The CBD industry is expanding, and it looks like it will continue to do so in the future. Because of its purported health advantages, the CBD sector has taken the health industry by storm.


Simply by advertising the goods online, you may receive a piece of the cash pie. All you have to do now is figure out how to get the most traffic to market your CBD goods. You get paid when one or more of your followers buy CBD products.


It’s simple since people are interested in learning more about CBD and finding a reputable CBD company. We’ll list the best 10 CBD affiliate programs available today in this article.

CBD Affiliate Programs

#10 CBD Essence

When it comes to CBD extraction methods from the hemp plant, CBD Essence is one of the top companies. Oil tinctures, CBD pet treats, candies, topicals, capsules, vape liquids, adhesives, and a variety of additional items are among their offerings.


You may join their affiliate network and earn anywhere from 20% to 40% commission on sales. Collaborators are compensated monthly and their cookies last 180 days. The firm sells high-quality items that have received positive feedback from customers.


#9 Honey Stem

Honey Stem is among the world’s fastest-growing CBD businesses. With its efforts to educate consumers and produce high-quality, inexpensive items, the firm has earned a lot of acclaim. They care as much about educating consumers as they do about selling their goods.


This is one of the best CBD affiliate programs around. You may become a member and earn 50% profit on every transaction you make. Its cookie lasts for 30 days. Before marketing the items, affiliates receive appropriate training. It provides quick customer service, and affiliates get paid on a monthly basis.



CBD MD has some of the highest-quality CBD brands on the market. They are reasonably priced. Tinctures, topicals, candies, bath bombs, and a variety of other items are among the company’s offerings.


You may earn a 20% profit on every sale you make through its partner program. You’ll use your CBD MD affiliate link to distribute content after you’ve created your account. The lifespan of the company’s cookies is 90 days. They also create unique pictures for your advertising, online networks, and email marketing campaigns.


#7 Gorilla Grow Tent Affiliate Program

Indoor grow tents ideal for soil or hydroponic pot producers are Gorilla Grow Tents, as you may have guessed by now.


These are perfect for those who wish to cultivate medicinal marijuana but don’t have the time or know-how to construct their own tents. One cool aspect is that these tents are adjustable in height, so instead of buying a new one as your plants grow bigger, you can just expand the existing Gorilla Grow Tent.


#6 Joy Organics

Joy Organics is among the world’s fastest-growing CBD businesses. It is known for offering high-quality CBD products at reasonable costs. S soft gels, skincare, and a variety of additional items are available.


Each retail sale earns a 25% reward through the company’s affiliate program. It also has a 60-day cookie duration. Affiliates may earn extra money by participating in their aggressive bonus scheme. The firm examines your profile once you create an account and ease of accessing links with friends and family.


#5 Specktra

Specktra is a cutting-edge CBD firm that uses a combination of full-spectrum CBD, specialized terpene profiles, and natural shea butter to provide optimum therapeutic comfort. All of the items have been laboratory tested and come as transdermal, infusions, and vapes. It also offers reasonable pricing and high-quality goods.


You may join their Specktra affiliate network and earn a 30% performance-based commission. You may earn almost $2400 if you accomplish your monthly goal of at least 100 conversions. Affiliates can provide a 15% discount coupon to their own audience as part of the affiliate program.


#4 Smoke Cartel

With over 300 major brand items, Smoke Cartel is the number one online cannabis shop in the United States. They are the largest retailer of vapers, glass water pipes, and smoking supplies in the world. Weedmaps and Forbes have all featured their shop.


On their website, they have an affiliate program. For marijuana and tobacco-related blogs, Smoke Cartel’s service is a perfect fit. Affiliates can seek advice from their affiliate staff on how to improve exchange rates.


#3 Vape Bright

In the CBD business, Vape Bright is among the most well-known brands. It offers a large range of CBD vape goods, including vape cartridges. Tetrahydrocannabinol is present in trace amounts in the product (THC). The psychoactive component of cannabis is THC. All 50 states have legalized the company’s goods.


You may earn a 30% royalty on all new client revenues and a 20% profit on all other customer sales through the company’s affiliate network. Its cookie lasts for 30 days. Affiliates must indicate their major and supplementary sources of traffic after completing the application form. Affiliates are compensated on a monthly basis.



CBD FX is a leading provider of verified and high-quality CBD items, including CBD Oil, CBD Capsules, and more.  They offer a simple online buying process, free delivery on all orders, and overwhelmingly favorable customer feedback! With all of these factors working together, you can be confident that the traffic you send will be in good hands!


CBDfx is powered by RevOffers, which provides premium perks for affiliates such as sub-affiliate royalties, companies came and offers tightly controlled into one platform with the largest payouts necessary, consistent, on-time payouts, and, of course, RevOffer’s proprietary, state-of-the-art monitoring system, which provides far superior and dependable tracking than other affiliate monitoring systems.


#1 CBDPure

CBDPure is a long-established CBD brand with one of the industry’s highest CBD affiliate sales prices of 40%. CBD Pure provides its partners the opportunity to earn tiered royalties through the recruited thread, employs in-house monitoring and assistance, and has a 90-day cookie, in addition to a strong reputation and high-converting site. CBD Pure is unquestionably one of the greatest CBD affiliate networks to join the market.

CBD Affiliate Programs


Following its legalization in several countries, the CBD business has exploded. The sector has attracted a lot of interest from a variety of individuals, including users and investors all around the world. CBD businesses are seeking new ways to market their product to a worldwide audience.

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