Edibles are more popular now than ever before due to the changes in laws regarding cannabis, nationwide. There are various cannabis companies and businesses that are popping up, promoting some of the tastiest and most creative edibles on the market. But, the best part about edibles is the ability to make them yourself, so you can create any cannabis-infused goodies you can think up.

If you’ve ever made edibles before, you’ll know how annoying the process can be for making edibles as well as how time-consuming it can be; however, rather than spending money buying edibles from dispensaries, people are turning to make their own. But, rest assured, due to the innovations and creativity that have spurred the cannabis industry, something has been created that can make the process significantly easier.

The Magic Butter Machine is a top-notch product that represents the pinnacle of innovation within the industry thus far. This machine can be used to make cannabutter which is then used to make various types of edibles. If you are thinking of purchasing the Magic Butter Machine then keep reading to learn everything you can about the machine as well as how to make edibles with it.

What Is The Magic Butter Machine?

magic butter machine
Credit: magicalbutter.com

The Magic Butter Machine, otherwise known as the MB2e MagicalButter Machine, is a botanical extractor that is used to infuse the herb into oils, butter, lotions, and more. The versatility of this product is unquestioned and can be a vital component to add to your process. Due to the unique design and function of the Magic Butter Machine, it works by combining both an immersion blender with a thermostat and heating unit.

Now you no longer have to worry about all the labor that usually plagues the edible making process. The fun part is when you can take the oil, cannabutter, or lotion to create many things; however, getting there was a hassle before this product hit the market. You no longer have to worry about stirring, grinding, heating, and steeping your herb during the process since the machine does all the work for you. You can even set your preferred temperature and the proper time intervals for whatever you are looking to make.

The machine itself has a clean, aesthetic appeal with a stainless steel pitcher making up the exterior of the machine. The pitcher can make 2-5 cups per cycle and is completely self-washing, so no need to worry about a difficult and painful cleaning process. One of the nicest complimentary features that come with this purchase is access to various recipes to make using the product. If you are looking for inspiration, you can head to Magical Butter’s website or YouTube channel to learn more.

An additional perk associated with this machine is little to no noise and a limit to the strong cannabis smell that usually comes along with making edibles.

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How Do You Make Edibles With The Magic Butter Machine?

magic butter machine
Credit: magicalbutter.com

The process for making edibles or oils with the Magic Butter Machine is very simple and straightforward. All you need is your weed, the machine, and your substance of choice like oil or butter. After that, just add your cannabis into the silicon container designed to fit into the machine and add in your oil or butter. Next, set your temperature and the length of time you want it to process your herb. That’s it. Once the machine is done all you have left to do is strain your new infusion with the strainer provided and let your creativity run wild with the various choices for tasty treats you can create.

The Pros Of The Magic Butter Machine

It’s always important to weigh in the pros and the cons regarding any product you choose to buy to determine whether it is worth purchasing in the first place. When it comes to the Magic Butter Machine, there is a lot of great benefits to enjoy if you do choose to purchase this machine. Some pros regarding the machine include:

      • There are various temperature settings as well as customizable interval settings to allow for the perfect outcome every time.
      • No more cleaning required. This machine is self-cleaning, so it stays true to its hassle-free promise.
      • You no longer have to worry about blowing your place out or making your entire apartment complex reek of cannabis, the Magic Butter Machine near eliminates any cannabis odor so you can now make edibles with peace of mind.
      • All the products that come with purchasing the MB2e MagicalButter Machine are useful and function like they are supposed to, making them a valuable addition to the kit.

The Cons Of The Magic Butter Machine

Although this machine truly eliminates nearly 99% of the hassle associated with making cannabis oil or butter, it’s always good to take a look at customer reviews and the overall impressions surrounding the product. A product may work but it might not be the right fit for everyone. Here are some cons associated with the Magic Butter Machine:

      • There is the occasional complaint regarding a machine that malfunctioned; however, Magical Butter’s customer service is top tier and works to assist you with whatever complaints you may have.
      • The machine does not work with small amounts of cannabis, so you will require at least a half-ounce for you to obtain anywhere from 2-5 copes of infused oil or butter.
      • Lastly, the price is fair for everything that comes included; however, this product is a little pricy which can make this a little less accessible to some people over others.

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Should You Buy The Magic Butter Machine?

When it comes to whether you should purchase the Magic Butter Machine, the choice is always up for you to decide. This product is effective at delivering on its promise and has raving 5-star reviews from customers who have purchased or used the product themselves. The company continually seeks to improve upon its design and create more effective and efficient models as time goes on.

If you are someone who loves edibles and uses them as your method for getting high, then the Magic Butter Machine might make a great addition to your process and vastly shorten the length of time you spend making the actual butter or oil. For those of you who are more casual edible users and occasionally make them from home, it might not make sense to spend so much money on a product that you use inconsistently; however, it’s up to you how you choose to spend your money. The product comes backed with value and a consistent ability to deliver on its promise to create a hassle-free and efficient edible making process.

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