When you are tired from the millions of events and things-to-do of the day Dolato strain is just the thing you want to use your grinder on for some deserved respite. Whether you are after a couch lock or just in it for relaxation this nug will cater to the needs of your body as it tucks you away into a peaceful state of mind. This article however does not sleep on all the facts and info you will need before taking some Dolato.

What is the Dolato Strain?

As an indica-dominant hybrid strain with a 70-30 ratio, you will not be surprised by the drowsiness you feel when toking some of this bud. A cross between Gelato #41 with the Norcal cut of Dosido makes for deliciously lemony flavors and soft lullabies. Gelato #41 and its classic taste mixed in with the infamous traits of Dosido level out the playing field with a balance of the familiar and the risque. Furthermore, its CBD levels come in at around 0.1 making this strain a comfort for many medical marijuana patients. It’s a staple and one that any tourist will need a supply of.

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Dolato Strain Profile


If you chance upon some Dolato plants you might first think they resemble Christmas trees as you come closer. Stoners who want some ambiance to go with their smoke will appreciate the array of colors that make up Dolato. A dance of deep greens and rosy-red purples makes the nugs look like a gemstone. The crystal trichomes that go all around it add to the beautiful look you can peek at through a jar’s glass. While its buds are dense it can look very fluffy with its complementing rich orange hairs.

Smell & Flavor

Sniff it and you will feel the berry. Put it against the nose and whiff the pine. More and more you will be surrounded by the aroma of Dolato’s spiciness mixed in with the sweet as its combination of earthy, piney, and fruity all hit your nose.

The dominating terpene in its profile is Limonene which creates an overall tone of lemony and woodsy fragrances. This fruity prominence goes well with the other terpenes in Caryophyllene and Linalool. Caryophyllene makes for a peppery smell to which you can attribute the spiciness. Meanwhile, the floral notes emanate from Linalool.

Much like its scent, your every exhale is a cocktail of sweet and spicy. Berry hints are responsible for the saccharine quality of the exhale while piney elements add to it. The citrus does not disappoint as it adds a revitalizing edge to the otherwise sleep-inducing taste. The toke is smooth and each puff feels clean and easy down the throat.


You will want some Dolato if you are someone who enjoys a good body high. If you wanna feel the calmness at your core this strain has got you. No more racing thoughts and negative vibes. Your eyes will glitter in pure joy and then slowly flicker in drowsiness. The uplifting euphoria that goes with this bud will rock you to a fulfilling and comfortable sleep. The couch-lock might be intense for newbies but just right for long-time users. Dry eyes and a dry mouth can accompany your dose of Dolato so make sure to keep hydrated. Aside from a glass or pitcher of liquid nearby some snacks would be good for the munchies that go along with it.

What are the Medicinal Effects of Dolato Strain?

Medical marijuana patients reach for Dolato when in pain. Muscle spasms, cramps, and chronic pain are all reasons they have given for using the bud. Others with depression and fatigue use it for the mood-boosting effects it brings. Additionally, its optimum sedative effects are for insomniacs.

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Great Activities to Pair With the Dolato Strain?

Once you are done with all the challenging tasks of the week you need some rest. Dolato will gladly sit with you on the couch for that. You might want it in a warm bath or while you’re snuggled in your blanket on the couch. Sweet tunes also go well with this soft lullaby.

How Can You Grow the Dolato Strain?

This plant thrives in warm places, needing a watchful grower as its cultivator. You will need to trim it at times as its bottom areas require light and air to circulate. A dry location with temperatures averaging 21-26 degrees Celsius will have it fit right in. Soon enough you will see flowers at 8-9 weeks.

The buds of this weed look like tiny Christmas trees from a distance. They have deep purple hues and are covered in frosty resin. Growing this plant requires some prior experience as it needs a watchful eye. It needs calcium and magnesium to grow properly and you will need to thin out its foliage from the bottom to allow air and light to circulate. The plant also likes a warm environment. In dry areas with temperatures around 21- to 26-degree Celsius, it can give you a very good yield of up to 700 grams per plant if grown carefully. The flowering time for the plant is around 8-9 weeks.

Final Thoughts

Whether you needed this review to tell you or not, the Dolato strain is a must-try strain especially for indica lovers seeking a relaxing and sleep-inducing high. Head to 420DC’s listings to find the nearest cannabis delivery service near you, get your hands on some Dolato, and enjoy!

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