Looking for the best pre-rolls in DC to make smoking cannabis as effortless and seamless as possible, check out The PreRoll Guys! Striving to provide safe and reliable access to cannabis for individuals over the age of 21 is the priority of The PreRoll Guys while ensuring all of their customers leave satisfied and coming back for more. With a range of top-notch deals and high-quality cannabis, there is no shortage of quality on their part. 

For individuals interested in trying out The PreRoll Guys, they offer both pick-up and delivery options for the convenience of their customers and offer countless great and competitive deals on pre-rolls, trippy artwork, and merchandise. Check out their hottest specials like buying two tropical cookies pre-roll packages and receiving an additional one for free!

The Pre-Roll Guys Offer A Variety of High-Quality Cannabis Pre-Rolls To Choose From

the preroll guys

The PreRoll Guys don’t disappoint and offer no shortage of variety when it comes to their top-notch pre-roll offers. Their premium quality weed is rolled to perfection and packaged with the utmost care to ensure all of their cannabis products meet their strict and premier level standard of criteria. Each product available for purchase was hand-selected by their team of buyers to achieve the highest level of quality. 

The PreRoll Guys seek to promote legal, clearly labeled cannabis products by working closely with a trusted group of licensed producers. They seek to educate individuals and provide new and/or existing customers with unique, exciting new experiences and opportunities to learn. Head to their website here to learn more!

It all starts with the pre-rolls! The PreRoll Guys offer a broad selection of pre-roll options including:

All pre-rolls, regardless of category, come with the option to customize the type of rolling paper used for the joints, for example, various flavors choices like strawberry and chocolate are customizable as well as the different types of paper available including hemp wraps, hemp bambu, or RAW papers. 

There are also three different size pre-roll packs available for purchase including the 4 pack, 8 pack, and 15 pack. Each of these amounts can be translated to each of the different categories (i.e. Exotic Pre-Rolls or King Pre-Rolls) to suit the individual needs of each unique customer. Choose from any number of potent and unique cannabis strains featuring some of the biggest names in the game like Wedding Cake, Super Glue, and Pink Runtz. 

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Fast and Simple Pick-up and Delivery Options Available for All Customers 

To simplify the process for their customers and to ensure a seamless yet reliable experience, The PreRoll Guys offer both pickup and delivery for the residents and travelers of DC. All individuals interested in purchasing pre-rolls must be at least 21 years old. Customers have the option to choose between the two to suit their individual needs. 


For deliveries, just reach out to the phone number provided with a selfie that contains a valid state ID for confirmation of age (must be at least 21 years old) to get the ordering process started. A menu will be sent as well as the donation list for the qualifying benefits for order placement. Once the desired products are selected and an address is provided for delivery , the order will be confirmed within the hour and should arrive at the doorstep within 30-60 minutes after confirmation. 


The pick-up process follows the same series of steps and requirements, however, the only difference is that an address to a pickup location will be provided versus an address for delivery on the part of the customer. 

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Get Inspired With The PreRoll Guys’ Trippy Art and Apparel Today!

the preroll guys
Credit: https://www.theprerollguys.com/shop/p/earth-sky-planter-zhly3

The psychedelic art aficionados out there are in for a treat when it comes to the creativity and engaging design of The PreRolls Guys’ available art for purchase. Supporting aspiring and indie artists is always a plus and offers a unique and artistic style that receives the time in limelight that it deserves. Whether it’s sensual art design or trippy, psychedelic designs that catches the eye, The PreRolls Guys have an interesting perspective to offer and a unique addition to any cannabis connoisseur’s wall.

The PreRoll Guys are a top-notch cannabis pre-roll and edible delivery service that provides their customers with premier service complemented with the highest quality cannabis out there. With the unique ability to customize and personalize a pack of pre-rolls to suit the individual needs of any customer, The PreRoll Guys set themselves apart from the rest.

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