There is no denying that the cannabis sector is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. This is thanks to years of support and advocacy by individuals who see the potential and opportunities offered by the plant. Combined with more progressive legislation not only in some parts of the United States but also in other countries, the immense support of consumers and patients has resulted in marijuana entering the public’s consciousness through mainstream media.

Another important contributor to the rise of cannabis as a mainstream product is the internet, especially social platforms such as networking sites and forums. These offer opportunities for people to find a venue in which they can share their enthusiasm about the plant, cannabinoids, and infused products. Social media may be a major factor in providing a community for people who appreciate marijuana, but forums definitely offer another level of socializing for the marijuana community.

Cannabis Forums in the Industry

Internet Forums vs Social Media

Social networking sites may be dominating internet usage today but forums were once the more popular platform for socializing and community-building. If you spend more time in social networks, you probably know that it offers quick gratification as many of its features are instantaneous including instant messaging, posting, updates, reactions, and comments. These are definitely positive things as it aligns with the fast-paced lifestyle many people live.

However, instant gratification also has a negative impact on users, especially as it can help develop negative attitudes such as impatience and looking to social media for validation. It has also become a breeding ground for internet trolls and fake news, because of a lack of focus on moderation.

Those who are looking for a more old-style form of socialization should definitely check out forums. These offer a more straightforward approach to socializing. You just need to sign up to a forum you are interested in, create a thread for a certain topic, then wait for other members to respond. These are also usually independent, which means that you can talk about the focus topic without worries as long as you behave reasonably. You can trust the moderation to its moderators who mainly concentrate on managing the community and who are usually not under pressure from a corporate entity, unlike companies such as Facebook and Twitter.

However, one setback about forums is that you need an account for every forum you want to join. This can make it difficult to monitor your accounts, especially if you register with many websites. Moreover, it is not as interactive and instantaneous as social media, which can be a disadvantage to some.

Benefits of Joining Cannabis Forums

As a member of the marijuana community, you might be looking for a socialization platform that can help you share and get information about the plant, policies surrounding it, and its contents. Forums can be the best platform for this. Here are some benefits you can enjoy when you join a marijuana forum:

  • Great Resource for Beginners

If you are new to the scene, the first thing you need to do is to educate yourself more about cannabis and marijuana laws. What better way to increase your knowledge than having a community composed of individuals who may have expertise and experience on the subject?

When you join the right forum, you are bound to meet people with the same appreciation for the plant who can help enlighten you about its industry, techniques for consuming and cultivating, and general facts about marijuana. Aside from being able to connect with such people, you also have access to materials and guides that can help you learn as much as you can. These include texts, images, audio, and videos tackling various aspects of consumption and the growing of marijuana.

  • Helps You Find Your People

The main point of forums is to establish a community of people who recognize the plant. Because of this, you can expect to find individuals whom you know you already share something in common with. These platforms have sections to categorize various topics that are related to cannabis. This includes marijuana-related music, films, politics, science, and many others. With thousands of members in these communities, you may also meet people who also love non-marijuana-related things you are into.

  • Source of Inspiration

In these platforms, community members usually share their activities, collectibles, and progress. You will find posts showing off their plants, collection of cannabinoid-infused products, and even their stash of buds. For beginners, seeing these threads can serve as an inspiration to explore more about the plant. This can also spark an interest to try cultivating plants and other related activities even for people who have been immersed in the community for a while.

  • Business Opportunities

As mentioned, you can use these platforms to expand your social circle. However, you can also use it for professional and business purposes. Cannabis forums give you a captive audience that already has an interest in what you have to offer. If you own a licensed dispensary or any marijuana-related business, you can introduce your products or services in the right section or subsection. Just remember to check the rules of the website to make sure that you are making a post that is appropriate in the venue.

Some well-known forums attract other professionals and entrepreneurs, which you can connect with. This is great if you are looking to collaborate. For example, if you are a grower and you are looking for a dispensary who will carry your products, then forums can also serve as a networking platform. Again, make sure to check the rules and post in the right section or subsection to make sure that other members will see your post.

How to Choose the Best Forum for You

Now that you know what benefits you can enjoy if you join a marijuana forum, you might be more interested to start participating in one. Before you go and register in the very first forum you find, it is important to make sure that you choose one that can fulfill your expectations. Here’s a simple guide in choosing the best forum for you:

  • List Down Your Interests

You want to make sure that you register in a forum that is in line with your interests. You might be more into cannabinoid-infused products. Perhaps you would like to learn more about cultivating plants and harvesting buds. You can also go for a forum that tackles almost all pertinent topics in sections and subsections.

