You’ve probably seen your friends pass a weed pipe around, and maybe you want to try it too. But, how do you use it and how effective is it when it comes to getting high?

Using marijuana pipes is one of the popular methods of smoking weed. Pipes usually have 3 parts: one is a hollow bowl, the second is the stem or chamber, and the third is the mouthpiece that you use to inhale the combusted weed. Oftentimes, pipes have carb holes that you place your finger on to clear the pipe from smoke or build up smoke in the container for a large rip.

Pipes might seem simple but there’s a lot to factor in when smoking through one for the first time. This article presents the basics of smoking weed through a pipe.

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What Kind of Pipe Should You Get?

The first step is probably the most exciting one for pipe-newbies: buying your pipe. When you walk into the store it might be quite intimidating to look around and see various pipes of different shapes, sizes, and materials. Here are some things you might want to consider when making a purchase:

  • What material should you choose? The most common material is glass even though it is easily shattered, however, the benefits do outweigh the risks. It does not have pores which ensure the smoke stays inside the pipe making for a rich and concentrated flavor. It’s also very easy to clean. Other materials include metal, which is more durable but also seeps in a metallic flavor, and wood, which is still pretty popular and sturdy by itself but also poses the potential for wood flavors to be transferred to the weed you are smoking. To some, this might be an added benefit to using wood weed pipes.
  • What size should it be? Hand pipes work best when they fit in your hand like a glove. Cannabis enthusiasts often enjoy the more functional ones that can be used and stored easily as well as handled with ease.
  • What kind of pipe do you get? One-Hitters, vaporizers, glass blunts, bubbler pipes, Sherlock-style pipes, bongs, or steamroller pipes— there are many kinds on the market. Whatever you feel more comfortable using is the most important thing to remember. You might want to start with the spoon pipe which is the most widely used model in the US and Canada. They often come in easy-to-transport sizes, are simple to use, and are cheaper than most other styles. They are a great place to start for newbies and function as a good way to ease people into using pipes which then opens the door for experimentation with other forms of pipes.

What Else Do You Need to Smoke a Pipe?

You might have thought that the pipe was it but there are some other things you need to get your hands on before experiencing your first high by a pipe. For heat, you would need either a lighter, hemp wick, or glass wand. Lighters are simple and easy to find; however, some don’t like the taste of butane that might mingle with your product. The hemp wick is a string made of hemp which catches fire easily and does not affect the flavor of your weed too much. Meanwhile, the glass wand can vaporize weed as soon as it is in contact with it, eradicating any combustion smoke aftertaste.

Aside from a heater, you might want to think about whether you want to use a screen for your pipe or not. Screens can aid you in avoiding charred bits of marijuana. A grinder to break down your weed might come in handy too. On a side note, and unrelated to smoking a pipe but rather concerning smoking in general, it’s always a good idea to have some drinks and snacks nearby in case the munchies hit you or your mouth starts to run dry.

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The Pipe Smoking Process: Steps and Tricks

  1. Grab your pipe, your cannabis of choice, heater, and a grinder, if you own one.
  2. Softly grind up your marijuana—evenly break it down and make sure you don’t go too hard; you don’t want it to end up too finely ground and fall through the bowl or get sucked up by the stem. Pull the parts of your weed apart finely if you don’t have a grinder on you.
  3. Tip: If you don’t have a grinder and you want to use your hands alone to break the weed apart, you could also use scissors, a cutting board, and knife, or any other material that can make the job a little easier.
  4. Place the weed in the pipe.
  5. Tip: This might be a good time to use your screen. If you didn’t buy or bring one you can also use the stem of your plant or the larger parts of your grindings nearest to the stem to prevent clogging.
  6. Put some of your lighter, fluffier cannabis at the bottom and place the denser parts on the top so that you have an even smoke. This also lessens the risk of clogging.
  7. Hold your pipe in one hand and the heater in your other. Cover the carb with your finger, and light up the bowl filled with the herb using your lighter, hemp wick, or glass wand. Keep your finger on the carb while you inhale. You don’t need to keep lighting your weed. It’s ready the moment you light it. You can tell it’s lit when the cannabis burns red, like coals on a fire.
  8. Take your finger off the carb before you stop inhaling. Make sure you have taken in all of the smoke before releasing the carb.
  9. Lock yourself in for a good time.

Try the Weed Pipe Out for Yourself!

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