The sudden explosion of CBD in the marketplace has left us amazed and somewhat confused, especially when we come across a myriad of CBD-infused products everywhere. Brace yourself for more because the legalization of hemp and widespread acknowledgment of its benefits has accelerated the expansion of the CBD industry. It will not only become more common but also advanced in the sense that you will be able to enjoy it better.  If you are curious about what more the experts have foretold about the product’s future, read on!

Expected Sale Explosion

The legality of CBD plays a vital role in regulating the overall annual sales. If it is to increase, then, of course, the sales will automatically rise. Only ten states in the United States have legalized this product, but it is predicted that the law will eventually bow down to countless benefits of CBD.

Currently, the global market of CBD stands around $9.3 billion roughly. And it has been envisioned that if the sales continued to increase at the current pace, the market will reach a whopping $23.6 billion in the next five years. No doubt the future of CBD is brighter than initially anticipated, and the product will have a more significant place in the global market level.

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Steady Progression Towards Increased Legalization

The more the health bodies are discovering the amazing benefits of CBD, the more they are accepting the legal use of the product. Even though the progression has somewhat slowed down because of the covid pandemic, the pace will eventually rebound after the disaster is dealt with. The immense scientific research on the topic has played a significant role in its legalization. How else can we prove something that has been disregarded for so long to be beneficial?

Advanced CBD Tech

If you are someone who’s hooked on traditional ways of consuming CBD, then dry herbs might be your thing. But they demand to be pulverized by using a weed grinder— something that not all of the users are willing to do. Even if you are using amazing products like sharpstone weed grinders, the process might not be everyone’s cup of tea. That’s where CBD diffuser pens can make the process easier and more enjoyable.

They run on pure CBD oils, allowing them to harness the full potential of the product. The technology isn’t old and is still evolving rapidly, meaning the future will be full of advanced CBD products.

Death of Stereotypes

Cannabis or marijuana has always been associated with gangsters, outlaws, and villainous figures, giving birth to stereotypes that still exist today. However, the age-old mindset is steadily changing, especially after the integration of cannabis in the health and medicine field.

It will only be a matter of time when all of these aforementioned stereotypes will die out and it will give birth to new perceptions. And CBD will finally earn the social position it deserves. The future is indeed looking promising, but it still has a long way to go before the whole stereotypical concept is completely changed.

Better Quality CBD Products

Since the emergence of genetic modification, crossbreeding has come to light as a prevalent method to improve the biological characteristics of strains. The traits that were no longer needed were genetically suppressed, making the plant better in a nutritional sense. The final product will be left with enhanced genes, allowing it to produce the finest results. That is why today’s plants possess more flavor, potency, and amplified benefits.

Over time, the quality of the strains will improve, and the continuous process of crossbreeding will give rise to better products. Not to forget, it will also increase the number of available types, giving us plenty of options to choose from.

People use CBD for several purposes — some use it to treat chronic pain, while others take it as a mood fixer. It does come with a myriad of benefits, depending on the type of strain. It is expected that future products will prove better at alleviating health problems. Not just that, there will be a noticeable increase in the use of CBD in the beauty market. As a result, we might get to see CBD-infused skincare, haircare, and other healthcare products more commonly.

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Increased Public Acceptance

When you hear the word “cannabis”, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? For some of us, it creates a negative image, and we cannot be blamed for it. Everything around us, the people, and the media portrayed cannabis to be the “bad” in every story. However, things are starting to change, especially after the advancement in CBD research.

People are becoming more accepting, if not, tolerant of cannabis products. The population has finally started to acknowledge that it isn’t all bad, and a lot of good can also be derived from products like CBD. The more evidence the researchers are putting forth, the more people are accepting cannabis. A surge of scientific research is expected in the near future, which will completely change the public perception of this product — hopefully.

Better Understanding of “New” Cannabis

When it comes to cannabis and its components, CBD and THC receive all the spotlight. However, the latest research has unfolded some interesting facts that the plant is overabundant with potent cannabinoids such as CBN, THCV, CBG, CBC, and others.

The cannabis community is on the new level of awareness — all thanks to modern studies. Still, the products aren’t getting the attention they deserve. There are, however, many who find the “new” cannabis intriguing and are willing to give it a try. Over time, cultivators and breeders will enhance the effects of the potency profiles of the above-mentioned contents.

2020 has already proven to be a fruitful year for CBN and CBG as there was a considerable rise in their popularity. It has been foretold by experts that in a few years, these aforesaid products will be on the same shelf as CBD. This will open a whole new world for cannabis enthusiasts.

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