  • Consider the Audience

Another important thing that can shape your experience in such communities is the type of audience that the forum is for. Is it geared toward growers? Cannabis cooks or cannabis enthusiasts in general? If you find a forum catered to you or people you want to meet, then it is a good idea to join the community.

  • Check the Site’s Rules

Lastly, it is always smart to check the website’s rules to get a good idea as to what is expected of members. This outlines the etiquettes and acceptable behaviors, as well as punishments for breaking rules.

Cannabis Forums

6 Cannabis Forums You Should Check Out

If you think you are ready to join such platforms, you can check some of the most populated forums out there. Check out this list.

  • Roll It Up

With around 860,000 members, you can definitely expect to find like-minded individuals and potential friends on this platform. Roll It Up features a whole lot of marijuana-related topics, from growing plants and medical marijuana to random discussions about other interests. It also has a section for marijuana news and discussion, which tackles recent developments about the industry including legislation and global updates.

In this site, you can find recommendations for the best strains, reviews of new and existing strains, as well as opinions about infused products in the market. You can also talk about your favorite music, film, sports, and almost anything under the sun in the Cannabis Café section. Just keep in mind that Roll It Up is only for individuals who are at least 18 years old.

  • Grass City

Grass City has around 676,000 members and just like Roll It Up, it covers a lot of topics related and non-related to cannabis. One difference between the two large forums is that Grass City has dedicated sections for accessories, business, and growing. It also has an arts and sciences corner called Mind Over Matter where members can talk about art, science, and nature, spirituality and religion, politics, philosophy, and literature.

Its marijuana cultivation corner has subsections detailing growth types and processes that can help growers create an optimal environment for their plants. It is full of tips and guides even for individuals who would like to make DIY grow rooms and setups, as well as advanced growing techniques for more experienced growers.

  • Cannabis Drug Forum

Drug Forum is a larger forum for addiction help and harm reduction, with a section dedicated to marijuana as it has become a special case due to legalization and documented benefits. When you head to its Cannabis page, you will see only three subforums tackling Cannabis & Health, Cannabis Paraphernalia, and Coffeeshops.

The Cannabis & Health caters to health-related topics, while you can find threads about bongs, pipes, grinders, papers and other kits needed for the consumption of marijuana. Coffeeshops is a place where you can discuss cafés and clubs across the globe that allow marijuana.

The subforums could be limited and not as organized as the first two, but with 275,000 users, you are bound to find interesting topics in this site. Moreover, this is catered to beginners, so if you are new to the scene, then this will be educational for you, especially if you want to learn about the medicinal effects of the plant.

  • 420 Magazine

Readers of 420 Magazine will be glad to know that the publication also has a forum for readers and non-readers alike. It has 155,000 users, which makes it a significant community for socializing with like-minded individuals. This platform has a similar structure as the first two sites, but with different categorization.

It is very beginner-friendly as you will easily find its orientation subsection where you can introduce yourself, see news and updates on the magazine, and read up on cannabis facts and information. It also has a corner dedicated to growers, medical marijuana patients, and individuals interested in marijuana legal matters.

The best part about this site is that it has a subsection only for cannabis concentrates. Its marketplace is also a great feature as members will be able to buy cannabis products and sell their own.

  • THC Farmer

THC farmer, a platform dedicated only for planting, cultivating, and harvesting the plant, has 84,000 members. You can find people who are starting their own grow rooms or are improving their techniques for growing cannabis. Everything you want to talk about cultivation can be found in this forum.

However, you need to remember that this is only for cultivation. Moderators of the site remind users that they should stick to the main topic of the forum and that any off-topic posts will be deleted. Moreover, it also prohibits buying and selling. Members are allowed to post other websites, even commercial ones, as long as the thread contributes to the conversation to avoid being removed for spamming.

  • Ganja Mamas Forums

While Ganja Mamas Forums has a lower number of members at 21,200, it is important to include it in the list because it caters to a unique demographic. The first few sites are dedicated to a general audience, but this one offers a platform for women, particularly mothers. It offers cannabis and non-cannabis related support for women who are looking to get pregnant, expecting mothers and those who already have children. If you qualify for one of these, then make sure to check Ganja Mamas out.


The Bottom Line

Finding your cannabis social circle can be easy, especially with the help of the internet. By joining forums, you can learn, socialize, and share your enthusiasm without any issues. So, look for the best platform for your needs and register for today.


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