For those of you who like to experience a high that transcends to another dimension, you are probably familiar with something called, moon rocks. If you want to experience a mind-melting high so strong that you literally cannot feel your face, then moon rocks are perfect for you. Moon rocks are considered among the most potent cannabis products on the market. They are growing in popularity and draw out the most experienced and passionate stoners due to the allure of their potent effects.

Moon rocks are a little pricy, but they are well worth it. Additionally, there are ways you can create your own moon rocks from the comfort of your home. This article seeks to explore the world of moon rocks, providing you with an in-depth look on moon rocks and the benefits it provides, tips on smoking moon rocks, and how to make your own. Even if you opt-out of making your own, spending a few extra bucks on moon rocks is more than worth it, and you’ll soon find out why.

What Are Moon Rocks?

moon rocks

There is some mystery shrouding the true origins behind moon rocks. The assumption is that a particular dispensary initially concocted this new, super-powered form of cannabis. Moon rocks are a conglomerate of various cannabis products all rolled into one: cannabis buds, hash oil, and kief.

Traditionally, the bud used to create the moon rocks was GSC or Girl Scout Cookies; however, any cannabis strain will work. If you are making them yourself, go based on your preferences and go with your favorite cannabis strain. Then, the bud is either dipped or sprayed with hash oil (or cannabis extracts in general) and rolled in kief. The entire surface of the bud is coated with hash oil and kief until you can no longer see the original flower underneath.

Moon rocks have extremely large numbers of THC, sometimes testing it around 50% compared to most flower testing in at 20-25%. Moon rocks boast potent effects and deliver a powerful punch, shocking your system and spiraling your high to the next level. Moon rocks are no joke, so if you are looking to have a good time and don’t mind melting your face off, then moon rocks are perfect for you.

It should be noted that moon rocks are sometimes considered “cannabis caviar”; however, that is not entirely accurate. Cannabis caviar is a little different and only involves covering the cannabis bud in oil, not rolling it in kief. Rolling the extract-coated bud in kief is what separates the two and distinguishes moon rocks from its counterpart.

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How Do Moon Rocks Make You Feel?

So you’ve heard all this stuff about moon rocks packing a powerful punch and shooting you through different dimensions, but let’s take a step back and review the effects of moon rocks as well as some pros and cons associated with smoking moon rocks.


First and foremost, the potency of moon rocks varies depending on where you get them and who made them; however, moon rocks typically hover around a 50% THC level. Since moon rocks are heavily coated in kief as well as extract or oil, there is a significant boost to the terpene-rich flavors and aromas. You’ll notice the head high first before it begins to infect the rest of your system. A hit from a moon rock packs a wallop, so be ready for it. Make sure to pace yourself, you’ll start to feel the effects immediately, but by the end, you might find yourself high above the clouds with no way to get down.

On top of the potent effects, moon rocks are cost-effective because you only need a little bit at a time, so they function similarly to dabs in that regard. Moon rocks are also great for medical use since they have a higher THC than average flower or other cannabis products. Lastly, moon rocks are a good time and are great to share with your friends during your next smoke session.


The cons; however, are minimal but should be noted. Now, moon rocks are extremely potent which is great for some people, but not for others. Make sure to start with a smaller amount for your first time and slowly build your way up. Moon rocks can also be a little messy, so make sure you have a place set up to account for that.

A Few Tips For Smoking Moon Rocks

moon rocks

Now, if you are new to cannabis, it is recommended to steer clear of moon rocks until you have built a tolerance and gained experience in the game. They pack a heavy punch, so use them wisely. You can smoke moon rocks using glassware like a bong or a pipe, and you can also add some into the flower you use to roll a joint or blunt. Using glassware to smoke is the best way since moon rocks are super dense and sticky, so it’s not recommended to root an entire joint or blunt with moon rocks.

If you want to add some moon rocks to a joint or blunt, you just need to break some up and sprinkle it on top and then finish rolling. Be careful not to use too much since moon rocks don’t always burn nicely or evenly, so make sure you spread it out evenly throughout the joint or blunt. The amount you use is completely up to you, just know your limits and make sure you’ve got the rest of your day cleared, you’re going to need it.

Lastly, start slow and build. There is no competition, so pace yourself and smoke until you have achieved the high you want. Make sure to have something to drink close by since cannabis is known to cause cottonmouth, and moon rocks are no different. If anything, they can exacerbate the side effect of cottonmouth to another level, depending on how much you smoke. Make sure your schedule is clear and you have a comfortable, safe environment to relax and enjoy your high.

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