For chronic pain sufferers, the soothing medicinal effects of a particular strain are often the most desired. Fatigue, sedation, and headiness sometimes take a back seat compared to the need for pain relief while remaining active and alert. Let’s figure out where Pot of Gold stands and if it has the power to soothe your aches without putting you down for the count.

Why Should You Try Pot of Gold? Most fans of Pot of Gold use it to alleviate chronic pain and as an alternative to narcotic medicine. Conditions like fibromyalgia, arthritis, cancer, and joint disorders are the top contenders for benefitting from this gentle strain. How much you need for relief depends on the severity of your condition.

Pot of Gold has significant physical effects, ranging from alleviating pain to the inability to keep your eyes open (especially for first-time users). Try it at home with friends before you attempt any physical activity.

This bud is generally soothing, mildly sedative, and refreshing with a higher than average but not extreme THC content. It offers a relatively intense period of relaxation that’s both free of concern and pain. However, this weed may lack potency for heavy users looking to scramble their brains.

Headiness is not always the primary requirement for the average or daily consumer looking for a relaxing way to end their day or take the edge off of a painful ailment. Pot of Gold weed is pretty strong for non-medical use, and users may end up couch-locked, craving a snack, and brain fogged if they overindulge.

But, when dosed right and used appropriately, this strain can lead to a stoned period of creativity, a few hours of pain relief, and a generally intense sensation of relaxation and calmness.

Ready to learn more about Pot of Gold? There’s a lot more to know before you attempt to find it at the end of a rainbow or through your favorite source for weed in DC. And keep in mind that it can often be a little hard to find, even if you’re dealing with a reasonably high-end delivery service.

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Pot of Gold – Strain, Strength, Style, & Substance

If you want to give Pot of Gold a chance, you should probably know what (and where) it originated.

Pot of Gold is a cross of the Hindu Kush and Skunk #1, first formulated by the Flying Dutchmen. The result is a 90% Indica, 10% Sativa strain with an average THC content between 17% and 21%. This robust hybrid bud took home a second-place prize at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2003.

Pot of Gold bud consists of dense, sticky sweet nuggets that are pungent both in a jar and when burning. This strain has only between about 0.11-0.48% CBD, so it’s potently stone-y, but not a complete crash and burn disaster for everyone. Its smell means it is challenging to hide, so this strain may not be ideal for those looking for a concealed vibe.

Heavy users may find Pot of Gold pretty mild, but the every-once-in-a-while user usually has the opposite experience. Regardless of your smoking style, Pot of Gold has the potential to hit hard if that’s your desired outcome.


Pot of Gold has rich, sticky nuggets that are so dense they’re hard to even break up by hand. As they crumble, these nugs release a lot of resin that gets all over your fingers if you’re not careful. They’re so dense that buds are susceptible to mold, so don’t let excess moisture accumulate.

Smokers typically describe the flavor as skunky with a pine forest freshness. Alternatively, some will note hints of pear, apple, or grape in the resulting clouds of smoke. This stinky little nugget has a decidedly bright lime and yellow appearance reminiscent of some Chemdawg strains.

The bottom line? Pot of Gold is not a mild-flavored strain – you can taste its aromatic flavors from the second it reaches your nose.

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Strain & Medical Effects

Pot of Gold is Indica dominant, so you’re probably going to get a heavy or relaxed feeling. Like all hybrids, though, it’s a balancing act. With just enough Sativa and low CBD content, consumers aren’t altogether couch-locked for the entire day.

It will, however, still leave you feeling mellow, and that relaxation and another couple of hits can rapidly lead to nap time. When used in moderation, and especially for users who are also comfortable using much higher doses of THC–like from ultra-heady flowers or even a cannabis distillate with between 90 and 99% THC–it shouldn’t cause too many issues.

For people suffering from anxiety, this is a solid stress reliever. Some users report it’s fully adept at relieving pain but sometimes arduous to modulate. If you decide to get a little extra relief, you may find yourself very hungry and trying to avoid zoning out or grabbing snacks.

Using the Pot of Gold strain is not easy in moderation – most users enjoy the feeling and use more than they need. For experienced or heavy users, the effects aren’t as severe, and some dedicated stoners won’t feel anywhere near as high.

Pot of Gold reportedly helps conditions such as inflammation, insomnia, loss of appetite, headaches, and:

  • painful chronic conditions like gout, arthritis, and nerve pain,
  • mild to moderate acute pain from injuries,
  • muscle cramps or spasms, and
  • stress.

Note you should check with a physician before using a Pot of Gold for relief from medical ailments to ensure it will not make matters worse.

And, as with any medicine or supplement, the Pot of Gold strain has a few unfavorable side effects. These include dry mouth and eyes, mild dizziness, paranoia, and over-excitement. Over-excitement is common in those with bipolar disorder or a history of manic behavior.

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Grow Your Pot of Gold

Pot of Gold has a reputation for being slightly hard to grow, but it’s not so tough if you do it right. You could end up stocked with more than 31 ounces of bud per meter outside or about 21 inside.

These nugget-producers require a relatively warm and arid grow cycle, and they can also be so dense that they’re susceptible to molds. Pot of Gold does exceptionally well in desert-like conditions with little to no humidity.

So, it’s not an ideal strain for a novice grower. Once you can manage your ambient moisture, air circulation, and watering needs with ease, it might be time to try this floral strain with a distinct hash taste.

A Pot of Gold crop is typically about three or four feet tall. They will usually take approximately nine weeks to flower in an indoor grow, but it can be as short as eight weeks. Outdoor flowering happens around late October, depending on each season’s weather.

It’s not uncommon, but it can be hard to find and may fetch a premium price. If you want to sell your Pot of Gold crops, you potentially have a tremendous profit in your hands.

Pot of Gold Reviews & Where to Find It

Most users suggest the Pot of Gold strain is potent – but not obnoxious. It’s a classic Indica with just a twist of Sativa. You will be zoning and happy. Head buzzes, snack time, and bedtime typically occur after a Pot of Gold session.

Others who get past that initial wave may wind up locked into creative tasks or profoundly immersed in a game or project. It can be a brain sanitizer for people with writer’s block, helping to drown out some noise and focus on their prose.

Pot of Gold is high-demand but lacks supply, so you might have to settle for similar strains like Space Dawg, Lemon Burst, or others that offer similar effects, like Race Fuel or Power Purps. Nevertheless, you can always use a delivery service near you if you want to try Pot of Gold ASAP.

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Related Questions

Are you still curious about the lucky Pot of Gold strain? Below are a few frequent questions about this magical hybrid.

Can I Use the Pot of Gold Strain if I Take Other Medications?

The simple answer is yes – but as with anything medical, use caution. Medications that are especially risky with Pot of Gold are drugs related to blood clotting and thinners, liver prescriptions, and some mood disorder drugs. Interactions can lead to symptoms ranging from mild nausea to mania. People diagnosed with bipolar disorder should not use the Pot of Gold strain.

What is the Rarest Strain?

The rarest weed strains shift consistently as growers and markets naturally cycle through favorite flavors and smoking preferences. With an explosion of hybrids, specializations, and an evolving legal landscape for marijuana, private sources now make their formulations on-site. Some varieties that are usually difficult to find are Roadkill Skunk, Columbian Red, Cinderella 99, Sweet Island Skunk, Pennywise, and Godfather OG.

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