Was it just the video that went viral that made the Obama Runtz strain all the rage in 2020? While everyone was rapping about this bud or selling it at steep prices, you might be wondering what all the hype is about. Here’s your guide to the extremely popular strain that had everyone paying $100 for a fraction of a bag.

What is the Obama Runtz Strain?

Your Obama Runtz supply could have some dubious origins. The strain itself has vague stats all on its own with a possibility of a three-way combo between Runtz, Afghani, and OG Kush. Still, all of this is speculation; the original breeder is unknown. The reason for its shady background history is probably because of its extreme popularity. Newbies might attribute its fame to its name: part of it is named after former President Barack Obama after all.

obama runtz is an indica dominant hybrid

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The real culprit, however, is this video. Maybe the pandemic stir-crazy feels got to everyone, but the viral video featuring a young person in Atlanta’s Magnolia Park Apartments referencing Obama while simultaneously cautioning his Twitter followers about a local hustler, started it all.

Google and Twitter searches surged on the topic of Obama Runtz after the clip and the latter half of 2020 saw rappers using the words “Obama Runtz” in their songs. Atlanta MC’s Money Man and TEC were some of the notable players that continue making it the talk of the town. Yung LB went further to come out with a song called “Obomba Runtz.”

The streets reveled in the strain, its elusive presence, and viral meme culture connections. Smoking accessories, T-shirts, hats, chains, and all sorts of merch were pressed with Obama Runtz on them. It does not help that the Runtz strain itself was the weed of 2020 for many stoners. All of the demand for the strain culminated in high prices as stoners everywhere wanted to grab a bag of the good stuff.

Obama Runtz Strain Profile


The plant itself is rumored to be a short, bushy type—mostly due to its indica-leaning background. Grape-shaped nugs with bright green hues, covered in fat amber hairs highlight its aesthetic bag appeal. Rich violet undertones and a shining coat of diamond-like trichomes top complete the picture. Sweet and sticky resin is felt at every touch and glistens under light.

Smell & Flavor

A harmonious combination of floral and fruity scents is backed up by some subtle earthiness. The hype does have some reasoning to it: this cozy and fuzzy aroma is one to calm and relax your nerves. 

Along with its sugary fragrance, its equally sweet flavors match some vanilla cake slices and lots of fruit. Some stoners report a berry-like taste and others add that it has some spiciness to it as well. Overall, it can be both tropical and pungent with every inhale which emboldens the sweetness factor.


Just like being amid the throngs of people who want a piece of this flower, you can feel increasingly spacey with each puff. In an instant, it can make your head buzz and chill you out. The euphoria will come to you in different waves as it lifts your mood and takes you into that high. What cannabis lovers appreciate the most about this strain is its long-lasting high, surely a good reason for its glorious reputation.

What are the Medicinal Effects of Obama Runtz?

While its mood-lifting properties can be of help for those with anxiety, nausea, and stress, Obama Runtz can help soothe you to sleep as well. This can be very helpful for medical patients dealing with those conditions due to the happiness that just emanates from the nugs. Insomniacs can look past the hype and know this strain can truly bring them a blissful night’s sleep.

obama kush

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How Can You Grow the Obama Runtz Strain?

Everything around where Obama Runtz came from has been a mystery. There is not much information to find about how to grow it. Growers might say that due to its profile as a 70% indica-leaning strain, it is probably hardy. It can be easy for it to resist mites and diseases that some cannabis plants suffer from. With a flowering time of around 49 to 63 days, the harvest will be rewarding after all the effort. Obama Runtz does prefer colder locations and might perform better indoors, on a side note.

Final Thoughts

A lot of the hype around the viral strain and the viral video might just come from its name and the status it brings. Still, the aroma, flavors, and feels that come with it are legit if not overrated. If you’re a tourist you might not even know why it is so revered. Despite this, the street culture that surrounds the strain is one for the books and is part of the whole experience.

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