Pipes have been one of the most popular ways to smoke cannabis and have been around for many years. Throughout history, we find records of our ancestors using hand-made pipes to smoke different types of herbs for different purposes. Pipes create a convenient, hassle-free way to enjoy cannabis while also allowing you to showcase your personality and creativity with the style and design of the pipe you smoke with.

If you are new to smoking weed or looking to change up your current habits, smoking a pipe is a great place to start and a simple way to manage your smoking habits. There are so many unique styles and designs on the market today, ensuring that there is a pipe out there that works best for you. Smoke pipes can be stylish and add a cool aesthetic vibe to your smoking experience. But you may be wondering, how do you smoke a pipe?

Pipes are great to share with a group of friends and also makes a nice, decorative piece for you to showcase if you want. If you are looking to start smoking a pipe but want to know exactly what you are doing then stay tuned. This guide will walk you through the steps and everything you need to know on how to smoke a pipe.

What Is A Pipe?

how to smoke a pipe

Perhaps the most well-known version of a pipe is the pipe that the infamous, fictional Sherlock Holmes commonly used during his daily life; however, that is just one form that a pipe can take. There are infinite styles and designs out there, and pipes have become more of a work of art than just a smoking tool. You can find pipes are head shops and dispensaries around the country, making them accessible and popular. In fact, you can even create your own smoke pipe out of common household items that are super simple and cost-effective.

Although there are various types of pipes on the market that all look different, they all share the same main functions. All pipes have a bowl where you can pack the cannabis, a mouthpiece, and some time of chamber or shaft that allows the smoke to build up before you take a rip. Pipes are designed to fit in your hand comfortably and most are designed to be travel-friendly and can be stored quite easily.

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What You’ll Need

how to smoke a pipe

If you decide that smoking a pipe is the method for you, there are a few things that you will need before you can smoke a pipe like Sherlock. Luckily, there are not a lot of things required to smoke a pipe, you only need a few different things:

      • Pipe
      • Cannabis (a strain of your choice)
      • Lighter
      • A comfortable place to smoke

The choice is up to you when it comes to picking a pipe to smoke out of. Go based on your personal preferences and the way the pipe fits in your hand. You want it to mold to your hand nicely so it is easy to hold during a smoke session. Take the time to browse all your options and find one that reflects your personality. Stop by your local head shop and dispensary, or browse the many online smoke ships that offer many unique styles of pipes for you to explore.

You also have the liberty to choose the type of cannabis you smoke. There are many choices out there and it all depends on what you are looking to get out of the experience. Looking to relax and chill on the couch at the end of the night, going with an indica would be a great choice to help you take a load off and enjoy total relaxation. Perhaps you are looking for a strain that helps elevate your mind and prepare you for the day ahead, a sativa is the best route to go. But what if you want a little bit of both? Well, don’t worry there are many hybrid strains out there that boast a wonderful blend of indica and sativa effects.

3 Steps On How To Smoke A Pipe

Now it’s time to breakdown the process on how to smoke a pipe. It is a very simple process and there aren’t many steps involved, so don’t fret. Once you are done with this article, you will be able to smoke a pipe like you’ve been doing it your whole life. Make sure you clear some time from your schedule and find a nice, comfortable place to spark up.

Step One: Grab Your Pipe Of Choice And Fill It With Weed

how to smoke a pipe

The first step is simple, time to grab your pipe of choice and fill it with your preferred cannabis strain. Make sure the cannabis has been ground up using a grinder so you can achieve maximum airflow and efficiency. Once you’ve packed the tree and you’ve found a comfortable place to smoke, it’s time for the next time.

Step Two: Test Draw For Air Flow

Before you can spark up, it’s a good idea to take a test draw to ensure you have airflow. Otherwise, you might end up ruining perfectly good weed by trying to smoke your weed through a clogged pipe. Once you’ve done your test draw to ensure your pipe is ready, grab a lighter and take a seat.

Step Three: Spark The Pipe and Enjoy!

how to smoke a pipe

The last step is the easiest and the most enjoyable, time to spark up the pipe and enjoy! Smoking a pipe is a very simple process but provides you with an enjoyable way to smoke cannabis in style.

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