For individuals entering the cannabis industry for the first time, it can seem pretty overwhelming at first with the large variety of slang terminology and jargon that persists within the industry. Not only is it important to understand basic cannabis terminology for conversations with other stoners, but also when it comes to ordering weed. Knowing the right amount of cannabis to purchase and what the varying weed weights are, is key to not only having a positive experience but also get the most bang for your buck.

For individuals interested in knowing what the weight of a dime bag of weed is or how many grams are in an ounce, stay tuned. This article explores everything there is to know about weed weights including a simple breakdown of each of the most common measurements, bag sizes, and weights as well as a brief overview of the various slang terms or street names used to refer to the weed weights. 

Simple Breakdown of Marijuana Weights

weed weights

There is six common marijuana weights standard within the cannabis industry. Each amount suits a different type of smoker with efficient options for someone who smokes daily compared to someone who might smoke once or twice a week. It is important to know which amount to purchase, taking into consideration not only tolerance but personal preference and habits. 

Below is a breakdown of each of the individual weed weights with price ranges as well as the type of stoner best suited to each amount.

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weed weights

The gram is the smallest unit of measurement when it comes to cannabis. The gram is becoming less and less common as more people switch to the eighth or even quarter measurements as cannabis becomes increasingly more popular and widely accepted. A single gram of cannabis is also the cheapest amount of cannabis that is available for purchase, typically ranging from $10-15 depending on the overall quality of the bud. 

Purchasing a gram of cannabis is recommended for individuals who are looking to smoke for one time or are interested in sampling or testing various strains before settling on a larger amount. A gram is good for approximately a single joint or 2-3 bowls from a bong or pipe. Recommended for novice cannabis smokers or samplers, individuals with a higher tolerance or more frequent smoking habits should look to the larger weed measurements rather than the gram, however, all cannabis amounts are broken down into grams so it is important to understand the fundamental pricing system that governs the industry. 


Next up is the eighth which is one of, if not, the most common weed weights in the industry. An eighth is equal to about 3.5 grams of cannabis which is suited to individuals who are looking to get a few uses out of their bud and smoke somewhat infrequently. Nearly the perfect amount for most cannabis lovers, there is enough tree to feel satisfied while also not feeling rushed to consume it all before it starts to age. The price of an eighth can vary depending on quality and location, but, on average, most people can get their hands on an eighth of cannabis for roughly $25-40. 

Cannabis lovers can expect to be able to roll at least 2-3 small joints or pack a handful of bowls during any smoking session or spread it out throughout a certain period. The eighth is highly recommended for the more casual stoner or individuals looking for a solid amount to satisfy a single group smoking session. 


weed weights

A quarter, otherwise known as a quad of weed, is the next weed weight on the list and is another common amount that is purchased at dispensaries. A quad of weed is equal to roughly 7 grams of cannabis. Individuals looking to purchase a quarter are those who are seeking the high life and tend to smoke more frequently. The quarter is a solid option for individuals who want to get stoned during one session or have a solid amount of cannabis to last the week. Recommended for individuals with a slightly higher tolerance and who smoke much more regularly, a quad of weed roughly costs between $50-70 depending on location and quality. 

Half Ounce

Next up is the half-ounce which is equal to 14 grams of cannabis. The half-ounce is recommended for stoners who smoke nearly every day and have a higher tolerance than average. Or, the half-ounce is also a good amount to ensure there is more than enough tree to go around at a smoking session during a party or friendly gathering. The pricing for the half-ounce has a wide range of variability that all depends on the location and quality of the tree, but, roughly speaking, the average price for a half-ounce of cannabis is between $100-150. The half-ounce should last most individuals for at least 1-3 weeks depending on the frequency of their smoking habits.


An ounce of cannabis, otherwise known as a zip of weed, is the weed weight that is suited for the most serious cannabis smokers. An ounce of cannabis is exactly 28 grams and suited for individuals who smoke daily. Due to possession laws, an ounce is typically the largest amount of cannabis that can be purchased from a dispensary. An ounce of weed is quite the sight to behold but is not recommended for novices or individuals who smoke rather infrequently since the bag would age and lose some of its potency by the time it could all be smoked. 

There is a lot of variety when it comes to purchasing an ounce of weed and is fundamentally related to the quality of the cannabis. For lower quality bud, the price ranges between $150-200 whereas at the higher end individuals can expect to see prices that range between $200-280 and can even exceed $300. 


Now, the pound of weed is only a measurement of cannabis that growers, cultivators, or dispensary owners need to be familiar with since that they are typically dealing in pounds when selling or exchanging cannabis. A pound of weed is equal to roughly 453 grams of cannabis which is a staggering number to think about. Although the average person is not able to get their hands on a pound of weed because of possession laws, it is still important information to know about and it is fun to imagine just how much weed that looks like. 

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Common Slang For Weed Weights

weed weights

When it comes to weed measurements and knowing the amounts of cannabis out there available for purchase, it is also important to become accustomed to the slang or street terminology associated with each weight. Now, it should be pointed out that there are hundreds of slang terms and unique terminology to refer to the various things within the cannabis industry, but some are more important to know or are more common than others. For example, a dime bag refers to a single gram of cannabis. A dime bag comes from the fact that a gram of cannabis is typically around $10 and a dime is worth $0.10. 

Another common slang term that exists is a quad of weed which is shorthand for a quarter of cannabis. Although it’s short and self-explanatory, it’s important to be familiar with the shorthand for all weed measurements to feel confident going into any situation, especially heading into a dispensary to order some cannabis. 

Lastly, another important slang term to be family with is a zip of weed. A zip of weed is referring to an ounce of cannabis, earning its name from the fact that an ounce of cannabis fits perfectly within a ziplock bag which is a common form of packaging when purchasing cannabis off the street. 

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