Just as there are activities that are fun (possibly even enriching) to do while high there are also activities you should absolutely avoid doing while high.


For some things you shouldn’t do while high it is because of safety reasons. Both your safety and the safety of others. Other things you should avoid because of how they can interact with the cannabis in your system and by consequence you. Either way, there is nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy cannabis but as with so many other sources and substances of recreation there are ways to enjoy it safely.


To that end we have compiled this list of Things to NOT Do While High:

Things NOT Do While High

Do Not Drive

This is a big one. A really big one. As in Monopoly “Stop- Do Not Pass Go.” As Anna Meyer, a writer and educator on marijuana put it, driving while high could be one of the dumbest things you ever do while high. That applies to any mind-altering substance.


When you are driving you are controlling a projectile of metal, glass, and fuel. One that weighs thousands of pounds and travels very quickly. Driving while under the influence of anything puts you at risk of hurting yourself and anyone on or near the road. It also puts you at risk of getting on the wrong side of the law even in states where recreational marijuana is legalized.


So for everybody’s sake including yourself Do. Not. Drive. While high.


Do Not Go to the Grocery Store

In part because it may necessitate you driving which, as we’ve established above, is a big no-no while high. Even if you have a means of going to the grocery store without driving (either riding with a friend, using a ride-app, or public transportation) that still means leaving the safety of you or your friend’s home where you got high. And if you do get to the grocery store there’s a chance you will lose track of yourself and where you are amidst the aisles. Not to mention the potential attention from security drawn by possible aimlessness and likely redshot eyes.


Basically it’s a whole of trouble you do not want and can easily be avoided by having snacks prepared ahead of time.


Do Not Do Anything Work-Related

When we say work-related we mean anything pertaining to manual labor as much as anything involving paid work. The first usually consists of things like lawn work, work on rooftops, or anything involving the moving and handling of heavy or sharp objects. Similar to the Do Not Drive point, manual labor while high puts you at risk of physical injury.


The second can refer to anything ranging from answering emails, doing paperwork, to doing face-to-face (whether physically or digitally) meetings with other employees or worse, superiors.


Usually being high on cannabis can make it difficult to focus and do your work correctly as well as professionally. It also probably isn’t a good look to be recognized as high when talking to your boss. You probably likely don’t want to do presentations while high either.

Things to NOT Do While High

Stay Away from Horror & Drama

Whether in books, movies, or video games you probably want to avoid any media involving horror or intense drama while high. Such things have been known to have intense effects on a mind that is itself on cannabis.


Granted this can also depend on how your mind interacts with various strains. But if you’re the kind of person who gets paranoid while high then you should definitely stay away from the above cited media.


What do you avoid doing while high?

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