There is generally a divide between people who enjoy the smell of cannabis, and those who would rather do without. The smell of cannabis is potent and there is a range of different scents, depending on the strain.

On top of that, since marijuana was taboo back in the day, you had to cover up or hide any cannabis smell. It was all about finding the best fragrances to mask the pungent scent. But it seems like those days are in the past as the cannabis industry continues to move forward.

If you are one of those people who love the smell of cannabis, you’re in luck. Cannabis innovators have created cannabis candles. These candles produce a pleasant, cannabis strain-infused scent that is less likely to turn noses. Cannabis candles are fairly new to the scene but are designed to provide marijuana lovers with a scent to excite the senses.

This article seeks to explore the emerging world of cannabis candles and provide you with some helpful suggestions if you are looking to obtain one. Find a candle that represents your favorite strain and allow the smell of cannabis to fill your senses.

What Are Cannabis Candles?

cannabis candles

So, first and foremost, what are cannabis candles? They are exactly what they sound like, candles made to smell like cannabis strains. These candles are made using cannabis oil, combined with distilled oil including terpenes for the optimal scent.

Now, you might be asking yourself, can I get high from a cannabis candle? Rest assured, you cannot get high from a cannabis candle. The cannabis oil in the candle does not have any mind-altering abilities since there is no THC. The cannabis candle is just flavored to smell like weed using natural cannabis oil as the main ingredient.

One of the best ways to use the candle is during a smoking session with your friends. Light the candle to help create a marijuana-scented wonderland for your friends as you spark up. The scent from the candle can also heighten the effects of the cannabis that you are smoking, so the high will hit you faster. Your body will also be able to absorb larger quantities.

Are There Any Benefits Associated With Cannabis Candles?

You’re probably wondering if the cannabis candle doesn’t get you high, are there other benefits or healing properties other than just a pleasant scent? Yes, the cannabis candle does emit certain healing properties while lit.

The first healing agent is something most people are familiar with, aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is when particular scents or smells are used to achieve a calmer sense of self and peace of mind. For example, lavender is commonly used as well as lemon, peppermint, tea tree, and more. Aromatherapy is meant to coincide with pre-existing treatment options and is designed to help or ease the mind/body.

The cannabis oil, used to make the candles, can help promote the overall balance between the mind and the body. It can help lift your spirit while your body can relax. Not only does the cannabis candle help set the scene of a room, but it also fills it with wonderful scents that intrigue the senses.

Depending on the strain used to obtain the cannabis oil, there may be additional scents that you can pick up from the candle. Some marijuana strains give off a lemon or citrus scent while others smell earthy or gassy. The candle just enhances the pre-existing scent.

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Recommended Cannabis Candles For You To Try

cannabis candles

Let’s address the elephant in the room, where can you get these cannabis candles? Lucky for you, cannabis candles are growing in popularity and more businesses are starting to produce them.

You can purchase some weed candles on Etsy as well as some other online cannabis retailers. Check your local dispensary to see if they carry any. Dispensaries typically carry all the latest cannabis products, so they would be a great source to check.

Another great place to purchase cannabis candles is from Kushed Candles. They originate out of Colorado and all of their candles are 100% pure soy wax. Their candles are organic and all-natural, boasting noon-toxic fragrance, pure cotton wicks, and 50+ hours of burn.

Kushed Candles carries all the hottest and most popular cannabis strains, turned into a candle. Some of the candle scents include:

      • Alien OG
      • Maui Wowie
      • Northern Lights
      • OG Kush
      • White Widow

Those are only a few of their top sellers, the list continues. Not only do the candles boast a nice scent and offer beneficial healing properties, but they are also aesthetically pleasing and safe to use. Purchase them as a gift for a stoner in your life or add some personality to your living space, the choice is yours.

Another emerging cannabis candle company is Candle Budz. They offer an assortment of cannabis scented candles for the true stoner. They’ve got fun and whimsical packaging, and are relatively affordable. Some of their candle scents include Rapper’s Delight, the Real Runtz collection, and even a Backwoods scented candle for those Backwoods loving stoners.

It should also be noted that you can make cannabis candles yourself. There are plenty of recipes online and, as long as you have the proper ingredients, you can make yourself a candle. Hint: one of the main ingredients needed is cannabis coconut oil.

Regardless if you choose to purchase a cannabis candle online or make one yourself, there are so many great things about cannabis candles. They can be added to a smoke session to enhance your high or excite your senses with the potent aroma of cannabis. If things continue as they are, cannabis candles can be the next big thing to hit the cannabis market and change the game.

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