting go of inhibitions and going with the flow. Let the wind take you around the city. While we don’t want to tell you what to do with your bike or scooter because we said you should have no real destination, if it’s cherry blossom season, hit up the Jefferson Memorial and Tidal Basin. It’s a beautiful sensory overload for the stoned soul.

4. Walk Through the United States Botanical Garden

Speaking of a beautiful sensory overload, if you are high in D.C., you must check out the Botanical Garden. The Regional Garden boasts some of the most gorgeous national flowers. While this area alone is well worth the price of admission, you must make your way over to the Conservatory. This is one of the most unique experiences in Washington, D.C.  because you get to walk through different ecosystems such as the Tropics, Hawaii, and The Mediterranean. What makes this such a great trip for when you are stoned is that you are surrounded by so many thriving, blooming, and beautiful plants. You know, like the one that you got high in the first place?

5. Shop & Eat Around in Georgetown

Georgetown has something for all walks of life. From big name chains to boutiques to tech stores, there’s something for everyone. It’s also home to some of the best restaurants in D.C. – most of which are along the waterfront. Here’s an insider tip, Georgetown Cupcakes is NOT worth the long line – check out Baked & Wired, it has an extensive cupcake selection and a unique atmosphere. Also check out Falafel Inc, where you can find some amazing falafel for $4 or less.

6. Attend a Cannabis Event

When in Rome… wait, when did we end up in Rome? Ah, when high in D.C., you have to check out a cannabis event. For one, if there is ever a place where we can convince the federal government to legalize marijuana on a federal level, it’s the Federal City! There are over a dozen events happening in D.C. on any given day, you can find these events by checking here.

7. Chow Down at Union Market

Okay, eating and weed go hand-in-hand. It’s only natural that if you get a case of the munchies that you check out Union Market. This place has everything no matter what you’re craving. Various vendors (not those kind) set up and serve everything from typical comfort foods to vegan options. They even have a Korean-Mexican spot. There are so many options that you might want to get something to go for the next time you toke up!

8. Kayak Around the Mall

This is an activity that you can spend all day doing. Seeing as the Potomac River is extremely wide, kayaking around the Mall makes for a relaxing day with just you, your high, and great views of the Monuments. While kayaking around the Mall is a great way to pass your high-time in D.C., it may be a bit hard to pull off logistically. The closest place to rent a kayak near the mall is in Georgetown. While you can kayak your way down toward the Monuments from there, it will be quite the hike…or kayak.

9. Hike in Rock Creek Park

Did somebody say hiking? One of the best things to do stoned is to go HIGHking. Rock Creek Park has two main paths that are connected by many trails. Therefore, you can tailor this hike based on how you’re feeling that day. Going through many of the various pathways, the hike can end up being anywhere from one mile to ten! Just be sure to stay hydrated… especially if you have a case of cottonmouth going on!

10. Catch a Last Minute Show or Game

One thing’s for certain when you’re in D.C., there’s always something going on! If you’re a basketball or hockey fan, scope out a Wizards or Capitals game at the Capital One Arena. Not into sports? There’s also tons of venues to check out local musical acts and big name stars. For instance, a lot of famous musicians come to The Anthem, Echostage, and 9:30 Club. If you’re looking for a more low-key experience, check out the U Street Music Hall or the Black Cat.

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    U.S. Botanical Garden does not charge admission. Agree that it is a terrific place to visit when buzzed. Also, the National Arboretum with hundreds of acres of trails featuring a wide array of tree and shrub species including a Bonsai Exhibit. April – May for flowering trees, shrubs and early spring wildflowers. For summer the Kenilworth Aquatic gardens especially in late June through July when the Lotus blossoms and water lilies are blooming.